Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 10: Total Absence of Justice

Chapter 10: Total Absence of Justice

Chu Mo once again flew through the upper sky without enough time to say goodbye to his grandfather.

But his mind was very clear. Zhao Hongzhi wouldn’t dare cause trouble for his grandfather after being intimidated by the Demon Lord.

Even if his grandfather went to war, Zhao Hongzhi needed to send disciples to secretly protect him.

Because the Demon Lord said, even if Chu Mo’s grandfather died on the battlefield, it would count as Zhao Hongzhi’s head.

Chu Mo couldn’t help but admire the Demon Lord’s methods. They were truly clever.

It seems that the phrase ‘evil people reap even greater evil than they sow’ is completely true.

The Demon Lord carried Chu Mo along the flight. They faced the setting sun in the west, and flew three days in a row.

When they started, Chu Mo could roughly guess their location and bearings, but after a day, he was completely dazed.

He had no idea where they were.

At last, the Demon Lord stopped at the base of a vast mountain range.

Soon after, the two had stopped above a lush mountain.

Chu Mo saw while he was in the air that the mountain’s circumference was tens of thousands of miles!

Mountains continuously moved up and down as far as the eye could see. They couldn’t see the end even though they were high up in the sky.

He had never even heard before that the world has this set of mountains.

Furthermore they were located within the heart of the mountains.

After the Demon Lord set down Chu Mo, he pulled out a saw, an axe, a hammer, and other carpentry tools from an unknown location. He also pulled out some flint and some household goods like rice.

He casually threw it at Chu Mo: “Go, build yourself a log cabin.”

“Master, where did you get this things from?” Chu Mo curiously looked at the Demon Lord.

“Why so many questions?” the Demon Lord coldly retorted, then, his image flashed, and he unexpectedly faded away.

“Master where did you go?” Chu Mo couldn’t help but feel somewhat flustered seeing the Demon Lord leave.

Deep within the dense mountain forest, only heaven knows what ferocious mountain beasts are inside.

It should be noted that by growing up within the military he was quite capable.

But he didn’t have the slightest bit of experience with building a log cabin.

“Master……master……how do I build a log cabin?”

Chu Mo threw out his voice by loudly yelling.

The sound transferred very far away, and it echoed through the mountain range.

The Demon Lord’s voice transferred over from some unknown place far away: “Do whatever you want. Just live!”

“I……” Chu Mo truly was at a loss for words this time.

I have to cast my lot with this kind of master, but what is the alternative?

Looking at the common carpentry tools, Chu Mo’s mouth sharply twitched, and he couldn’t help but mutter: “Where did he get all this? Don’t tell me master used to be a carpenter?”

There were towering trees everywhere on the lush mountain.

Chu Mo almost had enough materials without moving a step.

Then, thanks to the expert teacher of Chu Mo, he clumsily started his carpentry career.

The first day, several types of trees were cleared down.

But he was completely clueless on what to do next.

He used a large portion of the second day to clumsily set up a triangular shack. It was blown down due to a large rain and wind.

Luckily Chu Mo found a mountain cave right before the rainstorm, otherwise his rice and other food would have been soaked.

Chu Mo sat inside the dark cave, blankly looking at the hideous mess of a shack. With a dejected look, he unconsciously fell asleep.

He wasn’t in the mood at all to eat dinner.

The third day, early in the morning, and sunny, the mountain dew dispersed, and the mountain air was extremely fresh.

Chu Mo crawled out of the mountain cave in a daze, yet he discovered an extremely beautiful log cabin before him.

Although it wasn’t big, several people could live inside of it.

Chu Mo rubbed his eyes, not daring to believe what he saw.

Then, he saw the Demon Lord sitting at the entryway holding an enormous beast he had never seen before.

“Mas……master, did you build this?” Chu Mo asked in disbelief.

“Humph, are you just as stupid as other people? You built such a crappy log cabin!” The Demon Lord coldly replied, then asked: “Can you cook?”

“Chu Mo nodded: “Yes!”

“Hungry?” The Demon Lord swept his eyes across Chu Mo: “I hate liars!”

“I’m didn’t lie!” Chu Mo angrily said: “I grew up in the military. Grandpa placed let me work the kitchens before each battle so I learned to cook at an early age!”

“Moreover, my cooking skill is quite strong!”

“Ah.” The Demon Lord plainly responded: “Go cook this meat.”

“Furthermore, I’m going to teach you a chant. After making the food you must recite it from memory. I will test you.”

Finished speaking, the Demon Lord recited a chant.

The chant was shaky and hard to pronounce. Although it had three hundred words, there were several that Chu Mo had never even heard before.

He didn’t know how the write them, and he completely didn’t know their meaning.

But the Demon Lord abruptly shut his mouth and turned into the log cabin after he finished speaking.

“This room is mine. You cannot enter without my permission. The kitchen is over there.”

The Demon Lord spoke, and then the door rattled and closed shut.

Leaving Chu Mo behind, facing an enormous beast corpse, looking silly.

Cooking food……this naturally isn’t a problem.

But that chant…..he couldn’t even remember thirty words!

And master unexpectedly said there would be a test after cooking food……

He cannot be so excessive!

Chu Mo rushed to the Demon Lord’s room and asked: “Master……could you say one more time? So many words, I don’t know what they mean, and I can’t write them!!”

The Demon Lord’s house was extremely quiet without a single sound.

