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Chapter 26: A Heartfelt Disdain

Chapter 26: A Heartfelt Disdain

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The thought that both of them had something going on behind her back grated on Tianxin's nerves.

She was confident that the present Xinghe was no longer worthy competition but she still felt threatened.

Since that hussy had decided to bow out of the competition, why didn't she move her *ss further away‽

She had to make an appearance when her marriage to Mubai was so close to fruition!

She'd better not stand in her way or Tianxin swore she would give her hell!

However, very quickly, Tianxin realized her fears and worries were unfounded.

The place where Xinghe called home was… obviously meant for beggars.

Tianxin had never seen a worse residence.

Suffocated with a disgusting smell, the place was grimy and dirty.

She kept a wide berth from its residents for fear of infection.

The anxiety that she felt in the car immediately turned into joy when she saw the place Xinghe lived. If not for Mubai's insistence, she wouldn't be caught dead in this area.

She was, however, willing to make an exception to shove her victory down Xinghe's throat.

Tianxin clutched Mubai's arms and said with exaggerated worry, "Mubai, are you sure Xinghe lives here? How does she do it? If I was her, I would work extra hard to not end up here."

She meant, it was due to Xinghe's own degeneration that she still lived there.

Her disdain towards Xinghe grew.

She found herself foolish for having reservations against Xinghe. The woman was definitely not worth her time.

Mubai frowned. He didn't expect Xinghe to live in such squalor either.

He would have to make sure she accepted his alimony this time. He couldn't let her continue living like this.

The pair was led, wordlessly, by Chang An to Xinghe's apartment.

"CEO Xi, this is Ms. Xia's place," Chang An said with a bow.

"Knock on it," ordered Mubai.

Chang An knocked on the door politely but there was no response.

Tianxin finally lost her patience, she didn't want to stay there anymore so she said, "Mubai, maybe they're not home. No matter what you want to give Xinghe, I'm sure you can mail it to her."

"Who are you looking for?" Suddenly, a man from a few doors away asked cautiously.

Chang An looked his away and enquired politely, "I'm sorry, sir but do you know where the Xia family is? Why there is no one to answer the door?"

"Oh, you're looking for them. Your timing is not so good, something happened so I suspect they're all at the hospital now."

The party was startled, Mubai asked, "What happened?"

The man proceeded to explain everything that had happened yesterday.

Mubai was shocked to discover that such a thing had happened. He knew Chengwu's health hadn't been good lately so this didn't bode well for him.

Furthermore, it was likely that his family didn't have the money to pay his medical bills.

It was all the more reason for him to pass the alimony to Xinghe.

Mubai told Chang An immediately that they had to go to the hospital. Tianxin didn't have any comment this time, she followed obediently.

Needless to say, it was not compelled by the kindness of her heart. She could still remember clearly the last time they stumbled into Xia Xinghe.

Xinghe's shame-faced and flustered look when she noticed them before she ran away with her tail between her legs still brought her immense satisfaction.

She would smile every time she pulled up the image in her mind.

Now that dumb woman had found herself in a worse condition, she definitely didn't want them to see her.

However, Xinghe had no choice but swallow the little pride that she still had to accept their charity this time.

Tianxin almost laughed out loud envisioning the look of shame and defeat on Xia Xinghe's face. What she wouldn't give to join them at the hospital.

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