Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 25: Priceless Expression

Yang Feng's scowled at the incredibly tiny box in front of him. It had taken him ten attempts of opening big boxes to small boxes, then to even smaller boxes, and so on just to reach his current state.

He felt his mood drop faster when he saw the prestigious Philippe Patek watch that made the famous Rolex watches seem incredibly cheap.

Sitting in the same material box that he had send Zhao Lifei, was a watch worth twice the price of her CH purse.

Encrusted in tens of three carat diamonds and made from gold, it was a priceless watch worth tens of millions. Made in the early 1950s, the price for it had significantly risen throughout the years, making it one of the most expensive watches in the world.

Chen Gaonan's tablet dinged and he glanced down at it with a frown. "Sir, the private security team has just received a suspicious package without a return address—"

"Tell them to open it."

Chen Gaonan quickly typed a reply to the head of the security team and within seconds, a picture was send back.

"Pass it to me."

Chen Gaonan handed his tablet to Yang Feng.

Yang Feng's eyes flickered with surprise when at what he saw. Within the black box was the purse had gifted to the crazy Zhao Lifei.

When the realization settled into him, he let out a dark chilly chuckle.

Chen Gaonan gulped in fear.

He tried his best to not shiver at the terrifying laughter of the Demon King beginning his murder plot.

"Interesting...very interesting." Yang Feng muttered under his breath. He stood up from his chair. Fire danced within his eyes as the aura around him eluded a desire for blood.

Chen Gaonan nearly cried on the spot. It seemed today would be his death day!

"B-Boss, I will investigate into this situation right away and the culprit will be caught—"

"No need. I already know who it is."

That crazy woman was playing fire with fire...

"Gaonan, go and find the most expensive jewelry you can find." Yang Feng ordered, placing the box into his private drawer.

"Send it to the same address from this morning. And return the bag to that address as well." Yang Feng added on.

Chen Gaonan didn't need to be told twice.

Without asking any questions or dare to voice his opinion, he hastily walked out of the room. An opportunity to be away from his temperamental Boss? Gladly!

When Chen Gaonan left, Yang Feng stared at the enormous window behind his desk.

From so high up, the world looked so small to him. Everything within a 50 mile vicinity and beyond, was owned by him. In this world, there was nothing he couldn't afford or get.

The women threw themselves at him discreetly or purposefully.

Even when the country's most beautiful woman approached him, he didn't flinch or fall in love with her. He wasn't even intrigued in any of them, even when they did all sorts of schemes to catch his attention. He didn't even bat an eye to the women that blatantly showed off their bountiful assets.

Yang Feng frowned when he thought about Zhao Lifei. There was nothing special about her background or appearance, yet he had taken an interest in her.

As he convinced himself she was just like every other woman he knew, his thoughts couldn't help but linger on her face. She wasn't bad looking with her long, silky hair that seemed to sway like the calm waves on a summer morning.

Her eyes were incredibly clear, so much that he could see everything within it. No malice. No hatred. No hidden motives, all of her moves and emotions were genuine. He thought she was those boring and weak women that liked to play the white lotus, but she was completely different.

Standing tall, shoulders back, and eyes firm, she had the charisma of a strong and independent woman, something Yang Feng admired.

"Fool." He said to himself when he realized he had just admitted the good qualities in Zhao Lifei. To him, she was a crazy and impulsive woman. Why was he thinking so much about her?

- - - - -

When Zhao Lifei finished cooking her lunch, a door bell rang. She sighed and placed down her chopsticks. She tapped the screen besides her door to see who was outside, but frowned when she saw it was no one.

That's strange...

She reached for the nearest pepper spray bottle and opened her door to look left and then right of her hallway. There was no one there.

Just when she was about to close the door, a box caught her attention.

She scowled.

Did he seriously use the same trick she used on him?

Zhao Lifei picked up the box and then closed the door behind her. She placed the box onto the ground and opened it.

When the beautiful sapphire and diamond necklace came into display, Zhao Lifei resisted the urge to roll her eyes. The box also contained the same purse she had returned this morning.

She picked up the white note that was below it.

'Two can play the game.' -YF

At the message on the white card, Zhao Lifei couldn't help but laugh. A game? Did he think she was the player when she was the coach?

Sometimes Zhao Lifei was glad for the connections she got as the future "Madam Zheng." Many people would flock to her, eager to please and help her. Everyone knew she was the fiancee of Zheng Tianyi, but none of them knew she was the one that fulfilled Zheng Tianyi's role as CEO. When she signed his projects, proposals, went to banquets in his stead, she had gained many high-profiled business cards that came in handy.

Despite losing her position and title, Zhao Lifei was still acquainted with a handful of people that seemed to like her more now that she was completely single. She remembered Ruqin teasing her about it, saying it was because they knew the role besides her was empty, so it was easier for her to fall in love with them.

Zhao Lifei placed the white note card into the box and grab her phone to text a highly profiled CEO who managed the car industries.

She couldn't help but let out a light laughter. He really knew how to play the game. He gifted her a purse, she gifted him a watch twice the amount, so he gifted her a necklace three time the amount. This time, she would give him a gift four times the amount.

After texting the man and wiring him the money, Zhao Lifei went back to eating her lunch. Right when she placed her chopsticks down, she got a text.

Glancing down at the photo of a gold and platinum coated car with diamond rim lights, she smirked.

She typed a few things into her phone and soon, the car was send straight into Yang Feng's private garage.

After receiving the confirmation that it would be delivered in one hour, Zhao Lifei went to her couch and turned on the TV. She lazily browsed through the channels, until something caught her eye. It was talking about the designer that Zheng Tianyi had picked for Xia Mengxi, in regards to the dress she would be wearing to the famous Zhao Linhua's birthday banquet.

Not wanting to see Xia Mengxi or even Zheng Tianyi, Zhao Lifei switched to another channel, but she caught a small glimpse of the sapphire dress that Xia Mengxi would wear.

She let out a tired sigh and flipped through the wide variety of channels. She thought about how Yang Feng's face would look like when he sees the car. It would've been priceless!

"I would pay a lot of money to see that expression." She said to no one in particular.

Zhao Lifei was so bored with the channels, she thought about going to Yang Enterprise to personally see his reaction. She even contemplated the idea of bringing popcorn! But alas, she decided against the idea, knowing it would be too ridiculous and random if she suddenly showed up at his work place.

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