Monster Paradise

Chapter 18 Kill Them All!

Using the method he used earlier, Lin Huang lured more Sand Monsters out of their shacks and got Bai to kill them.

Over an hour later, aside from the leader, the rest of the Sand Monsters were all killed.

The back of the dune that was less than 100 meters from the foothold was filled with dead bodies, most of them with their heads separated from their bodies.

On Lin Huang’s Life Wheel, 52 gray columns had been turned into white columns and they were all lit up.

He had also obtained 33 Sand Monster card pieces. He could actually integrate 30 card pieces into one iron-level rank-1 Sand Monster but he chose to put it aside.

Standing outside of the foothold, Lin Huang looked at the last Sand Monster from afar.

It was the biggest one in the entire foothold and it was almost 10 meters tall.

From its size, Lin Huang guessed that it was near the bronze-level.

It should be the leader of the foothold, it was in a deep sleep and was snoring loudly.

It had no idea that the rest of its mates had all been killed.

Lin Huang took out the GrayEagle17 in his space storage and put the 10 armored bullets into the bore of the gun and approached the last Sand Monster quietly.

In the low growl of the wind in the desert, a stench emanated of the shacks. It was disgusting.

The Sand Monsters seemed to be quite unhygienic.

Lin Huang bent over and walked in small steps so he would not make any noises as he approached the leader of the Sand Monsters slowly.

30 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters, 5 meters…

Suddenly, the Sand Monster’s nose twitched. It seemed to have picked up the scent of something and opened its eyes.

Lin Huang did not have the time to run away, he was seen by the leader of the Sand Monsters leader.

The Sand Monster was stunned, it thought it was dreaming.

Lin Huang was shocked as well but he pointed his gun at the monster as it tried to grab his gun.

Suddenly, two slashes flashed through in a split second. They were like ribbons tying the Sand Monster’s arms.

Lin Huang saw the flashes and did not run away. Instead, he took a step towards the Sand Monster and pulled the trigger at the monster’s eyes.

In the dark, flares were seen as two bullets were shot into the monster’s eyes.

The Sand Monster let out a loud roar from the pain. When Lin Huang attacked, it managed to close its eyes but the impact of the armored bullets was too powerful at point blank.

Although it did not make the Sand Monster’s head explode, both its eyes were completely destroyed.

The Sand Monster was badly injured from the hit, it became furious and somehow managed to break away from Bai within seconds.

Lin Huang then rolled towards the left and hid in the side.

The Sand Monster stood up, starting to smash everything around it as it roared.

Its roar could be heard more than 10 kilometers away. The members who joined the assessment ahead of Lin Huang were just settling down, getting ready for dinner.

They were terrified by the Sand Monster’s roar.

"It’s the Sand Monster’s roar, it sounded angry…"

"In the desert, the only creature that dared to invade into the Sand Monsters' foothold was the megalodon wolf pack which also belonged to the giant family. If the megalodon wolf was not famished, they would not attack the Sand Monsters on a whim. There must be some unusual fight happening in the foothold tonight!"

A man in glasses who also joined the assessment explained.

He seemed to know the monsters in the desert better. However, he misjudged the situation as the sound of gun faded too fast and he could not hear that as he was too far away.

Within the 10 kilometer radius of the foothold, the Sand Monster seemed to be in complete madness. It swung its hands everywhere, destroying the surroundings. Meanwhile, Bai was in combat mode as his eyes turned completely red and the Blood Power on his back turned into two bloody sabers.

As he avoided from being hit by the Sand Monster, he was slashing the monster with his sabers at the same time.

The number of wounds on the Sand Monster increased and Bai did not even suffer a single hit.

Lin Huang hid in the opposite direction, somewhere not far from them. He removed the armored bullets and reloaded his gun with regular bullets. He then went into shooting mode and he shot the Sand Monster every time he had a chance. He focused on the Sand Monster’s face, including its destroyed eyes, nose, mouth, and even its ears.

Although he missed most of the time, it managed to make the monster even more furious. Lin Huang did not shoot from the same direction. Every time he took a shot, he would change his position.

This 10-meter-tall Sand Monster had superior abilities if it was compared to the rest. Bai managed to chop off the arms of the other monsters’ easily but he failed to cut through this monster’s body as its bones prevented him from doing so.

Time passed by, Lin Huang and Bai were getting tired as the Sand Monster got weaker, losing blood as the fight continued.

Lin Huang was amazed at how terrifying the monsters in this world were.

He had fired more than 100 bullets from his GrayEagle17 at the monster’s face and though he only missed a few shots, the monster was still alive.

It was shocking as the GrayEagle17 was comparable to an iron-level gun. It was even more powerful than an AK47 on earth.

After losing so much blood, the Sand Monster became slow. Though Bai was tired, he did not slow down but instead, he got more aggressive. However, the monster still managed to defend itself.

Lin Huang was exhausted. His actions became slower but he was still opening fire at the monster’s face.

Under continuous attack, the monster finally fell to its injuries and though it was still alive, Lin Huang and Bai both knew that it could not last much longer.

Lin Huang became more courageous and he stood in front of the Sand Monster to open fire because he could aim better at such an angle. However, just as he positioned himself and fired a few shots, the Sand Monster who was on the ground stood up and let out a roar as it ran towards Lin Huang’s direction.

Lin Huang did not move at all, instead, he grinned. He took out the regular bullets and reloaded his gun with armored bullets.

He then aimed at the monster’s wide opened mouth and shot.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Three shots were fired and three armored bullets exploded in the Sand Monster’s mouth.

Blood started to flow out of the monster and the monster who was initially running towards Lin Huang fell hard onto the ground.

"Congratulations, you obtained a complete Sand Monster Card x1!"

"Host completed cross-ranking kill, an Advanced Card is rewarded!"

"I have been waiting for this for way too long!" Lin Huang blew at the muzzle in satisfaction before he put the GrayEagle17 into storage.

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