Monster Integration

Chapter 24 Fighting Angainst Android

She walks into one of the private training rooms and the door automatically closed behind her.

There are many private training rooms in the training hall and there are also open fields and ring, all the fighting trading floors have their specialty, one is free to choose whichever floor he wants to train.

Many people of both Private and Specialist Grade could be seen fighting in the rings, if one had found a partner to fight he just have to stand in the and challenges would come automatically if fights are gone to the life-threatening level then building A.I.

First will give a warning and if they didn't listen it will automatically fire Grade 1 gun which filled with a heavy dose tranquilizer dart that can even knock out corporal stage warrior for the day.

I first decided to train with a humanoid robot which said to be more powerful with the same level evolved. I went into the private training room and stand in the center of it and take a deep breath.

I decided to practice Supreme Combat Exercise first, I started to move my armed in a simple fashion and started to circulate the first move of the exercise.

Soon pain hit me but it's bearable, I continue moving my arms started to circulate second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth. At the sixth move, I started to feel strain still I continue to circulate moves of the exercise.

The pain felt during performing Supreme Combat Exercise is not like one felt beating of wooden stick on flesh, not like lascerating sword on the skin but felt thousands needle biting your flesh, as you continue to advance the moves, it transcends pain of flesh and felt like pain of soul, like needle biting you at your very core.

When I reach a circulation of the fifteenth move I slowed down a little and continue circulating the fifteenth move, at fifteen moves I started to feel the real soul-wrenching pain but still I continue to advance after taking little rest.

Practicing Supreme combat Exercise is like climbing a steep mountain, once you reach the top and wanted to do the second time, it will have the same danger of falling but it will become familiar and easier as long as you kept concocting new footprints you can still find it easier to reach it a second time.

After reaching the twentieth cycle I kept going forward because I know, once I stopped I will not able to move forward.

'fuck' i said though my greeted teeth as I cant able to circulate the twenty-third move, however much I try but I wasn't able to move forward, it's like a gigantic wall of pain is blocking my advancing.

Now, this is the time to test my theory, I started to operate my refinement engine while circulating the twenty-third move of the Supreme Combat Exercise.

"Ahhhh" I screamed through my gritted teeth, I am feeling the immense pain, I felt like my head would if this keeps going on but I still continued.

I started to get the hang of the pain after some time, the pain is still hard to endure but now I am able to think clearly.

I start on the twenty-third cycle and endure the pain of and never stops circulating mana, at twenty-third move I felt like someone banging hammer made of full needles is banging on my head.

I kept circulating the twenty-third move for this half hour but I never able to move to the twenty-fourth move, no matter how many times I try.

I may not able to circulate the twenty-fourth move of the Supreme Combat Exercise but still, I am able to prove my theory right.

Operating Mana Refining Engine same time as circulating moves of Supreme Combat Exercise makes my refining speed five times faster than the normal time I practice.

I stopped both the Exercise and Refinement Engine and tap a few time on my Holowatch, I want to test my prowess against the Robot of the same level as me.

In the same level, it also has the sub-levels. I directly chose the highest difficulty.

Soon two holes opened from ground one opposite to and one beside me, the sword started to come out hole beside me, it is katana style training sword which had dull edges.

In the school, I used to practice with both Rapiers and Katana but slowly I took more liking toward katana. While Rapier had a bigger range and keep enemies at distance and good at trusting but the problem is its lethality.

Katanas range is smaller than the Rapier's and user have to go really close to its opponent but it has lethal offense and its every swing is used to cut the enemy in two.

Katana can also be used as just as cutting but's its forte is in the swift kill and that is the style I prefer.

Soon two-meter tall humanoid robot comes to the front me, holding a scimitar and on its head had a life bar when the life bar got emptied means I lost. To active the robot, I just have to say start.

''Start!" I said and started to circulate the first move of the supreme combat exercise.

''Clang thud" I took a two steps backs as our sword touch look like I've taken this robot too lightly, I started to circulate the second round if the exercise.

''Clang clang clang" I felt little force on my wrist that all, as I kept attacking the robot, I circulated the third movement of the exercise because I was feeling little pressure.

After circulating the third move, he and I are still little disadvantages fighting against him, but I have to say this android is a really good opponent to fight.

I kept fighting it for fifteen minutes without any fruit and decided to circulate the fourth and fifth movements of the exercise, as my power increased, he's and my power is to come.

"clin.." I sword collided with his waist, emptying its life bar 30%. I thought elite Lv. 2 private stage would be stronger, that would force me further circulate the exercise.

Well, this is to be expected, this is an only android not human. it is still bound by its an algorithm, it cants think outside the box like a human and another important thing is that it cant use any half skills.

if any elite from organizations elite came, I may not necessarily able to beat him despite circulating the complete set exercise.

Jim had told me that super elites from the organization can defeat those are a grade above them, in front them my little ability is no used. Jim had come from the Alchemical organization and he is a novice alchemist who never fought the real battle before. The tunnel battle is the only reality he fought in his real life.

"Clin Clin Clin" I attack consecutively and completely drained its life bar in one go, the robot stopped in its track and move back to its the original position.

I've upgraded it's fighting the power to Lv. 3 Private stage and started to fight with it.

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