Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 11: Nothing To Be Afraid Of

When the man came back, there were two nurses following after him.

The entire process was very quick. After a few questions and tests that confirmed Zhao Lifei was in fact, AB negative, they disinfected the area, prepped Zhao Lifei and began to extract the blood.

After two pints of blood, one of the nurses pulled out the needle and placed it onto the cart. "Alright, you're all good to go." The nurse smiled.

Zhao Lifei stood up to bid the nurse goodbye, but she felt drowsy. The world seemed to sway from side to side and her vision was beginning to blur.

"Feifei, are you alright?" Yang Ruqin frowned. Her eyebrows were knitted together in worry.

"I-I'm fine." Zhao Lifei lied, her voice coming out tired and weak.

The nurse quickly realized the situation. They had taken too much blood out of her!

"Here ma'am, have some green juice and apple slices from the hospital cafeteria. It'll help with your drowsy state." The nurse handed her a glass of green liquid and a plate of apples.

"Thank you." Zhao Lifei said, taking the food offered to her. She sat back down to quietly munch and drink the juice.

"We'll start the surgery now." The nurse said, wheeling the blood into a different room. After a few minutes, the surgery sign turned on.

Yang Ruqin sat in her chair, nervously nibbling her bottom lips as she patiently waited for the surgery to be over with.

Zhao Lifei noticed how anxious Yang Ruqin was. She was shaking one of her legs and tapping her fingers on her thighs. Knowing it was best to keep Yang Ruqin's thoughts distracted, Zhao Lifei decided to probe and ask questions.

"Mm, Qinqin, you never told me which brother it was. Was it the first or second brother?" Zhao Lifei asked, sipping her juice and eating the fruits.

"Surprisingly, it's Feng-ge..." Yang Ruqin sighed.

'Feng-ge...?' Zhao Lifei felt a light buzz in her head. The name sounded so familiar. Where had she heard it before?

Zhao Lifei had known Yang Ruqin since they were mere babies, but she didn't remember any encounters with Yang Ruqin's older brother, considering he was a bit older than them.

"The reports are claiming it's a car accident, but my parents started a government investigation… They think it's an assassination attempt." Yang Ruqin played with her fingers. Her usual bubbly and energetic voice was soft and quiet.

Zhao Lifei felt her heart clench at Yang Ruqin's state. She leaned closer and pulled her into a sideways hug so that Yang Ruqin was resting her head on Zhao Lifei's shoulders.

"I-I know I shouldn't worry because assassination attempts happen all the time to rich and powerful men. But none of them ever came this close."

Being a multi-billion business tycoon at the young age of twenty-seven, Yang Ruqin's brother had gotten used to all sorts of attacks on him. He was usually prepared, but this time, he had let his guard down.

"W-what if, next time, the assassins succeed?" Yang Ruqin was so shaken at the thought, she could barely speak properly.

Zhao Lifei hugged Yang Ruqin tighter. "Qinqin, that's never going to happen. Your brother has the military and underground network one call away. Whoever did that to him was just lucky he was distracted with a very important contract deal."

"But what if-"

"There's no what if's. Have faith in your brother." Zhao Lifei knew Yang Ruqin was the type to overthink the situation. It was best to shoot her down so that she didn't jump to new conclusions within the span of five seconds.

Just when Zhao Lifei said that, the surgery light flickered off. A doctor and a few nurses walked out of the room. The two immediately stood up. When the doctor bowed low in respect, Yang Ruqin and Zhao Lifei also bowed.

"Doctor, how is he?" Yang Ruqin worriedly asked.

The doctor smiled, "His condition is very stabilized. The surgery was an immense success and he should be awake within 2-3 days."

"You may visit him in the VVIP ward assigned by the hospital's chairman." The doctor nodded toward the nurses who stepped forward as a guide.

The VIP ward was an expensive and impressive feat, but the VVIP ward was something completely different. Only the president, the prime minister, and extremely high ranking military officials could enter the room.

It wasn't something that money or status could buy, but Yang Ruqin's older brother could easily and effortlessly gain entrance.

When they stepped into the room, most people would've been shocked or awed at the grand space. However, Zhao Lifei and Yang Ruqin were famous socialites. They grew up in wealth; nothing ever fazed them.

The nurses were surprised to see their nonchalant and bland expression. Most people, regardless of their wealth or standing, would at least be slightly impressed by the gorgeous room suitable for royalty.

The VVIP hospital ward looked like one of the fancy rooms in the Buckingham Palace, yet these women stood there, completely unfazed!

Yang Ruqin's brother was wheeled into the room and placed on the bed. After having him stabilized and hooked up to the devices, everyone left the room.

Just when the doors clicked shut, Zhao Lifei's phone rang. The name "Wang Nuoli" popped up. Yang Ruqin saw the caller and frowned. "Pick it up, let's see what the Wicked Witch of the West wants."

Zhao Lifei picked up the phone and placed it on speaker. Instantly, the frigid voice of her mother sounded through.

"Well?! Are you coming or not? Why have you been ignoring my texts?!" Once again, Wang Nuoli was at the end of her wits. She had been texting Zhao Lifei the entire day, but had gotten no reply!

"Mother, I was busy and occupied with something important." Zhao Lifei checked her phone and realized it was on 'do not disturb.' When she turned off the setting, 30 texts flooded her phone.

"Busy and occupied?! Your family should come first, you insolent wench!" A vein popped out of Wang Nuoli's forehead.

Yang Ruqin scowled at the woman's tone. There had never been a time where Wang Nuoli spoke nicely to her Feifei, and it was beginning to piss Yang Ruqin off.

"What is your point in calling me? Cut to the chase, mother. I have something urgent on hand." Zhao Lifei glanced at Yang Ruqin's stormy expression.

"Inpatient brat, I haven't started my lecture yet—"

"Your lecture is ten years too late." Zhao Lifei sniped, her words as sharp as a blade.

Wang Nuoli breathed in deeply. She calmed herself down and reminded herself that she was talking to Zhao Lifei for the sake of her precious daughter, Zhao Linhua.

"Your beloved sister's birthday is a few days away. Are you coming or not?" Wang Nuoli pestered on.

Suddenly, a plan popped into Yang Ruqin's head.

Zhao Lifie pursed her lips. "I'm not—"

Yang Ruqin snatched her phone, "She's going."

And without waiting for Wang Nuoli's reply, Yang Ruqin hung up. Zhao Lifei gasped. She could not believe Qinqin just did that to her! Was Yang Ruqin out of her mind? Did she forget to take her medicine this morning?!

"Qinqin, are you crazy?! Why are you throwing me into the tiger's den?" Zhao Lifei scowled, angrily crossing her arms.

"Feifei, I wouldn't do that without a bigger plan in mind." Yang Ruqin chuckled, a dark and mischievous smirk forming on her face.

Zhao Lifei's frown deepened. She hated when Yang Ruqin smiled like that because that smile always meant she was up to no good.

"We both know that bastard Zheng Tianyi and the stupid Xia Mengxi would definitely be there since Zhao Linhua was their biggest supporter." Yang Ruqin laid out her plan.

"As much as I hate to say it, Zheng Tianyi's reputation is supreme. There are only a handful of men in this country who can top it. And it just so happens, my outstanding brother with a better surname than the Zheng's, Yang Yulong just happens to be free on the night of Zhao Linhua's birthday!" Yang Ruqin gleefully clapped her hands.

Zhao Lifei frowned. She didn't like where this plan was going...

"I can get Yang Yulong to be your date for her banquet!" Yang Ruqin happily said, her eyes shining at the opportunity of face-slapping Zheng Tianyi.

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