Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 12: Perfect Plan

"Qinqin, there's no way that player would agree." Zhao Lifei sighed.

Everyone knew Yang Yulong was a playboy. He changed women like he changed clothes. Unlike his frigid and aloof brother, Yulong had a very nice and easy going personality.

But despite his happy-go-lucky attitude, he was not a man people should trifle with. When he was upset, the air around him was like a blizzard. He was rarely angry, but when he was, people tended to run faster than they could think.

A murderous expression, a merciless glint, he was the type of man to kill someone with a smile.

Although Yang Yulong was always surrounded by women, he had never taken any of them as partners to banquets, celebrations, anniversaries, or any other public gatherings. He was notorious for having many female friends, but not that many lovers.

Perhaps he didn't like the idea of being tied down by a relationship, but in his lifetime, Yang Yulong had only two lovers and both of their identities were unknown.

He rarely did favors for anyone, even when it came to his own friends and family members. The only person he'd gladly listen to was his older brother because Yang Yulong looked up to him a lot.

"Now, that's where you're wrong, Feifei. My brother might be a hard-head, but he'll listen to me if his beloved brother's life was saved by you." Yang Ruqin chuckled. She knew Yang Yulong's only weakness was their older brother.

"I'll even add in the part where you donated so much blood, you nearly fainted!" Yang Ruqin added on, smiling with glee. Blinded by the desire for success, she thought her plan was practically flawless, and to some extent, it was.

Yang Yulong doted on his sister far more than the eldest brother. Whenever Yang Ruqin threw a tantrum, he was the first to bend to her will and wishes.

"Uhmm I'm unsure about this." Zhao Lifei said. She thought about the glaring flaw of the plan.

Yang Yulong was known to pamper and cater to his younger sister's every whim, but when it came to relationships and women, it was hard to change his mind.

For him to be surrounded by so many beautiful women with various features and backgrounds, yet not bothering to bring any of them as his date, he probably had very important reasons.

Zhao Lifei didn't want to pry and force the man to accompany her.

"What's wrong with my perfect plan?" Yang Ruqin naively asked. She thought nothing could go wrong, yet her precious Feifei doubted her impeccable plan.

"Zheng Tianyi is not the type of man to care who I walk into the banquet with." Zhao Lifei knew better than anyone else that making Zheng Tianyi jealous was practically an impossible dream. The man had everything he ever wanted, what was there to be jealous about? He placed his pride and dreams over reality's harsh truth.

Even if Zhao Lifei's partner was truly of higher class and wealth than him, Zheng Tianyi would be blinded by the delusion of a male lead — that he was perfect in every way.

He would never lament and think any man was higher than him when his head lived in the clouds of illusions that made him think he was already the best man in this country.

"If Xia Mengxi is present, he will see no one else except for her. The world will just become a blur to him." Zhao Lifei added on.

It was true. His eyes always centered on Xia Mengxi and no one else. She was the apple of his eye and when she stepped into the room, everything around her was insignificant. Their love story was truly dreamy and something that walked out of a cliche fairytale. But what could Zhao Lifei say? It was the simple and undeniable truth.

"Besides, I'm over him." Zhao Lifei's determined voice cracked at the end. As much as she wanted to deny the truth, she couldn't. She wanted to convince herself that she was already over him, but a tiny part of her heart painfully ached for him.

It's hard to forget your first love, but it's even harder to forget the man you've grown up and gotten accustomed to.

Growing up, she was preached to by her peers and relatives that she was the perfect partner for him. For a long period of time, she swallowed their lies. The words got to her head and made her delusional.

She thought nothing could come in between their love when in reality it was completely one-sided. Zhao Lifei had to learn this lesson the hard way.

And in order to prevent herself from ever experiencing such a painful experience, she placed high and unbreakable walls around her heart — forever locking it away.

"Fine, we'll ignore that despicable Zheng. Let's focus on something else, like face slapping Linhua and your birth-givers! Make them regret abandoning you!" Yang Ruqin jumped onto the next train of boosting Zhao Lifei's rank into the air.

Her eyes shined at the opportunity of ruining the lives of people that once tried to ruin her precious Feifei's life. What her own family did to her was beyond cruel; how could blood be so thin to them?

Zhao Lifei didn't reply. She hugged her stomach and thought about it Qinqin's words.

While Zhao Lifei was lost in thought, Yang Ruqin pulled out her phone.

Zhao Lifei didn't pay any attention to her because she thought Ruqin was scrolling through her designer contact book in search of a dress.

But then she noticed Yang Ruqin furiously texting someone with a mischievous and evil glint in her eyes.

Zhao Lifei squinted and nearly gasped at the contact of the person.

"You didn't-"

"Oh yes, I did!" Yang Ruqin happily sang her sentence.

"You brat! You really texted your brother!" Zhao Lifei hissed in anger.

How could Qinqin go behind her back to scheme a plan right in front of her?

Why didn't she take into consideration that Zhao Lifei didn't want to go through with the plan?!

Yang Ruqin giggled, barely hiding her bright smile. "One day you'll thank me for this amazing opportunity!" She gleefully clapped her hands.

"Or one day you'll wake up underwater in Cuba." Zhao Lifei muttered, angrily crossing her arms.

Suddenly, a ding went off, and Yang Ruqin pulled out her phone.

She squealed at the message, her loud pitch nearly deafening Zhao Lifei.

"Feifei, he said sure!" Yang Ruqin laughed, happily clapping her hands again. She resembled an adorable seal that got its wish.

"There's no way he actually accepted the request-" Zhao Lifei gasped in disbelief.

"But he did!" Yang Ruqin happily sang, placing the phone in front of Zhao Lifei's face.

In a bright green text bubble, it read, "Sure, I don't mind."

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