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Chapter 1877 - [Bonus chapter]Heart Kill I

Chapter 1877 - [Bonus chapter]Heart Kill I

"Death in Prairie!" It shouted, and a thick and sharp aura came out of its body before it molded itself into the Grimm Runes and begin to spread over its body and scimitar.

It had been bȧrėly a minute since we started fighting, and it had already used such a powerful attack. It looked like think about horses, and their impatience is true.

'Second Boost!' 

I did not waste any time and activated the second boost before I disappeared from my spot and met the Azure Horseman in the middle before attacking it.

"Dream on, human!" The Azure Horseman shouted as it attacked me. The runes are flashing in power, supplying more power to its attack each moment. Means it is getting stronger; seeing that, I also harnessed more power to make my attack stronger and faster than its.


Our weapons clashed and creating a loud sound and huge shockwave that spread across the hallway before it disbursed. 


I did not waste a second before I attacked again with more power. 

Since this bastard does not have a bloodline and is not crazily stronger than me, I do not want to waste much time on it; I want to kill it as soon as possible and climb up in a search for the powerful bloodline elite and many things this tower had to offer.

So, I attacked fast and hard, but this Azure Horseman is no slouch either; it is matching attacks by its attacks, with each attack being much more powerful than previous.

I am fighting quite freely, which happens very rarely; most of the time, the opponents I choose are much more powerful than me that I had to take every step carefully. While this Azure Horseman is stronger than me, the difference is not big.

I am fighting with a free spirit, trying moves that I had not tried before, I could not do something like this against my usual opponents, and weak ones are too weak to give me any right type of feedback I need.

I once again appeared behind it and went for its next, but this giant moved its hands at an unnatural angle and defended against my attack before it spun back and launched a powerful attack without losing momentum.

"Human bastard, you are dreaming if you think you could injure me with your puny attacks," The Azure Horseman shouted and increased the power of its attack immensely, but I am ready for it and attacked back with the same intensity.

Fighting Azure Horseman is a great opportunity for me to let it all out, use all the strange moved I had been holding back, and I am doing that. 

I could feel how irritated the it has become due to its inability to defeat me. It is using more and more powerful moves, but they are doing nothing against me as I countering it all with about the same power and higher battle skills.


I activated and flapped my wings; the single flap of the wing had given me immense speed that I directly appeared in front of its ċhėst and attacked. 


The Azure Horseman snorted again, which sounded like neigh, and the powerful aura like never before had burst out of it as it took a blurring step back and put its scimitar against its ċhėst to defend.


I had already activated Everwing and already using the substantial energy of it; it won't be long before I begin to use my full power.

"Die, you bastard!" The Azure Horseman shouted as it attacked me from behind. I swiftly turned back and attacked.

Right after I had countered its attack, I appeared beside its hoofs like legs and attacked them. My attack was powerful and fast, but the bastard was still able to avoid it.

Despite activating the everwings, I still could not match its speed. Its really great. If I did not have the skills I have, I would have been no challenge against it; it would have been able to beat every inch of my life.

It is very slippery with its speed; if not for that, I would have killed it by now. Though, I am not much worried about killing it, I have full confidence in killing it. It just will take more time than I would like, which is also fine by me; I will get more time to practice.

Time passed by, and I continue to attack it, and with its speed, I was not able to land any of my attacks, but it was not able to do the same to me. If the Horseman had been of my size, I would have been fighting against it with hundreds of injuries on my body.

The size matters a lot, one of the reasons I was able to dodge and counterattack all its moves was because of its size. It is so huge that I could see everything; it is very hard for it to hide anything from me.

Having big size also has its advantages, one could store more power in one's body. If I had its size and would have had been at the absolute limit, it would already be turned into the essence rose that is being safely stored inside my storage.

Time passed, and when suddenly, a smile appeared on my face, and I again disappeared from my spot and appeared behind it before attacking its heart.

There is nothing strange about this attack, I had launched such attacks tens of times and failed, but no more, this time, I will succeed without a doubt.

Its sword was about to reach behind its ċhėst to defend against my attack when suddenly it froze for no reason. Horror appeared on the face of Azure Horseman as it tried to move its sword hand, but it is no use; no matter what it does, its hand won't move.

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