Monster Integration

Chapter 1876 - Waiting

Chapter 1876 - Waiting


A door opened with 'zip' as I projected the runes on the door, and I stepped out without wasting any second; as I did, I felt a presence on me.

"Human, you took quite long coming out. It had been a day since I am waiting for you," Said the voice; I turned and saw a huge Grimm Monster looking at me with a toothy smile.

"It is a great honor to be waited by you," I said back without missing a beat as I looked at this huge Grimm Monster. It is one of the tallest Grimm Monster I had seen; most Grimm Monster is Tyrant stage is between seven meters to eight and a half meters, but this one is nine meters long.

It is an Azure Horseman or Gale Horsemen, as they called it. This tribe is known for their speed, and when hundreds of them charged in battle, they could decimate much larger numbers than them due to the advantage of their speed and size.

Its body is completely azure in color, except for its huge eyes, which are dark black, and those huge murderous teeth that are so white and shiny that I feel a little jealous about them.

The aura coming from its body is of the Elite, which is not surprising, seeing it is one of fifteen Elites on the Grimm Monsters' sides. It seemed to be a little stronger than the Werewolf I had fought earlier; it is regrettable that it does not have Bloodline; I would have loved to harvest it.

"You should be honored human," It replied, completely missing my sarcasm. "You have gone to spatial herb hall; you must have gotten some good things right, the spatial ones; give them all to me." It ordered as it extended its huge hand.

"The spatial type plants are quite rare; what are you going to give them to me?" I asked. Hearing that, a look of confusion appeared on its face before that turned into surprise as it understood what I mean.

"Are you joking, human?" It asked me, there is a clear question on its face as it could not believe that I am asking for something in return for the things I have.

"No, I am not joking, you idiot. If you want something from me, you will have to give something to me in exchange," I said, and hearing that, an expression of dumbfoundedness appeared on its face before it had transformed into the seething rage.

Its dumb brain had finally caught that I am messing with it, and now it is really angry. "Human, earlier I was only planning to give you a quick chomp of death, but now, I will torture you so much that you will beg for the death, and it will not come," It said, and it turned into azure streak as it came at me.

Its speed is great that If not for the amazing boost I had got from the Werewolf, I would not think about fighting it, much less killing it that I am thinking about it right now.


It appeared in front of me in an instant and scremed 'Die' as it swung its silver six-meter long scimitar at me. The scimitar is extremely fast that a non-elite would not even see it coming before it sliced one into two pieces.

I did not hold back either and swung my sword in response using pure physical strength and nothing else.


Our weapons and clashed, and they stopped midair. My toothpick-like sword stopped a scimitar that was four times bigger than it. A clear shock could be seen in the horseman's face as I stopped its sword without the slightest shake.

I smiled at its shocked face, and soon my unraked aura transformed to that of Elite, and this time, there was no further shock on its face.

"No wonder you dared to disrespect me." "You have some strength, but you will still die under my blade!" It roared in the nasal voice, and a powerful azure aura blasted out of its body.

"Breath of the Prairie!" It shouted and attacked. 

Azure energy had covered its scimitar, and each speck of this azure energy is sharp, and there is quite a fear of sharp things in my mind after I experienced those petals, so I became quite careful of its attack.

'First Boost,' I activated without hesitation and attacked it back.

Both of our swords tore through the air with a speed that would reap anyone's life who is not an Elite tyrant. Our attacks are powerful and fast, like a grim reaper's scythe which would need only an instant to reap the life.


Our weapons clashed, and azure energy came at me; most of it was blocked by the shields I have created, but some of them are pierced through it. The energy attack is not a normal one; it has a lot of conscious power, which had transformed its energy into the wild horses' anything and everything that came in their way.

They soon crashed into my armor and had not felt the slightest resistance before entering inside. I had let them inside intentionally, and as they did, these wild horses of cutting apart and went to thousands of streams. 


The Azure Horseman let out a snort which sounded like a neigh as it attacked me again, and this time, its attack is much faster and powerful that I had to harness quite a lot of energy from the first boost to respond.


Our weapons clashed, and I stopped its scimitar again, but this was just a beginning as it launched another lightning-fast attack and then another and then another, wanting to put a thousand slashes on my body with its huge sword.

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