Monster Paradise

Chapter 25 Danger Was Close

After traveling for more than six hours on Tyrant, it was getting dark as stars lit up in the sky.

The journey was smooth-sailing. Lin Huang and fatty were not attacked by any people.

Perhaps Tyrant was the reason why. Pure Gold Desert was a Grade-1 wild zone and there would not be any monsters that were over iron-level.

Tyrant was an iron-level rank-3, it was a creature on top of the food chain and other predators would try their best to avoid it.

It was hot during the day and most of the predators would choose to hibernate or rest.

When the sun sets, the temperature would drop and they would go out to hunt. It would be a dumb move if Lin Huang was to travel at night.

With Tyrant, they had ample time to get to their destination so there was no need for them to travel at night.

After he recalled Tyrant, Lin Huang summoned his second Sand Monster.

Fatty saw that Lin Huang summoned another monster, he was stunned.

"Bro, how many monsters do you really have?"

"That’s a secret." Lin Huang did not even turn around when he answered fatty while he built the tent.

"Why did you not buy a portable tent? It’s so troublesome to build it from scratch." Fatty sat on a rock while watching Lin Huang build the tent.

"I’m poor, I can’t afford that."

What Lin Huang said was the truth.

The portable tent that fatty mentioned was inspired by an armored piece of equipment. Its price was nothing less than an iron-level equipment.

A few days ago, Lin Huang could not afford that at all.

But it sounded ridiculous to fatty.

"I would believe you if you can’t afford to trade your Life Crystals to get to iron-level. But if you tell me you can’t even afford a portable tent, that’s nonsense! I must visit your house one day to see how poor you are. If you really can’t afford a portable tent, I would spend all I have to help you to get to iron-level!" Fatty thought Lin Huang was exaggerating so he promised him that.

For a normal person to get to iron-level, it would require more than 200 million credit points to activate all the gray columns in Life Wheel.

200 million credit points were a lot, that was the reason why most of the people in this world could not get to iron-level.

Lin Huang laughed when he heard what fatty said, "You don’t need to look at my house. When we’re done with the assessment, I'll bring you to the Credit Bureau to show you my bank book. You'd definitely believe me by then."

"What? You must be kidding. Are you really that poor?" Fatty panicked when he heard what Lin Huang said.

Lin Huang smiled without saying anything. Fatty got even more panicked when he saw Lin Huang smiling, "I was just messing with you just now, please don’t take it seriously."

Lin Huang ignored him while he put all his attention on building the tent. When he was done, it was dark.

Lin Huang turned around and saw the fatty sat on the rock without bringing out his tent, "Where is your portable tent?"

"About that… It was blown away by the wind last night…" Fatty scratched his head and avoided eye contact with Lin Huang.

"Oh, then let’s prepare dinner." Lin Huang seemed to ignore fatty who did not have a tent. He stretched his body and mumbled, "I’ll sleep after dinner, it had been a long day, I’m exhausted."

"That wouldn’t be a problem for you but what about me?" Fatty looked at Lin Huang who just built the tent, he seemed troubled, "How about we share a tent tonight?"

"That’s not happening. Settle your problem yourself." Lin Huang responded without even thinking.

"It’s usually cold at night. Look at my delicate body, if I was to sleep outside tonight, I would be frozen to death. Do you really want that to happen to me?" Fatty gave him puppy dog eyes.

"It wouldn’t be a problem. If you’re cold, you can cuddle with the Sand Monster." Lin Huang gave him a creative suggestion.

"He has more fats than you do, that’s even sexier, just your cup of tea."

"Then I'd rather die…" Fatty looked at Sand Monster while it gave him a smile. Fatty shook his head and rejected the suggestion.

"Don’t goof around, make dinner now!" Lin Huang changed the topic.

"I've lost my appetite, I can’t eat anymore. I’m not cooking." Fatty turned his head around, he seemed to be throwing a tantrum.

"Cook first, I’ll think of something for you after dinner."

"No! You give me the solution now or I'll not cook tonight." Fatty sat on the rock crossing his arms while waiting for Lin Huang to give him a solution.

"The solution is… I have a backup tent." Lin Huang laughed.

"Are you messing with me?" Fatty was afraid that Lin Huang was not being serious.

Lin Huang did not say anything as he took out a tent pole from his storage.

"Why didn’t you tell me earlier!" Fatty yelled at him while laughing.

"Unlike some people, I did my planning properly and brought a backup tent." Lin Huang said while he placed all the parts of the backup tent on the ground, "You fix it yourself after dinner, I’m going to sleep now."

Fatty then quietly took out his tableware and started to prepare dinner.

After dinner, the sky was completely dark with stars. It looked like the ocean, sparkling above him.

The heat on the sand faded and the wind was chillier.

Lin Huang got the Sand Monster to watch over the night while he went into his tent.

Fatty was fixing the tent clumsily.

Half an hour later, fatty built a distorted tent and there were still parts on the floor.

He lost his tolerance and went into the incomplete tent anyway while he tried really hard to close the tent.

Due to the sandstorm the night before, he did not get a good rest. Soon he fell asleep.

Hearing fatty’s snore from not far away, Lin Huang smiled as he shook his head.

This fatty was such a naive guy, letting his guard down when he was with Lin Huang. He fell asleep immediately.

"This fella must be exhausted…"

As Lin Huang had a good rest last night, he was not sleepy even though he was tired.

Sleepiness only kicked in in the middle of the night.

As the night went on, the desert became colder.

Before dawn, there was a layer of frost on the ground.

Under two full purple moons, the desert was calm.

Suddenly, the Sand Monster who was sitting in front of the tent seemed to smell something.

It started to sniff its surrounding and looked to the direction where it identified the source of the smell.

Although it could not see clearly what it was because it was far away, it could see that something was approaching them at an alarming pace.

It stood up immediately and screamed into the tent.

"Ahh woo! Ahh woo! Ahh woo!"

Lin Huang managed to fall asleep for only two hours before hearing the Sand Monster’s scream outside. He sat up immediately.

He did not even remove his clothes and shoes as he was worried that there would be such incidents.

He opened the tent and looked, shocked when he looked at the direction the Sand Monster was pointing at.

He then walked to the fatty’s tent.

After several failed attempts to open his tent, he took out his sword from storage and cut the tent open.

He slapped the fatty on his face, "Wake up fatty, we'll be dead if you continue sleeping!"

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