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Chapter 27: A Charity

Chapter 27: A Charity

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Depending on the situation, Tianxin herself might even be willing to give Xinghe some money.

The thought that she might be able to see Xinghe begging her for her charity buoyed her spirit on their way to the hospital.

It didn't take long for them to reach the hospital. Using his connections, Mubai quickly found out which room Chengwu was in.

While they rushed to meet Xinghe, Chengwu was in preparation to enter surgery.

His body was sprayed with disinfectant, and the smell lingered in the room.

Xinghe was averse to the smell so she left to sit at the corridor outside his room.

She crossed her hands praying for a successful operation.

The doctor promised them an 80 percent success rate but she couldn't help but worry.

"Sis, how are you holding up?" a concerned Xia Zhi followed her out to enquire.

Xinghe took a catnap that only lasted for a few hours; he was afraid she didn't have enough rest.

Xinghe shook her head and said, "I'm fine, go be with uncle."

"It's okay, dad just went back to sleep." Xia Zhi heard the sound of rushing footsteps. He turned towards it and saw Mubai's party. His expression turned serious.

Xinghe followed his vision and with her first glance, she saw Xi Mubai!

Then, she noticed Chu Tianxin who trailed behind him.

Xinghe felt her mind went blank for a moment.

However, she quickly regained herself. She maintained an inscrutable expression throughout.

While the two of them were looking the approaching party up and down, Mubai's group was doing the exact same.

Tianxin especially had her eyes set on Xinghe, she refused to let any of her motions, no matter how small, escape her sight.

To her surprise and disappointment, Xinghe was as still as a statue.

She looked at them as if they were a bunch of strangers.

Gone were the avoidance, self-disgust and embarrassment that colored her expression last time.

There was no concern in her eyes, like they were looking past them because they weren't worth noting in her mind.

Not only Tianxin felt this change in her behavior, Mubai sensed it as well.

He stopped before her and asked in a gruff voice, "I heard your uncle is sick."

This was their first official exchange since their divorce three years ago, discounting their little episode last time since that could barely be considered as a mutual exchange of words.

Xinghe didn't seem like she was going to answer. She looked at them serenely, totally at ease with the world.

Chang An moved forward to explain, "Ms. Xia, nice to meet you again. CEO Xi heard from your neighbor that Mr. Xia Chengwu had fallen ill so we're here to pay him a visit."

Xia Zhi answered with a sneer, "Since when did our families become so close to each other? My sister no longer has anything to do with your boss much less the rest of our Xia Family. So, Mr. Xi, please return. My father doesn't accept visitation from strangers."

Xia Zhi's lack of respect irked Tianxin. Since Mubai didn't look like he was going to say anything, she felt like it was her place to defend him.

She frowned as she stared as Xinghe. "Xinghe, no matter what, you're still Lin Lin's mom, we can't just cut you off. For Lin Lin's sake, we're extending you our help because we're afraid you might need money for your uncle's medical bills. That's why Mubai and I are here."

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