Monster Paradise

Chapter 27 Escape From Danger

The destination of the assessment was foothold No.7D121. It was around 800 kilometers away from Lin Huang.

In the imperial suite of a grand hotel, a woman was sound asleep in the spacious master bedroom.

She was wearing a loose, white silk pajamas that covered her body only until her hip and exposed her long, slender legs. When the moonlight shone on it, ravishing colors were seen reflected, shimmering on the surface.

All of a sudden, the woman's Emperor's Heart Ring on her left index finger vibrated and a sound akin to a siren filled the atmosphere. She groaned modestly as she woke up to sit on the edge of her bed.

She fluffed her hair and in an annoying tone said, "It’s so late now and my sleep is disturbed!"

Yi Yeyu was one of those who got irritated easily if they were sleep-deprived. She pressed the connect button on the communicator. She looked ferocious even with a straight face. She said, "Let's see who dares disturb me at this hour while I'm sleeping!"

A three-dimensional map was suddenly projected from the ring. It was a complete map that showed the regions of assessment. A red, bright dot on the map constantly blinked while sounds of siren continued to echo her bedroom.

This red dot was obviously the cry for help sent by Lin Huang.

"What the hell is this person doing? He did not stay there to be rescued after sending out a signal for help but ran so quickly!" Yi Yeyu was angry as her eyes tried to catch the flickering red dot that was constantly moving and changing its position on the map. After a while, her facial expression slightly changed. She noticed that it was strange and thought, "There's something wrong with the speed. Even those on bronze-level could not travel at such speeds in the desert."

Yi Yeyu spent some time and changed her clothes into a black suit. She was pissed and calculated the speed of motion of the red dot. She relocated the coordinates for delivering and summoned the relic.

A green wooden door with the height of about two meters appeared abruptly in the hotel room. Yi Yeyu pushed the door and strode out of the room.

Yi Yeyu then appeared in the assessment area through the green wooden door. She then crossed her hands in front of her chest. She looked toward the direction where the red dot appeared, unhappy.

As the red dot got closer to her, she smiled coldly as she wanted to teach him a lesson. However, her face suddenly changed.

She looked at the sky; it was covered by a dark shadow. The huge shadow was moving rapidly towards her. Her vision was clear, she was able to see a huge flock of crows.

She recalled the terrifying speed of the red dot that appeared on the map and suddenly understood what was happening. She could not help but laugh and thought, "Who was the unfortunate, poor soul who got chased by the crows? It was not easy to survive this mishap…"

After a short while, she saw something was running madly, stirring up the sandy dust. She identified a gigantic Sand Monster running insanely.

"A Sand Monster?" The crows would probably be ahead of it very soon. Where's the fellow who requested for help? Could it be that he’s just behind the Sand Monster?" Yi Yeyu then looked behind the Sand Monster but saw nothing because the skies were dusty.

At this moment, she heard a sound coming from far away, "Dear examiner, please help us to get out of this place!"

It was then that Yi Yeyu realized a young man sitting on the shoulder of the Sand Monster, waving at her.

Lin Huang did not notice Yi Yeyu at the first instance. It was only when he saw the green wooden door that he noticed her standing beside it.

"How could this fellow be the Imperial Censor?!" Yi Yeyu was surprised. She could remember this young man who almost missed the deadline for his application as he was the only candidate that was not an iron-level.

The crows were now so close to Lin Huang, they were not even a kilometer apart. It was visible to the naked eye that the distance between them reduced as time passed.

He kept looking back and asked Tyrant to run faster.

Tyrant ran recklessly toward Yi Yeyu. He knew how scary the crows were.

Yi Yeyu felt a sense of urgency. She then quickly wove arcane symbols with both of her hands. The gold Life Power formed a strange insignia in the space in front of her. The insignia formed a shape after it was complete and was automatically imprinted on the green wooden door.

The green wooden door which was initially around two meters tall expanded rapidly to about 10 meters within about two seconds.

"Escape through the door!" Lin Huang commanded once the expansion was done.

The distance between him and the crows was less than 300 meters now. Everyone including the examiner would die if Tyrant stopped for a second or two.

This was an urgent matter and Yi Yeyu knew it. Otherwise, she would not have expended her Life Power to trigger the change in form of the door.

