Monster Integration

Chapter 2842 Maze Of Glittering Glass II

Seeing the disappearing walls, I released a few more strings and connected them to the walls, placing a seal on them, which, if stayed, would reveal their place when I came across them.

Half an hour passed as I remained alone; through the walls, I would see the silhouette of the humans and Grimms walking and fighting if they came across each other.

I also wish some Grimms would come, but this time there is hesitation in wish.

Like before, I am not the top fish in the pond; I do not have the confidence to crush through any enemy I have come across, as now the Grand Lords have appeared, and even with all powerful defensive abilities; I would have had to run if I come against them.


I was thinking that when another sudden change occurred.

Two walls disappeared, one in front of me and one to the right had just disappeared, and a new one appeared at my back, closing the way I had come from.

It had happened right an hour after I had entered.

"Another treat!"

I did not get a chance to think about it much when an idiot Crockman came charging toward me; it was a peak Grandmaster, and it was coming at me with an excitement burning in its eyes, likely thinking I would be an easy prey considering I have kept my aura at Mid-Grandmaster.

I glanced at it and was about to split it into two when I stopped noticing something about it.

"You have a bloodline," I said; it must have found my tone to be strange as it stopped in its tracks and looked at me cautiously when it had simply disappeared.

While it is a puny Grandmaster, it has a bloodline and will help me grow some resources.

While my core harvested it, I resumed walking across the beautiful maze, reading incomplete stories on the murals that did not connect with each other. I am confident they will; I need to connect enough of them for that to happen.

A few minutes passed, and a human woman came across me; seeing that, I couldn't help but become surprised.

I am not surprised because I know her, which I don't; I am familiar with her since she was part of the project.

When she entered this place three and half months ago, she was just a Master, but now she is a Grandmaster, very close to reaching the limit.

She gave me a look as she passed by me; I did not say anything either and resumed my journey in this vast maze, collecting more and more murals with each step.

Another hour passed, and when the change appeared again, the glasses changed. Some disappeared, and some appeared, completing the whole different way.

It is clear that routes are changing, and they seem to be doing that every hour, which is going to make things more complicated and difficult.

I wish this hadn't been a challenge of the final seven, but some normal challenge that I could easily pass and focus on my breakthrough. I am very close and would like to finish it before my clone does with the inheritance, but that is likely the case with all these complications.

A few more minutes passed when I suddenly stopped as a huge figure appeared in front of me.

"A human at last," it said, but soon its eyes flashed in disappointment, but soon a surprise appeared on its face as my aura began to climb steadily and broke the barrier of the High-Grandmaster and continued climbing before stopping at peak of the High-Grandmaster, just like it.

The surprise in its eyes had long disappeared, and now, they held a deep cautiousness.

"You were saying something, Nirn?" I asked the Onyx Horned Rhinoman.

"Who are you?" it asked cautiously, "Who I am did not matter; what matter is how long will you be able to defend against me," I said, and I disappeared from my place and appeared directly in front of before attacking it.


It reacted immediately as its great sword appeared in front of my halberd and clashed; the moment it did, its eyes went wide.

It shook the moment my sword clashed against it before it took a step back.

"Your reaction is good, but if it is all you have, then I will kill you within a minute," I said and appeared at its back before attacking it.

"Don't underestimate me, you bastard!" Nirn screamed, and the powerful aura blasted off its body and brought its sword back, and defended against my attack, which again made its whole-body shade, but this time, it did not take a step back.

"Good," I said with a smile and immediately activated the first boost. I had not used my full power earlier, but I knew it would not be enough to defeat it, and I wanted to defeat it as soon as possible.

My boost was silent, so when I appeared in front of it again and attacked, its eyes couldn't help but wide in shock.


Its sword was barely able to defend against the attack which sent it back, and that was just the beginning as I started to attack it relentlessly, not giving it even a second of respite.

It is a strong opponent, but not strong enough to force me to take things slow. It is not even a talented fighter despite being over two hundred years old.


I launched another powerful strike, and it directly crashed its huge body against the glittering glass wall, with it vomiting huge mouthfuls of blood.

"It is time to end it!" I said loudly and could see horror appear on its face as it tried to get away while activating many defensive methods as possible.


"It is useless!" I said, and the next second, a loud ripping sound rang out as my halberd ripped through its defensive methods before decapitating it.

A large amount of blood spurted from its neck, but I was able to repel it with my energy as usual.😉

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