Monster Integration

Chapter 3 Ellen

I walk to the Town square with my parents, many parents could be seen with their children today as graduating class will bond with their monsters.

There are many monsters are there with people from Tri colored butterflies to Gem Claw Cats all types of the monster were there.

Some people could be seen riding on their monster, the Monster's are parts of everyday life, Most of the monsters in Class 3 cities are Strain 2 like Silver Spark Sparrow's.

"Micheal!" I heard someone is calling me, I looked to see, it was my friend Ron and his parents which are trailing behind him. He is holding in his hand is light green wolf cub, whose fur looked waving in the air but there was no wind.

That Monster is known as Wind Wolf, it has class 6 strain, it has the ability to level up to Lieutenant level, as Ron came closer, the wind wolf which is in his arm hidden further into it.

"Nothing to fear Johnny, I will protect you from her." He said and patted his wind wolf, I smiled looking at this.

A month ago when Ron brought His Wind Wolf named Johnny to show off, Johnny was quite mischievous and started to tease Ashlyn.

At first as Ashlyn didn't even glance at his teasing but when Johnny started her teasing with his wind gales, getting licensed by it she breathed her silver fire at him from which Johnny started yelps in pain, from that moment on Johnny developed little fear for the Ashlyn, whenever he saw Ashlyn, he hides behind Ron.

"Johnny, have you been a good boy?" I said, I said and patted the Wolf monster, he cried happily as I patted him.

"chirp chirp.." Ashlyn got jealous seeing me patting johnny, she liked to act arrogant and indifferent but she gets quite jealous quite easily, "Ashlyn good to see you too," Ron said he didn't try to pat Ashlyn as he knows she will avoid when I tried to pat her.

''How are you feeling?" I asked Ron, ''Both excited and Nervous." He replied, I understand how he is feeling, I am feeling the same emotions.

''You are leaving tomorrow right?" I asked, "Yes, at morning," he said.

Every year top twenty students of the batch got an invitation from various organizations and government. They will provide everything to you, your monster partner and suitable mana Refinement Engine, you just have to sign a term of the service contract with them.

The minimum period is 10 years and Maximum 15 years, in that time they can't force you to do very dangerous missions if you don't want.

I was second in my batch, they offered me Class 7 strain monster but I rejected them, there are two reasons for me rejecting them, first, I only wanted Ashlyn to be my Monster and second Nine-year contract was too long for me.

Ron accepted the contract from one organization for Eleven years of service and he even got Johnny from them.

We walk toward the Town Square, that where the ceremony is Held every year, there was already a big crowd there in the Town square.

There is a big stage and in the center of the stage big black stone tile. it is Enlightenment stone when the ceremony is performed on this stone, there is a negligible chance that it fails.

In front of the stage, two hundred some chairs are placed, they are for the students who were undergoing the ceremony today.

Half of the seats are occupied by students with their monsters, the sitting arrangement is strict, everyone seats arranged according to their score.

My seat is arranged in the center of the first row, Ron is also in the front row as his ranked 8th, I took the seat which my name on it.

My left side seat is empty and on my right side is Ellen, topper of this batch. "I didn't believe when I've heard you rejected all offers but seeing this Mutated Grey Spark Sparrow on your shoulder, it is true I guess," she said, I just smiled at her seeing her blunt nature.

Ellen is my good friend and was my best competitor for a top place. For three years, we both competing for first place but a final exam, she beats me in the race of first place.

On her Shoulder has a palm size Glass Spider, This monster is also known as Glass spider as it looks and it is one of the best Monsters in Class 7 strain.

''Looking at Glass Spider you have, you must have accepted Crystal Knights offer?," I asked, many organizations have their signature monsters.

Just as Ron's Gale Wolf is mainly used by Hermes Merchants and Ellen's Glass Spider especially used by Crystal Knights. It's not like only these organizations have these Monsters, other people also have them but it very rare to see them with other people.

"Yes, they offered good conditions and I accepted it." She said a small smile could be seen on her face as she said this, she has right to be proud as Crystal Knights are one of the best organizations in the republic.

"It's a good choice, they gave you a top class 7 strain monster," I said, for a moment even I felt jealous of her but when l thought of little sparrow on my shoulder, I remember why I declined all those offers.

''Strain isn't everything Micheal and you must have heard that rumor right?" Ellen said, yes strain just shows the map, the actual walking on it have to be done by is us and on the there are many roadblocks one have to cross.

The rumor she mentioned is that those students got selected from the small towns only get Monsters who have low talent, it was difficult for them to walk half the way. The youths from the small towns are only used to fill the numbers and mostly given the positions lowest dregs.

'Sip…' ''Stella!" Ellen shouted when I look toward it, I find that Ellen's Glass Spider attacked Ashlyn with her glass strings and bonded her with it.

The anger could be seen in her eyes and suddenly Ashlyn's whole body started to burn with silver fire that melted away those glass string, there was still anger in her eyes as she was preparing for an attack.

''Ashlyn calms down! if you don't attack, I will ask mom to give you special treatment," I said, hearing special treat she calmed down and flew away to sit on my other shoulder.

"Micheal, I am sorry! Stella really acts unruly sometimes." Ellen apologized, "It's okay, it happening everywhere." I said and looked toward Ron's Gale wolf, who is fighting Dark centipede on the ground, both Ron and the youth beside him trying to separate their Monsters from the fight.

"Yes, it happening everywhere," she repeated as she saw the small monster's fighting everywhere.

''Which training facility are you going?" I asked Crystal Knights had their branches all the important cities in the Republic, usually, they first send their recruit at the training facility where they send their new recruits.

''Mayfield, I will spend one year there." She said a tinge of expectation could be seen on her face when she said the city's name.

Mayfield is class 6 city of the republic which very close to the Republic's capital, she is halfway in the capital, where most powerful people in the capital reside.

''What are you going to do." She asked as she knew that Micheal hadn't joined any force or government, with that monster of his future is looking bleak still he wouldn't be staying in this small town.

''I am going to the Carrol City," I lied, she nodded as if understanding my intentions, Carrol city is biggest Class 5 city in the Republic and one of the popular city famous amongst adventurers.

I lied to my friends and parents about my destination because the city I've picked is one of the most dangerous cities in the republic.

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