Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 22: What's The Worst He Could Do?

Half huffing and half screaming in her head, Yang Ruqin called Zhao Lifei to prepare her for the wrath of her brother.

"Feifei! Watch out, don't leave your house for at least a week! My brother has stormed his way out of the hospital, he will make his move soon!" Yang Ruqin wailed into the phone, her voice riddled with emotions.

Zhao Lifei raised her brow. She was surprised at Ruqin's frantic voice, but figured it was because she was worried for her.

"Why should I watch out for him?" Zhao Lifei asked, stepping into her apartment and locking the doors behind her.

"Well, when he left, he seemed abnormally calm. That phrase, 'the calm before the storm,' it totally suits my brother! The calmer he is, the more frightening he is! What if he tries to ruin and harm you? I can fend off the other bad guys, but I cannot stop my brother from making his move." Yang Ruqin almost cried out in frustration.

She felt incredibly useless that she couldn't stop her brother's rampage. No one can, not even her parents or Yang Elder could restrain him.

Zhao Lifei thought about Yang Feng's dangerous reputation. On the surface, he was a top-notch businessman whose company was worth billions.

Sweeping the hotel, corporate, and merchandise world by storm, he was an unbeatable tycoon. Any business deal or contract he signed would always succeed without fail. It was scary how accurate he was when it came to predictions.

"I hope you let him know I won't go down without a fight." For safety measures, Zhao Lifei walked to her private safe. It was tucked and hidden in her walk-in-closet. Unlocking the bullet-proof container, she pulled out her long array of weapons.

Yang Ruqin nearly swooned at her words. That's my girl! Don't be scared of the Demon King! At most, he'll gobble you up...wait, that's bad too.

"I didn't tell him your address by he texted that Ice King Secretary of his so he's probably already tracked you down!" Yang Ruqin nervously tapped her fingers on her thigh. Yang Feng's resources were top-notch, he could track and find someone within seconds of his command.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. What's the worst he could do? Kill me for throwing money at him?" Zhao Lifei joked, picking up a small and easily concealable gun. She ran her finger over the cool, black material of her latest collection.

Yang Ruqin swallowed. He could arranged Zhao Lifei to be killed and make it could like an accident. She had seen it done before...

"U-uhm its best to not joke with the truth...Ah...haha...ha." Yang Ruqin nervously laughed, her eyes jumping around the car.

Zhao Lifei raised her brow. He was really going to kill her for throwing money at him? How petty!

"Well, don't you have a lovely brother." Zhao Lifei sighed at how childish he seemed.

Yang Ruqin thought about her words. "He's not that bad,'s just, he's hard to understand." She leaned her cheeks on her propped up arm and stared out the window.

"Try to not worry too much about the issue, okay? Why do I feel like you're more worried than I am." Zhao Lifei dryly said, as she picked up a gun and placed it near the entrance of her condo for safety measures.

"Alright, I'll try to not overthink." Yang Ruqin had a glum expression on her face. On one hand, she was really glad her Feifei wasn't scared of her brother. But on the other hand, she wished Zhao Lifei was more cautious over things like this.

How come she doesn't treasure her life...?

"I'll talk to you later okay? I haven't ate much the entire day."

"Mm, alright. I might not be able to pick up the call because of my parent's scolding, but I will definitely call you back tomorrow." Yang Ruqin was the first to end the call.

Zhao Lifei didn't overthink about the issue at hand. She pulled out some ingredients to cook herself lunch. She turned on the TV and listened to the background sound of the news reporter. When she heard about Xia Mengxi being hospitalized, she quickly switched the channel to something else.

After cooking and eating, Zhao Lifei realized her schedule was practically empty for the day. So she got to work on her piano and began to practice again. Her slender fingers glided over the keys and soon, she created a one-woman symphony.

She spend the entire day practicing none stop, until the sun disappeared behind the clouds, and the moon shined through. The moonlight created a serene glow around her tiny shoulders, as her fingers danced over the keys.

Eyes closed, fingers sore, she soon fell asleep. A peaceful expression on her face, she wasn't prepared for the surprise that would end up at her doorsteps tomorrow morning.

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