Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 26: Gift War

When Yang Feng received word that there was a suspicious, yet overpriced car in his private garage at the Yang Enterprise, he was surprised. He didn't expect Zhao Lifei's connections to be so tight to the point of where she could buy him a highly sought after car within the span of one hour.

Stepping out of the private elevator, he laughed to himself. It seemed he had truly underestimated his opponent.

He stared at the sleek and beautiful midnight black car that seemed to shine underneath the light. With a 16-cylinder engine, 1,500 horsepower and six exhaust pipes, this was the car of every man's dream.

The price of this car was worth four times the necklace that he had gifted her. Stepping forward, he ran a hand over the polished metal.

It seemed she had accepted his declaration for war. To be exact, a gift war. He wondered how far she was willing to go in this little game of theirs...

After receiving the car, Yang Feng gifted Zhao Lifei a set of matching earrings to go with her sapphire and diamond necklace. The earrings didn't come in pairs, so he had to spend additional to get the other part of the earring.

When Zhao Lifei received the gift, she sent back an entire box of cuff links. Each cuff link was made from the finest quality of materials ranging from meteor rocks to blue diamonds worth a couple million per carat.

And when Yang Feng received her gift, he chuckled and brought her two hundred roses and a whopping four-floor apartment condo that was in an extremely reputable neighborhood that was located very close to his home.

Zhao Lifei was pissed at the messy gift which invaded half of her enormous living room. It took at least five cleaners to get rid of all of the roses. Not wanting to waste the beautiful flower that came in a bundle of red, white, yellow, pink, and blue, she gifted it to her team of cleaners.

She was glad her bank account was loaded with the money she made from her investment company and the money she saved up from working as Zheng Tianyi's double. When she signed his contracts worth millions and sometimes even billions, she had pocketed 15% of the profits without his knowledge.

Zhao Moyao had advised her to do so. A part of him already expected the outcome of a forced marriage contract like theirs. He had witnessed many messy outbreaks in marriages, but he didn't expect his granddaughter to suffer the harshest ends of it...

Brushing the thought of money aside, Zhao Lifei picked up her phone to buy him a yacht that would rival his gifts.

She made a mental note to begin returning all of his gifts or even reselling it to make more money.

She didn't like the idea of accepting his expensive gifts and knew he would probably only accept one return.

Zhao Lifei knew she could reuse the money for something better than this petty gift-war.

Just when Zhao Lifei had sent the gift off to him, she received another text. Her heart dropped to her stomach when she saw the text was from Wang Nuoli. It was about the time and location of the banquet.

When she saw the names in the group chat, Zhao Lifei nearly rolled her eyes. Wang Nuoli really had the nerves to add Zhao Moyao into the group! Just how thick was her skin to do something as shameless as that?

The entire Zhao and Wang family knew Zhao Moyao did not care for Zhao Linhua. Out of all of his grandchildren, she was the one who cried and screamed the loudest when she saw Zhao Moyao's scary face.

Growing up pampered, overly loved, and sheltered, it was Zhao Linhua's first time seeing a man with a disapproving expression.

Not only that, but Zhao Moyao was in a particularly bad day and her screams dampened his mood. Ever since them, Zhao Linhua was blacklisted as his granddaughter. He refused to put her in his will, and Wang Nuoli was beyond infuriated when she heard of the news.

But as much as Wang Nuoli detested the truth, she knew she couldn't go against his orders.

"She must've think her plan was flawless..." Zhao Lifei muttered out loud. She knew by sending the text in a group, Zhao Moyao would blatantly know Zhao Lifei was attending the banquet. This would increase the chances of Zhao Moyao going as well.

Within seconds of the text, Zhao Moyao called Zhao Lifei.

"Grandfather," She answered on the first ring.

"The banquet is tomorrow night. I hope you have a dress and a date in mind." Zhao Moyao spoke, forgetting all formalities and going straight to the point.

Zhao Lifei's eyes grew wide. The banquet was tomorrow night? She could've sworn it was next week! Did she move up the date?

Grinding her teeth, she checked her phone and just as Zhao Lifei had expected, the date was moved a week ahead.

She didn't have time to contact a designer or double check with Yang Ruqin that her brother would actually show up. She could've sworn Yang Yulong was out of the country on an important mission.

Zhao Lifei knew she was completely screwed. But she didn't want her grandfather to worry, so she said, "I'm pretty much all set and ready." She nervously said, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear. She paced around her heavily rose-scented living room.

"Are you sure?" Zhao Moyao had heard the uneasiness in her voice.

"Yes, grandfather. Don't worry too much about the banquet. It's not good for your high blood pressure." She quickly answered him. He may be stern and strict, but he was getting older. She only came back into the city, from her long two year departure, because she had heard he collapsed due to high-blood pressure.

Zhao Lifei thought about what Yang Ruqin had told her. "As a matter of fact, I already have a partner. He's someone from the Yang family."

"Which member?" Zhao Moyao questioned, feeling doubtful of her words. If it was the younger one, he would need to get in touch with him. The younger brother may be outgoing, but Zhao Moyoa knew of his flirtatious and womanizing ways. A man like that better keeps his hands off of his granddaughter.

"The younger one." Zhao Lifei bit her bottom lips, unsure of his reaction. She was scared he might be angry at her for choosing someone with a coy reputation, but he surprised her by remaining as calm and collected as usual.

"Is that so..." Zhao Moyao out out a text to Li Xuan. He was preparing an attention security team in case something happened.

Yang Yulong was far too unpredictable. Moreover, he was also worried about Zhao Lifei's safety at the banquet. There would be many socialites gathered there and many of them would be Zheng Tianyi's followers.

"If he doesn't show up, I want you to call me as soon as possible." Zhao Moyao's voice remained warm and inviting, but there was a slight edge to it.

Even if the Yang family was the most powerful in the country, he would not bat an eye on taking a direct hit at Yang Yulong. If they dared to damage his precious granddaughter's reputation, blood would spill.

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