Monster Integration

Chapter 25 Battle of Specialits

"Shink" My sword stab at its chest and it stops as it's life bar is completely drained.

I've bee fighting with this lv. 3 Private grade android for last twenty minutes and finally defeated it when I am using the thirteenth move of the Exercise.

The android walks back to its a place and just stand there, it was a good fight as it forced me to circulate the thirteenth move of the exercise. it feels good as I also refining my mana as I am fighting with and infighting Mana Refinement Engine operation even faster.

I decide to upgrade its fighting power to Lv. 1 Specialist stage, I want to test how the power of Specialist grade android.

"Start!" "Clang thud.." I blasted backward but fortunately, I didn't collide to hard with the wall as air blasts from the wall soften the thud. "I am such an idiot!" I said I started to Specialist Stage while still circulating the thirteenth move of Exercise.

I stand up and started to circulate move of the exercise till eighteenth. "Clang clang clang thud…" our swords collide by force I started to takes a step back by force, looks like the eighteenth move would not be enough.

After Circulating nineteenth and the twentieth move did I able to stop my steps. I am quite enjoying the fight, in this fight, there is no life and death fear, I can analyze and refine my moves without worries.

I started to try different sword moves that I learned in school, what I am using now is simple sword moves and there are no overly complicated managers just ten moves comprising of attack and defense.

Jim said I should take some advance sword classes, he can tell the sword style I am using is a foundational technique which used build one's foundation in using sword not fighting opponents.

Learning advanced weapon styles are necessary if I knew some styles I would need a lot fewer energy fights and my attacks become more lethal.

Using Weapon style there is no mana utilization involved, they are just efficient and clean moves of weapons, not like a skill that need specific route of mana utilization to create maximum power in either offense and defense.

Learning a good weapon style expensive, to learn average weapon style cost

"Clang" our sword collide and we both back down, I am currently circulating the twenty-first move of Supreme Combat Exercise.

With it, I am a standstill with the android, we have been fighting like this for an hour but there is no result of who will win.

''Clang clang clang…" I swing my sword directly towards its neck but I thwarted. Being android its coordination is flawless with no waste of the energy.

Compare to it, I felt I am a little rough. My moves aren't refined enough and I waste energy in some useless move.

I do that not because I am doing it wrong, or there is the fault in my sword style, it's just a question of the experience, I don't have any experience in the combat, except for battle in the tunnel.

To have smooth moves, one has to have experience, with enough battle experience on can even close the gap between stages.

Everyone has there battle styles, some work on offense while some on defense, some on speed while some on precision, every prominent evolver have their own forte in battle. To know this forte and perfect it to the apex one needs experience.

"Shink!" My attack grazes the Android's shoulder taking four percent from its life bar, this is my first attack which landed on it since our fight started an hour ago.

I would have circulated the twenty-second move of the Exercise but I have to beat it while circulating the twenty-first move of the Exercise.

It will be very tough, as the fight progressed the more data the android will collect on me and counter me using that data. Still, I will not give up I will beat it while circulating the twenty-first move.

"dhab.." ''Ouch!" I cried out as I got hit by my shoulder by the Androids sword, that god we were using practice sword I would have got injured on my shoulder.

I and android keep fighting some I got hit, sometimes it. Its good thing my body is stronger thanks to me practicing Supreme Combat Exercise, otherwise my body would have got sore all over it and that affected my performance in the fight.

"Shink!" I again hit it, I have been fighting it for the last three hours and many time I hit it, decreasing its life bar to a mere 15%.

''Clang" I attack the android but it counters it as is perfectly understood my moves. It is very difficult to launch a surprise attack but still, I try. In this hour of fighting, I started to gain an understanding of my weaknesses.

"Clin." "Yes!" I shouted as my sword collided with its neck, it stopped as it life bar completely empty. I tried a very different move and succeeded.

I finally succeeded in defeating it. if it is a person I don't have confidence in defining him because people have powers and they can use also use skills.

"Boom Boom!" I hear the void sound as I exit out of private training room, I looked to find two people were fighting in the ring in full abandon. Every move of their make loud noises and their fighting speed is so fast that I am having a problem clearly seeing them.

They both are definitely Specialist grade evolver and peak one at that, in the ring young man and women fighting each other. the boy looked to be the early twenties, wearing snow-white fighting suits. he must have handsome looks if not for him wearing ferocious expression when fighting against that girl.

He is wearing copper colored gauntlets which seemed to be covered in ghost green gas, looking at the ghost green gas he seemed to have the poison-related ability.

Opposite to him is serious looking beautiful girl same age as him wearing a sports bra which tightly holding her bountiful breasts and tight fitting pants. some of the boys only looking at the breast which juggles whenever that girl moves.

She is holding silver colored short spear which covering in a grey layer of just like, that grey seemed her power which it seemed to be shielding her from the gas also enhancing her attacks.

This is not looked like a friendly match, they are fighting very seriously, " Who are they? and Why are they fighting so seriously?" I asked the friendly looking youth who is seemed to have more interest in watching the girls jiggling breast than watching the real fight.

"Are you new in the building?" he asked while his eyes still trained on the girls jiggling breasts. "Yes, I moved in just yesterday," I said, "Well it's quite a funny incident," he said with the laugh.

"The boy is Nigel and the Girl is Madeline, they are also one of the powerful evolvers in our building. Nigel had been pursuing Madeline for to years without any fruit and yesterday Madeline admitted in Crystal knights and thinking she is leaving building Nigel confessed to her openly in training facility but she flat out rejected him."

"Feeling being shamed he challenged her for the fight." he, without taking his eyes off Madeleine's sports bra.

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