Monster Paradise

Chapter 26 The Terrifying Crows

Fatty woke up after he was slapped. He abruptly sat up in bed and subconsciously covered his body with a quilt as he saw his fat upper body. He was alert and asked Lin Huang, "What are you doing?!"

"Just follow me! I don't have time to explain to you now." Lin Huang tossed off his quilt, and Fatty was seen to be wearing red boxers only.

"I need to put my clothes on. Please leave my room now." Fatty immediately covered his chest.

"We're dying, and you still care about putting on your clothes!" Lin Huang grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the tent.

Although Fatty was reluctant to leave, still, he followed Lin Huang and walked out of the tent since Lin Huang did not sound like he was joking.

He was startled as soon as he got out of the tent.

The sky far away from him was completely dark. Half of the blue sky had turned black, and it was expanding quickly as if it was stained with black ink. The entire sky was now separated into two distinct colors, which was dark blue and black.

"It's the crows! We're doomed…" Fatty's face turned pale.

"Keep your big mouth shut and get up!" Lin Huang re-summoned his Tyrant and sat above him.

Tyrant pulled Fatty over and placed him on his shoulder. He glanced at the crows behind him and ran very quickly. This time, he was running at full speed, and his speed had exceeded 120 kilometers per hour.

Lin Huang was still fine as he sat stably, holding Tyrant's beard tightly to prevent falls. On the other hand, Fatty did not sit properly from the beginning in addition to he was holding his clothes. He fell after Tyrant began running.

Lin Huang was taken aback as he saw him fall. Fortunately, Tyrant was able to hold him before he fell. However, Tyrant did not place him back to his shoulder but held Fatty in his arms instead and continued running.

His arms would swing way more than his shoulder when he started running madly. Fatty felt like he was on a roller coaster that was at least ten times faster. After a short while, he started to feel dizzy and eventually fainted.

Lin Huang who was initially laughing at Fatty did not feel well then. Tyrant ran madly at full speed, and he swung at least one time faster. He felt like something moving across his stomach. Consequently, he vomited as he could not bear the feeling of uneasiness any longer.

Tyrant's speed had exceeded 120 kilometers per hour. However, the distance between Lin Huang and the crows did grow further. Instead, they were getting closer to each other.

These monsters were the undead. They were spirits without solid bodies and usually hunt spirits of the creatures. They flew in the sky, floated like clouds, but their speed was not slow at all.

The crows were small and weak. Their abilities were merely at the iron-level. Since they were souls without bodies, they could easily be destroyed. Therefore, through prolonged evolution, they had found a way around this which was to hunt for prey in groups. When a large group of crows appeared, even the gold-rank hunters had to avoid them. They resembled ants that were weak alone but thousands of them could even threaten an elephant. This explained why the crows were so strong and powerful.

There was a course called the Fundamental of Monster Guide offered by the Hunter Reserve College. A detailed explanation of the crows was provided. Lin Huang remembered there was a paragraph stated this, "One must avoid any location where corpses without injuries can be found. It can either be in the desert or forests and is a remote and inaccessible place. This was usually a sign where flocks of crows would appear. They would only hunt for souls and would not harm their bodies."

Lin Huang was sitting on Tyrant's shoulder but he looked back at the crows from time to time, estimating the distance between them. As time passed, they grew closer to each other, and Lin Huang's face turned pale.

He quickly pondered on these thoughts, "These crows were creatures with no physical form. There's nowhere we could hide as they could directly pass through any objects including ground and mountains. Therefore, finding a place to hide would not work…"

"The Life Power was capable of threatening the crows. However, even the gold-rank hunters would not trigger them as their efforts to kill would be in vain. I had not mastered the Life Power yet, and Fatty's ability was merely iron-level. Despite having specific skills to stop spirits or supernatural powers, it would be rendered useless as he was too weak."

"Based on the distance between us, it was estimated that within half an hour they would be ahead of us. The only choice we had now was to ask for help from the examiner. If we had the examiner's Dimensional Relic, we definitely could survive…" Lin Huang thought of it repeatedly, and this was the only way he could figure out. However, he hesitated.

Pressing on the help button and they would be disqualified from the assessment. This was the rule mentioned by the main examiner in the first place. Even if they had reasonable reasons to request for help, but rules were rules.

Lin Huang would usually not struggle like this, and he would give up the assessment without hesitation since if he were disqualified as a candidate, there would be a second chance for the assessment.

However, the reason he applied to become a Reserve Hunter was to fulfill the requirement of the mission related to the Goldfinger. Punishment for failing this mission was quite harsh. It stated that if Lin Huang could not complete the mission within a month, he would lose his Goldfinger and the items rewarded during the activation of Goldfinger.

This indicated that he would not only lose his Goldfinger, Xiao Hei but also the Monster Cards, Skill Cards as well as the Life Light gained from the kills. He would return to the condition he was in before his travels or probably even worse.

Lin Huang was upset. He was not sure if he could still look for another foothold to apply for the assessment and complete the assessment within the limited time if he were disqualified this round. He was so confident that he could pass the assessment, so he did not survey about the information of the assessment at another foothold. He had no access to the internet now to check these details.

This gave Lin Huang a headache as he looked at Tyrant's right hand which held the fainted Fatt. If Fatty did not faint, he would convince him to give up the assessment and in turn, compensate him with a few types of equipment. Unfortunately, Fatty had fainted, and his emergency communicator was at the locker, irretrievable at the moment.

After struggling for a long time, he looked at the crows behind him and realized they were getting nearer and nearer. Lin Huang finally decided and thought, "It was of the utmost importance to survive under such circumstances! I will think about the mission later."

He had finally made up his mind and took out his emergency communicator. He then pressed the help button.

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