Tyrant did not stop at all. The moment right before he reached the door, he took a big leap and jumped over the door. The crows were surrounding them but Yi Yeyu did not bother to look back at the crows. She followed after Tyrant and leaped through the door.

Just when the crows were about to catch up to them, the green wooden door closed abruptly. They disappeared from the desert as if they had never appeared before. At the same time, a black torrent swept through the region, filling every nook and cranny with gloom as countless crows began to converge.


Yi Yeyu's bedroom was a mess. There was a big hole which penetrated through a few rooms on the ceiling of her room when Tyrant advanced to the hotel through the green wooden door. It was already too late when Lin Huang reacted to recall Tyrant.

Yi Yeyu was upset, she took a seat on her bed while Fatty was lying on the ground, in a state of unconsciousness.

"Your name is Lin Huang?" Yi Yeyu could remember his name as she was the one who did the registration for him when he applied for the assessment. "Tell me the whole course of this incident."

Lin Huang was slightly relieved to hear that she was at least interested to hear his side of the story. He was worried about having to compensate for the damages and loss of the hotel. He then calmed himself down and said, "Yesterday when Fatty and I were sleeping at around two o'clock in the morning, the night watcher woke me up. After I got out of the tent, I discovered the crows. I woke Fatty up at once. We sat on the Sand Monster's shoulder and fled. After running for some time, we then realized that we could not get rid of them. I had no choice but to request for help."

In turn, Yi Yeyu frowned and said, "It was approximately half an hour ago when you sent out the distress signal. Weren’t the crows already chasing you at the time?"

"Yes, otherwise, I would not have pressed the help button." Lin Huang looked puzzled.

"Tyrant was capable of escaping for half an hour, yet the crows did not overtake him? This speed could not be easily achieved by iron-level Sand Monsters. Was it a mutated Sand Monster?" Earlier in the desert, Yi Yeyu could vaguely sense that Tyrant exuded a strange aura. After listening to Lin Huang, she was sure about it.

Mutated monsters were rare. Once they became mutants, their attributes would be significantly altered. They could produce new skills, and their skills could be further enhanced.

Indeed, Tyrant did not use any Advance Cards to become a mutant. He was born like that. He had a green-crystal card when Lin Huang found him. Lin Huang had no intention to hide it from Yi Yeyu so that he might be allowed for the assessment once he reveals its strength.

"Yes, it's a mutated monster." Lin Huang said underneath his breath.

"Alright, I know now." There was no expression on Yi Yeyu's face. "Regarding the crow incident, I'll report to the person in charge. This issue will probably be settled before daybreak. I'll then send both of you back to continue with your assessment."

"You're saying that I'm not disqualified from the assessment?" Lin Huang’s tone lightened.

"Do you prefer to be disqualified from the exam?" Yi Yeyu said over her shoulder as she walked away from Lin Huang.

"No, I never wanted to press the help button. Something was wrong with the emergency communicator, and it had nothing to do with me." Lin Huang said shamelessly, waving his hand.

"We only have a few Imperial Censors. An Imperial Censor is always welcome to join the Hunter Association. An Imperial Censor like you who possess the exceptional ability to summon mutants would be qualified to be recruited. However, I've used up three of my quota for special recruitments this month. The only thing you can do now is to pass the assessment and become a Reserve Hunter yourself." Yi Yeyu explained in detail. "If you fail the assessment, you’ll have to wait until next month to be recruited through the special recruitment. By the end of the month, you can register yourself at foothold 7C87."

Lin Huang never thought for a second that he could get valuable benefits from the identity of an imperial censor. Overall, he was happy to not be disqualified after all.

The good news only lasted 3 seconds before he was bombarded with the inevitable bad news.

"I'll pay the damages and loss of the hotel for you. Repay the money back to me when you have it." Yi Yeyu added.

"The hotel damage costs…"

"Alright. You can now leave my room along with Fatty. We'll meet in the hotel's lobby at nine o'clock tomorrow morning. The crow's incident should be settled by then, and I'll send both of you back to continue your assessment."

Lin Huang carried Fatty on his back as he struggled to walk out of her room.

As soon as the door closed, Yi Yeyu thought with a grin, "I guess I'm too lucky. I've recruited an Imperial Censor with the ability to summon mutated monsters. Let's see who dare say that the newbie I've recruited is weak!"

However, she did not know that the comments they always had about Lin Huang were that he was extremely weak!

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