Monster Integration

Chapter 7 Constructing Mana Refinement Engine

When Constructing Refinement Engine your Monster partner have to be Integrated into you, The Refinement Engine you construct will also be imprinted into your Monster partner.

In daily practice Monster and human have to be integrated into each other to refine mana.

''Ashlyn comes," I asked her, this time she didn't reveal her arrogant self, she turned into energy and integrated into me.

This is the time to Construct my Refinement Engine, I pick a glass jewelry box from my desk which Mayor had handed down to all students.

I took out small marble from the box and ate it, it will take half an hour to dissolve it into the mold.

I had to browse thousands of Refinement Engine's on the web but none of them fits my criteria, Ashlyn is a low-level Monster whose strain is only Class 2 which only take her to The Private stage, not further than that.

I wanted a Refinement Engine that could help break the Bloodline Strain and help Ashlyn to reach the natural limit of species.

I did find one at last but its concept was completely different than the Refinement Engine of Todays.

If give an example, consider today's Refinement Engines are automatic like coffee machines that we use today you just have to put coffee beans inside it and the coffee maker will process the beans and roast it and grind them mix milk and sugar for you, in this process all you have to is add beans and click a simple button and coffee will be made for you in minutes.

The Refinement Engine I chose is Manual, you have to do all processing, grinding and brewing all yourself it is time-consuming and tiring, but in this Refinement Engine, I have to do all by myself.

The reason I chose this Refinement Engine is that it purifies my energy many times over than normal Refinement Engine that increases more 80% chances Ashlyn breaking through the bloodline strain.

But there are many problems as well, more than 96% of those who chose this Refinement Engine never able breakthrough past Private stage, there are thousands of curses written on the site and also warnings not to construct this Refinement Engine.

Because once construct the Refinement Engine you were hardly able to change into another Engine unless you reach Lieutenant stage it very hard to construct another Refinement Engine.

The highest one had reach using this Refinement Engine is at Master stage, he said it very difficult to operate this Refinement Engine and need strong mental strength.

I don't like to take the risks but I don't want to be mediocre rest of my life, I have dreams. I want to fight in the League of Heroes and want millions of people to cheer for me.

Inside my heart, there is a separate space is formed it mainly called 'Mana World' i don't why. It's empty except in the center of it, is large cloud made of red smoke. if one looked carefully at a minute some specks of smoke always merging inside it every second.

'Mana World' is formed when I and Ashlyn bonded and that large red cloud is Mana is a smoky form. Red colored mana is most impure and diluted mana out there White color is a sign of most pure Mana.

They say in twelve stages of evolutions, the first stage has Gas state Mana and in the twelfth stage is Solid state Mana but from what I have read most of the people who reached 12th stage have Semi-Solid state Mana.

Those who able have the Semi-Solid state Mana are the exceptional people, most of the people who reach 12th stage have Liquid state mana almost no one able to confidence Solid state form Mana.

My Refinement Engine claim to make solid-state mana if one reached the 12th stage but no one believes it, because to make Solid-state Mana once Mana has to be exceptionally pure.

The Refinement Engines are divided into the four categories (A, B, C, D) according to how many parts it has, while D grade Refinement Engines being lowest has 100-200 parts, C grade Refinement Engine has 400-500 parts, B grade Refinement Engine has 800 - 1000 parts and A grade Refinement Engine has 1700- 2000 but the Refinement Engine I selected has 5692 parts.

it must be due to my Refinement Engine being Manual not Automatic, it took me nearly three months of day and night studying to understand fully.

I have memorized each and every part of refinement engine and I even practice constructing on the app, I have complete confidence in myself to construct Refinement Engine in one go.

The mold had entered the mana world, it had turned light Purple from black, it looked like a big blob of molten steel.

Now what I have to do is to take a little mold from that blob and create the part of Refinement Engine with the same dimensions mentioned in the blueprint with the same runes carved on it.

After creating all the parts from the mold is assembly, assembling all parts in Refinement Engine.

I started to create parts of Refinement Engine, it is a very lengthy process to create more than five thousand parts, the Engine parts consisted of cogs and gears, pipes, bots etc.

They are small but numerous, it was extremely difficult to memorize different dimensions of all parts.

The plus point is that I have now had an easier time now than practices earlier, after forming a bond with not only I gain magic power and physical strength my psych powers are also increased, now I can easily remember and memorize the thing.

Time passes on as I am creating parts after parts of the refinement engine without the rest, it must have been next day when I fished making all the pats, I divided them into sections for inspecting them again.

Every part has to be perfect with no fault, the change in parts dimension or rune could collapse the whole Engine, succeeding in the first try is the best because reconstructing is taken bitch of time than constructing it the first time.

I felt tired after inspecting every part thrice, I inspected every angle, dimension and the rune on each part. At first inspection, I come to across some mistake at a second and third inspection I didn't find any mistakes that make me feel relive.

Feeling refreshed I again went back to work, this is the part I am most confident in as I have practiced these steps hundreds of times on programme.

Assembling all parts to create Refinement Engine. I started assembling the engine, this process is complicated but fun. It feels like a big puzzle with over five thousand parts.

Connecting cogs and gears and various pipes to each other as a spheroid-like structure started to take a shape but still there work to be done. Time passed on and I keep assembling one part after another.

'Clic….' I fixed the last bolt in the Refinement Engine as the construction of the Refinement Engine is finally completed.

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