Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 21: Please Have Mercy

Yang Ruqin stood frozen with shock. On one hand, she was extremely satisfied with what had just happened. No one has ever shamed or did something so unexpected to the great Yang Feng and she did it without flinching!

'That's my Feifei for you!' Yang Ruqin proudly thought in her head. Her excitement died down when she realized how much trouble Zhao Lifei would be in.

She snuck a glance at her brother's expression. Instead of sheer hatred or a thirst for blood, his expression was just...blank.

Yang Feng sat on his hospital bed, completely baffled by what just happened. He stared at the bills on the floor and on his bed.

He frowned. It was clear she didn't want or lack money. How foolish of him to think a well-dressed woman like her would have such boring motives.

Being thrown money at, hah! This was something that has never happened to him before. For some odd reason, he found it amusing. That Zhao Lifei was really interesting...

When the edge of his lips pulled into a smirk, his eyes flashing with mirth, Yang Ruqin stared at her brother like he had grown three heads. Was he crazy? Did he actually enjoy that?

She was surprised when he let out a smooth, low chuckle.

"That daring woman, what was her name again?" He questioned the nervous Yang Ruqin. He already knew everything about her, but wanted to tease and scare Yang Ruqin for handcuffing him to the bed. Seriously, what type of little sister does that?

She stared at his evil expression, an uneasy feeling growing in her stomach. His eyes were glowing with mischief and that was beginning to scare Yang Ruqin.

Yang Ruqin gulped at his dark expression. She knew it all too well. He had that face when he wanted to ruin someone.

"Brother, she's my closest friend. Don't hurt her. She's already experienced enough problems in her life." Yang Ruqin pleaded, walking to him and clasping her hand over his. She always did that whenever she wanted something from him, and though it rarely worked, it was better than standing there and begging him.

"You have plenty of other friends." Yang Feng coldly answered, showing no remorse for her position in Yang Ruqin's life.

"Feifei and I have known each other since our diaper years! Remember the little girl that used to run in our house, that was Feifei!" Yang Ruqin was frustrated at his lack of empathy.

"Remember how she used to cling to you? She was the one that always brought you tea, even though her hand would be scalded by it because she wasn't good at handling a teacup." Yang Ruqin rambled on, completely unaware of the intrigued expression on his face.

'The one that brought me tea?' Yang Feng did remember an adorable girl with twin buns following after him. She ran after him even when he told her to go away, but eventually she grew on him. And then, when he left to study abroad, she was suddenly gone.

Yang Feng's expression darkened when he remembered what his parents told him. He was only gone for two years, and she suddenly became attached to some other boy, whose name was none other than Zheng Tianyi.

"Where does she live?" Yang Feng's question startled and terrified Yang Ruqin who immediately shook her head no.

"B-brother please have mercy on her, don't do anything rash." Yang Ruqin's lips wobbled in fear. It had taken two long years for Zhao Lifei to get back onto her feet if she experienced another humiliation and crackdown, Yang Ruqin wasn't sure if she would ever recover.

Because Yang Ruqin was standing so close to him, he could see the hairpins in her hair. He surprised her when he reached up to take one out and within five seconds, his handcuff was unlocked.

"Hey! You can't do that!" Yang Ruqin scowled, hating herself for wearing her hair in a bun today. If it wasn't for these damn hairpins, he wouldn't have been able to escape the handcuffs. Besides, where did he even learn and master that skill?!

"I can do whatever I want." He talked to Yang Ruqin as if she was a stubborn brat.

She childishly stomped the floor and debated the idea of throwing a slipper at him. But she didn't have a death wish...but the white slipper on the floor looked really inviting.

"Don't even think about it." He didn't even have to look at her to know what she was planning. He grabbed his phone from his suit pocket and texted someone.

He took pulled out the IV drip on his hand, put on his coat, and slipped the phone into it.

"You can't leave yet!" Yang Ruqin huffed, but she knew she couldn't stop him regardless of what she did or say.

"Really, you can't!" She whined, grabbing his arm and tugging him back to the bed.

"Don't try to stop me. I've rested long enough." Yang Feng gently brushed her hand off and walked out o the door. His men, the people guarding the door, wordlessly followed after him.

Yang Ruqin scowled and followed him into the elevator. Parked in front of the hospital was a polished black Maybach that was waiting for them. Right behind it was Yang Ruqin's personal car.

"Drive her back to the main mansion. She needs to clear her head." Yang Feng directed her driver before climbing into his own car.

Yang Ruqin's mouth fell to the floor. She couldn't believe he would send her back to the main mansion, she was going to be scolded by her parents for allowing him to leave the hospital!

The driver walked out of the car and opened the door for Yang Ruqin who climbed into the car, fuming and cursing her older brother.

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