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Chapter 28: The Giant Change in Xia Xinghe

Chapter 28: The Giant Change in Xia Xinghe

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It didn't sound like that to Xinghe.

Even Xia Zhi caught the condescension in Tianxin's words. With the impetuousness of his youth, he fired back at Tianxin.

"We don't need your false charity! We Xia Family have been surviving fine on our own!"

There was another reason behind Xia Zhi's anger.

Xinghe had sunk into a period of depression right after her divorce from Mubai.

It sounded cliché, but her smile was taken away.

Then again, which mother would willingly abandon her children if not for insurmountable pressure?

Xia Zhi was familiar with his sister's personality, she had a natural knack for persevering. There was not a squeak from her even though the past few years had been incredibly harsh.

It only went to highlight how much grief and hurt she had suffered under the hands of the Xi Family.

Therefore, Xia Zhi had a natural animosity towards people that were related to the Xi Family.

He couldn't stomach the sight of Xi Mubai's new trophy.

It was obvious that the woman was there to pour scorn on his sister so why should he be courteous towards her?

Tianxin didn't even deign to look him in the eyes, her target that day was Xia Xinghe.

"Xinghe, do you feel that way as well? We're sincerely here to lend you our aid since you're Lin Lin's mother…"

"That's enough," Xinghe announced suddenly. Her tone was calm but impressive.

Tianxin found her words trapped in her throat.

For some reason, Xinghe's words and her frigid stare pressured her into silence.

She thought wrongly that she had managed to push Xinghe's buttons.

"Xinghe, now is not the time to indulge in your emotions, think of your uncle…"

"Shut up," Xinghe said firmly, "I'm not talking to you."

"You…" Tianxin's face flushed with anger almost instantly as rancor flashed in her eyes.

Xia Xinghe, the b*tch, how dare she talk to me this way‽

Tianxin quickly collected herself and feigned grievance, adding, "Xinghe, I'm just looking out for you."

"My sister doesn't want to talk to you, are you deaf‽" Xia Zhi got more incensed the more time he spent with this woman.

What did Xi Mubai see in this bimbo?

He must have lost his mind because this woman was not even in the same league as his sister!

Tianxin was thankful that the boy gave her more material for her wronged woman act and she was going to carry on with her show when Mubai said in a low rumble, "I'm not here to give you charity, false or otherwise."

He held eye contact with Xinghe as he said so.

Mubai was where he was that day professionally because he had a good eye for talent.

He had been silent because he was blown away by the changes that he noticed had happened within Xinghe.

It might have eluded other people but not him.

She was still the same taciturn self but before, there was no soul or purpose in Xinghe's eyes, it was like she was living in suspended reality.

However, the new her had vigor and radiance in her eyes.

He found the same look in wildly successful individuals before, people who had the world at their feet.

It was something the greats were born with, they spoke of steely determination and indomitable spirit.

It was as if the woman he was married to was a Xia Xinghe in hibernation and the one standing before him now had finally awakened.

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