Monster Integration

Chapter 1875 - Break

Chapter 1875 - Break

It took me three and half hours to get rid of the spatial and metallic energy stuck in my wounds. Especially that spatial energy, it is bitch to remove and extremely dangerous to handle; I have suffered several times when I am healing my injuries.

Now that my injuries have healed, I just want to sleep. The intense struggle I had against the Silver Razor Rose and healing injuries made me very tired, but I could not sleep right now; there are still quite many plants I have to collect.

There are three plants I am still sensing; I will have to collect them at least before I could sleep soundly.

Chew Chew!

I do not have to ask Ashlyn to the next spatial plant; she did it on her own, and this one is within the formation. I instantly took out my calibrator and started to solve the formation, and twenty-five minutes later, the formation is broken.


I said, and it is not with anger but with amazement and happiness; this plant in front of me has 50% spatial element just like the Silver Razor Rose, and when I opened the book and read about the process to harvest it, I became even happier.

While harvesting it is more complicated than Silver Razor Rose, it is not dangerous. I just have to be very careful while harvesting it, and I would have another precious herb with 50% spatial elemental. About twenty minutes later, I carefully stored it inside my storage and move to another spatial plant.

The next spatial plant had 20% spatial elemental, and I did not even take a minute to harvest it, as it was simple pluck and store without any complications. 

The last herb sensed by my runes is spatial one which is why Ashlyn did not call me and went her way to eat the plants that caught her fancy.

The last plant was very precious as a spatial element despite not being one. It was encased, and harvesting was a little complicated that I needed half an hour to do that.

With it harvested, I had finished harvesting all the plants that had been sensed by my runes and could finally take a much-needed rest. 

I did not waste any time and take out my abode; the first thing I did was was shower, wash away all the dried blood on me. There is quite a lot; those petals were merciless, cutting flesh and veins, drawing out a lot of blood.

Fifteen minutes later, when I walked out wearing new clothes. I went to the kitchen and heated the already cooked food I have. Ashlyn showed her nose against it, but she ate it with me before flying out of the abode while I went to the room. 

I did not immediately sleep; instead, I laid on my bed and went to my Inheritance space. There I started documenting everything I had experienced when fighting against the petals of Silver Razor Rose and also many ideas I had during it.

I did not spend more than an hour inside my Inheritance space which was only a few minutes outside. After I finished, I closed my eyes and laid on the bed; within a minute, I was in a deep sleep.

I woke up about seven hours later, freshened up, and showered before I went to the kitchen and started cook the meal. About an hour later, when I finished with an elaborate meal, Ashlyn was already sitting in her place, waiting for food.

Forty minutes later, we finished with the meal, and we walked out of my abode. I did not waste any time and started to harvest the herbs.

There are lots of rare and precious herbs in this huge hall; yesterday, I had only harvested those that were sensed by my runes, and today, I am harvesting everything my eyes fall on. There are quite a lot of them, and seeing many of them I don't know about, it is going to take me a lot of time to harvest.

I needed twenty-two hours to harvest the whole hall, and there is a very bright smile on my face. The plants I had harvested are very precious, more precious than the ones I had harvested in any place in the tower.

It is not only due to dense energy but also due to spatial energy; while most of the plants here did not get spatial attributes, many of them changed by it, they got wonderous mutations that many practitioners and alchemists would pay a very high price to get.

Now that I had harvested the whole hall and get the herbs I needed, it is time for me to think about what to do next.

I had already got more than what I had hoped when I chose to come here. I had not only reached the absolute limit but also manage to gather one of the most important and hard-to-find resources needed for the creation of my core.

Not to forget a shit load of herbs, some of these herbs are very important for my breakthrough into the Tyrant stage, while some could be exchanged for the things needed for my breakthrough.

There are also three exits of the tower on the floors, which would be the eventual target of me and everybody else who had entered the tower.

The thing is that as I climb higher, the more dangerous, it would be. The higher the floor, the denser energy is there, which means powerful powerhouses like Elites and Leaders would target those places, making things extremely dangerous.

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