Monster Integration

Chapter 2841 Maze Of Glittering Glass I

I stepped out of the gate and found myself standing on the small disk; in front of me was a challenge board, and like the door, it was different; the board was silvery with golden writing.

"Cross the maze of glittering glass in seven days," said the board, and it is all it said with a timer of the seven days, which has yet to begin.

"This should be the maze," I said as I looked at the vast hazy maze-like structure below me. I activated my abilities to see the maze clearly, but it remained hazy.

Still, I recorded everything; it might turn useful later.

Time passed, and while I remained standing in a small disk, there was nowhere to go. I had tried to jump down but was stopped by an invisible energy layer covering the disk.

More than two minutes later, I found darkness covering my eyes when it became clear; I found myself in front huge glass gate, which was open.

The glass gate was beautiful, and I wish I had time to admire it, but I did not. There is a timer of ten seconds, clearly indicating I have to enter inside in ten seconds.

I did not immediately want to go inside and looked around for a few seconds, and when there were only seconds remaining on the timer, I walked inside the gates.

"Wow," I said as I stepped inside the saw the scenes around me; it is beautiful.

'There is really a glittering glass,' I said as I looked at the walls of the glittering glass, with each sporting a beautiful mural.


Each glittering wall of glass has murals, and these murals have stories with nearly similar characters, but the stories on each wall are different. However, they are connected to each other, but not in the continuation.

I think I know how to solve this maze; it is a story maze. I will have to find the clues from the stories to solve this maze and get out.

Solving it wouldn't be easy. If it had been, there wouldn't be a time limit of the week to solve it.

Still, I will try to solve it as soon as possible; in three days, I will finish with my inheritance, and the moment I do, I want to make a breakthrough.

I did not immediately walk away from where I was; instead, I began to test the limit. I am not feeling any restrictions on my power, but I am sure there are restrictions, and otherwise, all it would take me to fly to the sky to solve the puzzle.


"There are restrictions or just one restriction: the fly limit. One will not be able to fly above hundred meters; the walls are a little taller than that, so there is no way one would be able to solve the puzzle by looking from above.

I also found out that delicate-looking glass walls are extremely strong; I had attacked them with all my strength but did not able to bring even a scratch; the glass absorbed all the energy and physical force the moment it touched it.

I recorded the murals into my core and walked while one invisible string connected to the left wall. I am doing a wall following, a simple method to solve the mazes.

One has to place the hand on one wall; it does not matter which direction it is and keep following it, and eventually, one will get out.

I don't think such a simple method will help me get out, but I did not want to leave any options. It might help me in getting out in some other way or provide me with some clues.

Soon, I came across another group of walls, and they showed a different story in the same continuation. I recorded it like before and moved on.


I had just walked a few steps when I suddenly stopped; someone had just appeared on the other side of the wall.

A Grimm: I could not see who it was, but I knew it was a Grimm, a Snakeman, to be exact.

I am not surprised by its appearance as I had never expected to be alone doing the challenges.

I was watching the Snakeman when something happened; a silhouette of a human appeared. The Grimm seemed to have said something before it moved, and the next moment, the human split into two. The human died; there is no way they could survive such an injury.


I could only sigh in grief seeing that.

The final seven are different challenges; there is no equalizing limit. You could come across a Grand Lord, and it will kill you.

Unlike most challenges before, where people of different levels are kept separate, such things did not happen in the last challenges. If you are unlucky, then you will die.

There is nothing I can do to help them.

Though I grieve for them and will kill every Grimm I would come across.

With that vow, I resumed walking, one wall after another, collecting murals; even after collecting more than twenty murals, I saw did not the story in one mural connecting to the other.

I had never thought that getting out of the maze could be easy, but it seemed like it would be harder than I had thought.


Fifteen minutes passed, and I saw seven humans and Grimms getting killed in a moment and several others fighting when suddenly something shocking happened.

The wall with a string connected to it had disappeared, and a new wall appeared in its place, with the same mural hanging on it. It happened so fast and stealthily that if my string hadn't been touching it, I wouldn't have noticed.

It confused the hell out of me; it would have been fine if the mural had changed, but only the wall had changed while the mural remained.

I wonder if the seal I have placed on it will remain; I hope it does. There must be a reason for the change, and if I find a clue to get out through it, it would be amazing.😉

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