Monster Integration

Chapter 4 Three Eyed Devil Monkey

Soon a boy came with swaggering, on his head was a Three-Eyed Monkey, is laughing and dancing. I was shocked seeing it because of that Monster is infamous Three Eyed Devil Monkey, I have never been so jealous of someone else monster than I am now and I am not the only one feeling envy seeing that Monkey.

"I am not seeing things right?" I asked Ellen, seeing Kevin with the monkey. "No, you are not, Kevin's father found it in the forest when he was tracking a dangerous Monster month ago." She replied.

"He kept the secret well, even my father come to know this morning," she said sounding extremely jealous, this monkey worth to jealous.

This Monster worth to be jealous, not because it has the highest class of strain, which is class 9, not for his good fighting ability.

The most jealous thing about the monkey is that it can evolve to lieutenant rank without any hitch, so, directly making his partner a lieutenant rank fighter without any hard work.

Even if Kevin eat and stay home with his three-eyed stone monkey he will become Lieutenant rank in few years without any problem.

If anyone would have known Kevin's father found a Three-Eyed Devil Monkey a week ago, no even three days, a lot of people would have killed Kevin's father and stole that monkey despite him being a man of government and only second to the mayor in power.

Hell, it would have invoked greed from the mayor to stole the Three-Eyed Devil Monkey, there is still one question that irked me, ''Why didn't Kevin's father made a pact with monkey himself, he doesn't have the second Monster right?" I asked she thought for a while before answering my question.

"He made a pact with his second monster two years ago, not many people know it," she answered, as being mayor's daughter she is privy of certain things of the Town.

"Did Kevin join any organization?" I asked, " Yes, he joined the Shadow Rogues yesterday, his uncle also in Shadow Rogues." She said Shadow Rogues is an organization same level with Crystal Knights.

Shadow Rogues has a different style than Crystal Knights, they mostly deal with 'Grey' missions, I have even heard the rumors that they also do some assassin jobs, but no one dares to say that on their faces.

'Chee cheese..' that monkey started to tease its Neighbor monster, he is scratching their faces, hitting them from behind and running and no monster could do anything for that because that monkey is damn fast, it irked many youths as monsters started crying.

Seeing antics of Monster, Kevin even started laughing complacently. "That Kevin being way too complacent, Stella, if that monkey comes near you quicky bind him," Ellen said to her Monster, Stella nodded her head as if understanding.

'Wuu wuuu' Ron's Wind Wolf also got hit many times by monkey and started complaining to him, Ron picked up Johnny into his lap and started comforting him.

''Kevin, keep your monster in check!" Said the youth who's Green Vine Snake got badly scratched by Monkey.

''Jones, keep babying your monster if your monster not even going to handle little scratches, how it is going to handle big fights in the future." Kevin mocked him complacently and started laughing again.

No one said anything after that, fearing being mocked my Kevin and what he said also right if your monster cannot even handle little scratches well, how is it going to handle big fights in the future.

Soon that monkeys eyes fell on Stella and started to harass her, Stella tries to do what Ellen said her to do, it hurled her string at the monkey as soon as it grew close but it was futile all the string shots were missed and in return, she got scratched even more.

Ellen's felt gloomy seeing her Monster got hurt and crying in pain, she quickly took her spider in her lap. Ellen wants nothing but beat the shit out of that Monkey but she couldn't do anything except endure.

After having his fun Stella that monkey moved to another target to harass, after enjoying hitting and scratching another few Monster's it targeted Ashlyn.

First, it danced in front of her for some time teasing her with it, Ashlyn did not even glance at it, seeing this Monkey got angry and swiftly hit on the Ashlyn's head.

Ashlyn's eyes got dangerously angry, that monkey really hit very hard, her eyes back to normal once again, she didn't react being hit just stared at him intently.

Being stared by her monkey got angry and hit Ashlyn again two times on the head and the back but she still didn't react to his provocations.

Johnny started laughing gloating, not at Ashlyn but at the monkey. He remembers when he tried to play with Ashlyn first time, she had scorched him with fire and that time she was irritated with him no angry, this stupid monkey really angered her.

"Micheal is your little bird is dumb?" Kevin asked, seeing his Three Eyed Devil Monkey kept hitting but Micheals Monster not even reacting.

I looked at Kevin and smile without saying anything, the smile seemed to irked Kevin but he didn't say anything.

He just wanted Billy to hit that dumb bird so hard that she will faint on the spot but he can't say that because that would be intentional and frowned upon by all adults here, his father is also watching.

"Kevin is too much! He could have easily called back his monkey but he didn't." Ellen said but I just smiled and didn't reply, that monkey will soon feel pain.

And it did happen not long after that. 'Chhe chee chee' monkey doing teasing dance, swiftly it moved toward Ashlyn to hit her again but this time something different happened.

As it about o hit Ashlyn with his sharp claws, suddenly Ashlyn produced thumb size ball of fire and threw it on the face of the monkey, 'Chhheeee chee chee' monkey cried out as the fire hit it and started to put off the fire with his paws.

''Ha ha ha ha ha!" Everybody started laughing seeing this, that monkey harassed many peoples monsters and they were helpless to do anything about it and seeing it suffering many people started laughing.

''Micheal cant you control your low-class Moster, look how it hurt my billy is." Shouted Kevin and all of sudden all got quiet, the mayor who was also waking to the stage stopped on his track.

It is considered a grave insult to call someone's monster low class, especially in this place where more than ninety percent people had Low-Class monsters.

It is especially bad when Kevin's father was about run for mayor's election. He's father face is become so red that if they were alone, his father would have beat the shit out of him.

Seeing about silence, Kevin looked around to find to find everyone is looking at him and even his fathers face look like he was about to beat him, looking everyone's faces he realized what he said and his face became distorted like he had eaten a shit.

''Micheal, I am sorry, I didn't mean it that way. Its just seeing billy hurt, I lost my tongue." He said, the damage is done, the apology not going to solve anything.

The people are not idiots, they have seen what monkey did to other people monsters when they complained he rebuked to them and now his monster got hit, he insults the people's monster being low class, they didn't expect this especially from town's sheriff's son.

"It's okay," I said, I didn't want to say anything to him but him being a sheriffs son and sheriff known for his pettiness, I had to say something to forgive him, so that sheriff won't make things difficult.

''Don't worry I'll ask my father to look out for your family," Ellen said sensing my worries, I relaxed after hearing her.

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