Monster Paradise

Chapter 28 Chemistry

It was eight o'clock in the morning. Lin Huang was awake from his sleep.

He was escaping from danger throughout the night and he was very exhausted. However, he did not sleep well in the hotel. He felt insecure as he had nightmares about crows in the sky.

Fatty never woke up but was still snoring loudly. Lin Huang originally requested a room with twin beds but because he could not stand the snoring, he requested to be switched to another room of his own.

He woke Fatty up and roughly told him what happened last night when they were having their breakfast.

At nine o'clock sharp, Yi Yeyu came dressed in a purple ladies suit, wearing a pair of black stilettos that were 20 centimeters high.

Her appearance caught many people's attention. To the men, she was attractive.

"Have you settled the crows?" Lin Huang could not help but ask as he saw Yi Yeyu walking towards him.

"Yes, I have. I informed the Association last night after you left. According to the Association, they sent a transcendant hunter to kill the crows in less than one minute." Yi Yeyu said proudly.

"That person killed such a huge group of crows within a minute?!" Lin Huang could not believe it. Until now, he had no idea what the strongest man in the could do. From what he heard, the transcendants had abilities beyond the existing human's abilities.

"You can hardly imagine how powerful a transcendant hunter is. Don't aim too high. What you should do now is to think of how you can pass the assessment and upgrade to iron-level." She then added, "You should also think of how you can return me my money…"

As he heard the last sentence, Lin Huang kept quiet so that she would not be reminded about this too often.

"The crows have been killed, and the area where the exam takes place should be safe now. Follow me, and I'll send you back to where you were yesterday to proceed with the assessment." Yi Yeyu said and pointed both of them to her room.

When they were in front of the door, Lin Huang took a glance at the room's number. He had a strange expression and asked, "Didn't you change your room?"

"The boss of the hotel did not allow me to change. He was afraid that I might cause more damage to his room " Yi Yeyu answered.

Three of them entered the room. Fatty looked at the large hole in the ceiling and said, "Damn! Sister, what have you done here and why did you blow up the ceiling!"

"You have to ask him about this." Yi Yeyu pointed at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang looked uncomfortable yet apologetic.

"How could it be? Last night both of you were together in the room?" Fatty immediately grasped the meaning of their conversation and smiled wryly. "Is there chemistry between the both of you?"

"This is bullshit. You were here last night." Lin Huang knew that Fatty was trying to insinuate something dirty.

"I was here too?! Did you do something to me that I was not aware of? I'm still a virgin!"

"Shut up!" Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu shouted unanimously.

"Both of you may leave now if you don't have anything else to ask." Yi Yeyu asked, looking at both of them and they shook their heads.

Yi Yeyu summoned the big wooden door and pushed against it.

Lin Huang and Fatty strode out the door.

The other side of the big wooden door was the location Tyrant entered the door to escape at midnight.

"Where is this place?" Fatty looked lost because when they were escaping from the crows at midnight, he fainted. He was clueless as to what had taken place.

Lin Huang looked around him. However, nothing was familiar to him. Tyrant carried both of them and ran very quickly at midnight. Lin Huang was not aware of the surrounding at all as he was busy estimating the distance between them and the crows. He somehow made a quick guess and said, "The crows were coming from the south region yesterday, and we escaped for half an hour towards the north. We should be now around 60 kilometers away from our tent."

"Then where should we go now? Should we proceed towards the north?" asked Fatty.

"Let's get back our tent first. Otherwise, we won't have a place to sleep tonight." Lin Huang wisely remarked.

"Alright. Thanks to Tyrant's speed, we would only need to spend half an hour to go back. If we had to walk, it would take at least half a day to reach." Fatty reasoned.

They summoned Tyrant, and both of them sat on his shoulder once again. They then departed.

After half an hour, Tyrant brought them back to the station where they set up camp yesterday.

Fatty’s tent was more eye-catching. It was not because of its color, but because of its funky shape.

Thank God the tent was still in good shape.

The crows only hunt for souls and were not interested in inanimate objects.

"You made such a long cut on my tent, can I still use it?" Fatty asked, visibly displeased.

"Where else will you sleep tonight?" Lin Huang did not want to share a tent with Fatty and began folding his tent.

Fatty knew that Lin Huang did not want to stay in the same tent with him. He was forced to take down his tent, and he mumbled, "I should have woken up earlier just now to buy a new tent before meeting the lady…"

"What have you done with her? Why can't you tell me? Why did the room become like that? Also, why did she say you owed her money?" Fatty asked in one breath.

Lin Huang did not bother to answer him and continued folding his tent. He was not in a good mood because he was in debt for no reason. He thought in his heart that he would never summon Tyrant in the hotel ever again.

"Eh, say something!" Fatty threw a screw at him to break the silence.

"Don’t you have anything better to do?" Lin Huang asked impatiently.

After a while, Fatty threw another screw at him, "You look upset. Did you lose your virginity to her?"

"Don't bother me. Do your own thing!" Lin Huang was beginning to get annoyed.

After a moment of silence, he started talking again, "I somehow feel that Yi Yeyu's attitude toward you was sort of weird…"

"You're thinking too much." Still, Lin Huang’s back faced Fatty.

Fatty found Lin Huang's reaction uninteresting. He then focused on taking down his tent.

Lin Huang felt a wave a peace and he was thankful for that…

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