There wasn’t any sound no matter how Chu Mo yelled.

Chu Mo angered. He simply walked straight forward thinking to push the door open and enter.

But he felt an invisible wall right as he approached the door that shot him backwards.

Chu Mo looked like a complete fool feeling the defense. He just yelled for a long time, yet the Demon Lord probably didn’t hear anything.

Or he just didn’t feel like listening!

Chu Mo stayed a long time, then finally muttered: “Humph, don’t speak, I’ll slowly recall myself! I still don’t trust!”

Then, Chu Mo made food while continually trying to remember the Demon Lord’s chant.

Able to be favored by the Demon Lord at a glance, Chu Mo’s natural ability doesn’t need to be said. His spiritual nature is also sufficient.

He deftly handled the meat, and after washing he started the pot.

He couldn’t help but admire the Demon Lord’s ability. He created a perfect log cabin overnight.

There was every type of seasoning one could imagine inside the kitchen.

Chu Mu very curiously wondered where his master got all of these things. Don’t tell me he has a storage ring like the legends?

“Could this world really have that type of thing? ” Chu Mo really wanted to ask his master, but he reckoned it was a waste of a question. The Demon Lord certainly wouldn’t answer him.

Quickly, the fragrance started floating out, filling the whole cabin.

Just when the food finished cooking, the Demon Lord’s door slammed open, revealing the Demon Lord’s pale expressionless face.

“Really punctual!” Chu Mo praised in his head.

But the following words of the Demon Lord cracked all of Chu Mo’s good feelings.

“The chant? Can you recite it?”

“I……” Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord’s cold face, silently cursing in his heart: simply not the least be human.

“I only remember the greater half……”

Chu Mo spoke, and then started to recite.

His memory is very formidable, although he stumbled in a few places, but he successfully recited the greater half.

This ability, if placed in the secular world, then he would be counted as a genius in even the elite institutes.

Because the Demon Lord only said it one time from beginning to end, and there were several hard to pronounce and difficult to understand words.

Chu Mo basically didn’t understand!

Under these kinds of conditions, reciting the greater half, even the most strict teachers would want to praise him.

Chu Mo was also a little confident.


The Demon Lord.

Eternally cannot praise.


Chu Mu felt a searing pain on his bottom, then his body unconsciously began to fly.

He smoothly flew through the open window.

He landed on the edge of a mountain spring hundreds of meters away, ruthlessly crashing to the ground.

His butt was almost broken into eight pieces!

The land along the mountain spring was all a soft clay. If it were stone, he would have fallen to his death.

Soon after, two huge barrels flew over and landed next to Chu Mo.

The Demon Lord’s voice sounded in Chu Mo’s ears: “Stupid pig, still proud of yourself? Today’s training is the easiest. I will say it one more time. If you don’t remember, bitter days are before you!”

“Too excessive!” Chu Mo massaged his bottom, and he stood up angrily saying: “You are fundamentally a tormentor! What part of you is a master?”

But the Demon Lord didn’t pay any attention, and the chant once again started.

Chu Mo had a mind to keep complaining, but hearing the chant, he immediately shut up.

Because he had experienced the Demon Lord’s methods……he knew that is one cold-blooded dude.

Before he would die rather than lower his head, but now…….he is already thoroughly in his hands.

The Demon Lord quickly finished the chant.

“Before supper, if you cannot completely recite, you will be beaten. And you won’t eat!

“But you must cook!”

“First fill up the two barrels with water!”

Chu Mo rolled his eyes so hard he nearly fainted.

Feeling there is no way to make it through this day, it is a total absence of justice!

He carried the two barrels of water back to the cabin. He looked around the kitchen, but something smelled funny.

There wasn’t any food that he had made remaining!

Chu Mo’s stubbornness rose, thinking: Don’t give me food to eat? I just won’t eat!

He sat there and started to recite the chant from memory.

Quickly, the sun was in the west, and supper time had arrived.

The Demon Lord once again came out of his room. His face was stiff as a board like before: “Recite for me!”

Chu Mo didn’t look at him and started to recite.

There is no need to say, Going through the provocation of the Demon Lord caused Chu Mo’s memory to unconsciously increase a large amount.

Even Chu Mo felt this.

Three hundred words, this time, only three were wrong!

Truly already about the same as good!


“Do you yourself know how stupid you are?” The Demon Lord coldly snorted, hauled him outside, and gave him another beating.

After the beating finished, apart from the face, Chu Mo’s whole body was practically broken.

“Crawl up and make me food!”

The Demon Lord spat out these words, then turned and went back into his room.

Chu Mo lay on the ground, not wanting to move a muscle, and he muttered through his teeth: “The most strict teacher in the world isn’t even like you…….ouch, you are my master, hisss……he really hurt me!”

[TL: The hisss is more of a sucking in through one’s teeth in pain noise.]

That type of pain directly penetrates the soul, but there were actually no deadly injuries!

Even on the outside it couldn’t be seen.

But the miraculous thing is, in a moment, the pain suddenly disappeared.

Only that feeling, Chu Mo didn’t wish to recall.

Too terrifying!

Chu Mo still couldn’t eat food that night. After he made food for the Demon Lord he rushed right back into his room.

At the same time, he threw him a thick book and a piece of dry flat bread. It is unknown where it came from, quite mysterious.

“This is a dictionary!”


“Later on don’t make excuses for words you don’t know!”

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