Monster Integration

Chapter 5 Bonding Ceremony

"Today is the Auspicious day, today our children going form a bond with their monster that will last said and started the bonding ceremony.

There are about two hundred students here, the call for the ceremony is last to first order, the first youth to go on the stage is a girl with her Gem Cat.

The Monster and the human stand on the stone, a painful expression come across them and drop of blood come from their bodies and merged together and it again separated in two and merge into the heart of monster and hum, the monster suddenly turns into energy and entered the body of the human.

The whole ceremony finished within a few minutes, the girl felt disoriented at first, then controlled herself well. The mayor handed her a small glass jewelry box size of a fist.

Inside that box is fingernail size black crystal in its surface thousands of white dots could be seen. The thing is given by Mayor to youth is called 'Refinement Mold', it is very important to the Practice.

The 'Refinement Mold' used to create Refinement Engine which is constructed inside our heart, it is used to refine mana in our body.

The body of Moster and Human has limited space to store the mana, the purer the mana Monster has the more easily it will Advance and Evolve. For the Humans pure mana just as important, it can easily outlast those are at the same level or those above their level.

''Have the Crystel Knights sends you Refinement Engine?" I asked Organisation have them special Blueprint which suits the Monsters they have, this is also one of the reasons Organisation have their special Monster, their Moster's best suited for their special Refinement Engine.

"No, I didn't accept Preconstructed Engine. I have requested a Blueprint, I will construct it myself." She said I was startled hearing this, almost every student here accepted by organizations accepted Pre Constructed Engine.

But she requested Blueprint, her dreams were really big. The Pre constructed Engine can only be made by lieutenant Stage or above powerhouse, it's still in marble size but it's inside you can see the Engine Inside it.

They are really expensive because they were created by Lieutenant Grade Powerhouse if my parent's sold their everything including their clothes only then they will come closer to Half a price of Pre constructed Refinement Engine.

Those who can't afford Pre constructed engine had to construct it with Refining mold. There are grades of Refinement Engine Blueprint, They are A, B, C, D while 'A' being Highest and 'D' being lowest.

There are Thousands of Refinement Engine Blueprints on the From A to D grade for free on the web, the most difficult problem is constructing them inside our Heart.

My parents chose to 'C' grade Refinement Engine and constructing it they really have to give it all effort, The better your Refinement Engine is the more pure Mana it will refine.

The Pre Constructed Refinement Engines about are all 'A' Grade, So most youth eagerly chose Pre Constructed Refinement Engines but there is a huge drawback using Preconstructed Refinement Engines.

When your Monster partner and You wanted to evolve to Lieutenant Grade, you have to remove all the external energies inside your body i.e. The Preconstructed Refinement Engine also had the external energies of its creator as it is not constructed by you.

One has to remove the External energy of its a maker from Refinement Engine, it takes years to remove energy of its maker and some event won't able to do that making them and their Monsters always stranded Master realm.

But to most of the people, it didn't matter their hope to reach Corporal or Sergeant Stage they can only dream about Master and lieutenant Stage.

She knows the Monster she got from Crystal Knights has a very low talent despite having Class 7th strains which have about 2% chance to reach lieutenant Stage.

The youths who were selected from a small town like us would have the lowest position in the Organisations, they were given Lowest talent Monsters despite their high strain.

They only recruit youths from a small town just to fill space and Cannon Fodder as she is the one told me about this. Her parents had also joined the organization in their youth and only retired after making their contract term.

Ellen is an ambitious girl, she doesn't want to be a filler or cannon fodder, despite her Monster having low talent, she wants to fill what she lacking in talent she wants to fill it with hard work.

Her greatest dream is to participate in League of Heroes which happened every decade, the next league of Heroes is five years later and minimum qualification it needs is Master Grade Powerhouse.

This will her only chance of participating it as only those below thirty can participate in it.

I also want to participate in League of Heroes, I was eleven years old when the league of Heroes happened, it was the same year we came to live in this town.

The Mayor had set up a big Holographic Projector in the town square, everyone one town had come watch in such a big display.

God, what fights they were full of magic, different types of Monsters, trainers were even more amazing with their totems, it was a surreal experience.

That moment I decided I want to be there, millions of people watching me and cheering for me not only I, millions of youth watching from their homes or stadium wanted to be them.

It was nearly evening when only twenty-something youths are remained to form a bond with their Monster Partner.

One by one everyone name called out and only five people are only remaining.

"Soon, it will be our turn, Are you ready Ashlyn?" I asked her as I took her into my lap and patted her softly.

'Chuuu choo' she calked saying yes, I also smiled. This is where both of our lives will be bound together.

"Michael," Mayor called out my name, I like many others before going on a stage and stand on the platform, opposite of me is Ashlyn.

I felt pain in the wrist and something inside me as ever so small part of the break out of me, I think it is my soul, many researchers have theorized that it is a tiny part of our soul would also break out during bonding ceremony.

A drop of my blood likely mix of soul flies out of my wrist, Ashlyn's blood also floats out and both of started to merge.

The merged blood again separates into two parts and started to float back toward and body. The drop of blood came closer to me and directly seeps into my temple.

My vision blurred a little but I see Ashlyn turned into the globe of energy and directly merged with me, I felt little hot all over my body for while then suddenly all of turned normal.

The ceremony is over, Ashlyn will stay in my body for a day, my body will gain Physical strength and higher sense and most importantly, I will gain Ashlyn powers which her Silver fire.

My body is rapidly changing so is my soul, my soul connecting with Ashlyn but I didn't feel a thing. Before leaving the stage Mayor handed me a Refinement Mold

I went back to my seat. Ellen's name is called out as she is Topper and the last candidate to perform blood ceremony.

Ellen performed the bonding ceremony with her Glass Spider.

As Valedictorian, she gave an awe-inspiring speech, she openly talks about her aspiration to participate in the League of Heroes five year later and she we all should follow our dreams no matter how difficult it is.

'clap…clap..clap…clap' all youths stood from their seats and started to clap, they all feel motivated by her speech, short-lived emotions they may feeling but they all felt inspired because of speech.

After the ceremony is over all people started leaving, "Best of luck both of you to your journey." I said to both Ron and Ellen as they were both leaving tomorrow, "You too Micheal." they both, after hugging them goodbye I left with my parents.

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