Monster Integration

Chapter 8 Refining Mana

The whole spheroid construction of Mana Refinement Engine looks Majestic, it gives off the purple dim light.

The Refinement Engine had the feel of old era's steam machinery, not a feeling as it is a pure Mechanical Machinery with Gears and cogs, nut and bolts.

It has some type of grace in it, which somehow describe the will of humanity and struggle it faced to survive in this monster-ridden the world.

When I looked at this engine, only one thing come into mind is 'Supreme Combat Exercise'.

'Supreme Combat Exercise' is combat exercise which is known to 1st combat art humanity ever developed, it developed in the early days of humanity when humans were still struggling with monsters for survival.

It shows the spirit of humanity, I think this exercise somehow inspired the inventor of this Refinement Engine and it is also one of three advice given by the inventor is to practice 'Supreme combat exercise' in future if possible, it will be a big help in operating the Refinement Engine.

Now the most important step of all, this is a step where all those 96% of people who tried this Mana Refinement Engine had failed.

What I have to do now is that to take Refinement Engine inside the Mana Cloud and suck all cloud inside the Engine.

All I that I have to do in one go without any break because if I failed this process going to be twice harder at next attempt.

I decided to sleep to refresh my mind as I am feeling really tired from creating and the process of Refinement Engine. I fell asleep as soon as my head, I didn't glance at IV which is connected to my hand.

It was late midnight when I woke, I must have slept about six hours when I slept earlier sun was about to go down, I remove the IV from my had as it was empty.

Feeling refreshed, I sit on the meditating position and close my eyes, as I look there is no noticeable change in the red cloud.

The size of mana cloud in depending upon the talent of the Person, which in my case is Low Grade.

The talent of your first Monster's going to be your Talent for the rest of your life, you can't change that ever that is why the first Monster is so important.

Talent's are divided into three types, Low Grade, Medium Grade, and High Grade.

Ashlyn has Low-Grade Talent, that is why her Mana absorption is slow and Mana cloud is small.

If Ashlyn's talent had been Medium Grade, that cloud would have been 50% bigger and her talent had been High Grade it would have been 100% percent bigger, the size of Mana cloud that I have. Most of Grey Spark Sparrow as one of most common monster specious in the world rarely had any talent except for Low Grade.

Refinement Engines lessen some gaps between talent and My Refinement Engine states that if I am able to the obtain the highest level of Purity Scale in each Grade, I can also consider equal to those who have high-grade talent.

But it is very difficult to obtain the Highest Purity Mana in each grade, from the comments I've read on site, the maximum purity one able reach is 78% in Purity Scale.

He is also the same Evolver who reached the Master Grade using this Mana Refinement Engine.

The Purity scale easily could be seen on Refinement engine, it has 1% to 100% Scale and looked like old era thermometer.

Taking a deep breath, I move Refinement Engine towards there Red cloud of Mana, the mana cloud is more than ten times bigger than the Refinement Engine.

As Refinement Engine Spheroid entered the cloud it became barely visible sometime later it can't be seen in a cloud of mana, the Mana cloud enveloped it inside.

After making sure it reached the center of the Mana cloud, I stopped its movement.

Now is the most important step, I have to take all mana cloud inside the Refinement Engine, this will be the biggest test of my mental fortitude.

I started to operate Refinement Engine as it started sucking mana cloud inside slowly, this process is very complicated.

I have to operate three processes of the Refinement Engine simultaneously without making any mistakes.

First is the Suction process to attracts mana into the Engine, next is the Refinement process which refines the mana and removes impurities from it and last is what take most of my mental power, Condensation processes.

What condensation process does as it names suggested, it condenses the refined mana in the condenser and the condensed Mana stored in a central container which is 1/3 in size in Refinement Engine.

I can clearly feel the cloud getting smaller but still, its speed is little slow, I operate the Refinement Engine neither slow nor fast, it is a perfect speed which will not waste my mental power excessively.

I derived this from the thousands of comments and curses I read of predecessors who have constructed the same Refinement Engine as me.

If I operate Engine too fast it will drain my metal stamina early and I will not have a chance to recover my mental stamina in process hence I will not able to complete the process.

If I operate Engine too slow, I will gain stamina in the process but it will take too much time and I will be too tired to operate the engine.

Time passed on and Engine have sucked half of the Mana cloud but I am started to feel tired and there is still half of the Mana cloud remains to be sucked.

Still, I kept refining the mana cloud, I don't want to be like my predecessor who wasn't able to overcome this step and almost all of them left stranded on the private stage, very very few able do it a second time.

The Spheroid Engine is now little visible in the clouds as it outlines can be seen, as cloud begin to thin out, the Engine becomes more and more visible.

As the time passed only one-third of the mana cloud remain and I am dead tired, nearly all my mental energy had been drained as I operating Refinement Engine with my sheer will.

The suction now can be clearly seen from the Thirteen suction points, the red smoke clearly seen flowing from the semi-transparent pipes toward the Refinement chamber.

The only thing kept me going is my imagination, I am imagining myself center stage of League of heroes, winner trophy in my hand and millions of people cheering for me.

That's the only imagination kept me going as Refinement Engine kept sucking the mana cloud soon it about 5% of its original size remail but I am really spent.

I barely hanging by the thread, the sucking speed of the engine so slow that it is barely noticeable, the engine looked like it can stop any minute.

The whole Engine is dimmed that it looked malfunctioned even thinking of my dream of League of Heroes didn't work.

If it's going on as it is now, I am definitely going to fail and I don't have any confidence in succeeding in second chance.

'If my biggest dream isn't going to give me the will to fight on then I am going to take it from my greatest nightmare.

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