Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 11: Passing on the Teaching

Chapter 11: Passing on the Teaching


The door slammed shut.

The glowing pearl inlaid on the walls made the room shine extremely bright.

He looked at the thick ancient book in front of him, and that dry piece of flat bread.

Not knowing why, Chu Mo’s nose suddenly felt a little sobby.

He really couldn’t be mad at this master.

It appeared the cold-hearted actions and deeds had been sealed a little.

But from acquaintances until now, he carefully thought. The Demon Lord has already helped him too much.

Taking him from the ice field to the Immortal Sky saved him over a year’s time, and don’t even mention the countless unknown dangers.

At the Immortal Sky he received the Blood Stopping Palm of Fan Lizi, and the Demon Lord silently saved him.

If it wasn’t for Zhao Hongzhi revealing this matter to his grandfather all pleased with himself.

Chu Mo was afraid he wouldn’t have known in his whole lifetime.

The Demon Lord certainly wouldn’t have taken the initiative to speak about this matter because of his nature.

Then after arriving at Yellow Flame City he saved Chu Mo’s grandfather. He gave Zhao Hongzhi a beating and scared him half to death. Zhao wouldn’t dare come find trouble for grandpa again.

It would appear that this seems he threatens the Demon Lord’s success, but is it truly this way in reality?

Although Chu Mo is a youth, but he is actually very intelligent.

And where could it not be seen. The Demon Lord looks cold hearted and overbearingly tyrannical, but deep down he is truly not a ruthless person.

Just like today, he was beaten twice, and the taste of it was truly painful.

Thinking back he felt unbearable pain.

But it wasn’t that painful afterwards, and he didn’t know how the Demon Lord did it.

The Demon Lord’s nature, although it doesn’t attract love, but it is hard to hate him.

Chu Mo lifted up the thick ancient book, and he started to seriously study.

Day after day passed like this.

The Demon Lord threw out a chant, with more kinds as well as more and more difficult ones.

Therefore, even though Chu Mo quickly learned all of the words in the thick book, he still took a beating every day.

The stronger Chu Mo’s memory became, the more and more severe the Demon Lord’s requirements became. They were even a little strange.

The musical scale is a little wrong……another beating!

Over time, Chu Mo got used to being beaten. In the beginning he could curse two times, then lie on the ground waiting to die.

But later on, if he didn’t get beaten for two days in a row, he started to feel something was missing.

He started to feel like cheap leather.

His body became increasingly strong. Although his Yuan Qi seemed to not have any progress, the Essence, Energy, and Spirit seemed to be like a completely different person when compared to the past.

[TL: 精氣神 Are three Chinese terms used in Daoism. I’ve translated them as “Essence, Energy, and Spirit.” If you would like to read more about it go here.]

Chu Mo was even a little suspicious. Could his current state be due to taking beatings?

He guessed this, but he didn’t dare ask in fear of the Demon Lord’s beatings becoming even more violent.

The Demon Lord still has a harsh appearance, a face strangers wouldn’t go near, and acquaintances……also gives an expression of don’t come near me.

He would go out hunting every couple of days and bring back a ferocious beast that Chu Mo had never seen before.

Chu Mo was even a little suspicious. These ferocious Beasts, are they the legendary Yuan beasts?

Because their skin was especially hard. Using his level two peak Yuan Qi and a sharp knife, it was still difficult to cut open several of them!

At the same time, Chu Mo also discovered a strange phenomenon. There wasn’t any blood in the bodies of the fierce beasts the Demon Lord brought back.

At last one day, Chu Mo couldn’t help but ask.

“Master, you hunt and bring back these ferocious beasts, how could they all be blood drained?”

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo, contrarily to coldly saying like he did in the past: What does it have to do with you?

He actually was silent a moment, then plainly said: “Master……won’t live long.”

“I wanted to find a talented……plausible person to pass on my legacy.”

“I cannot allow the legacy of this sect discontinue in my hands.”

“My body is severely poisoned. In this world……there is no medicine that can cure my poison.”

“But the blood of high level Yuan beasts can temporarily suppress it.”

“It lets me slowly die. I have enough time to pass on some things to you.”

The Demon Lord spoke this things with an extremely tranquil face. Not even a trace of sadness showed from his face.

Chu Mo felt uncomparable pain in his heart.

Although he always suspected the master’s health wasn’t too sturdy.

For instance his face is too white, different than ordinary people.

For instance the Demon Lord unreasonably took him away from Yellow Flame City without even giving him an opportunity to say goodbye to grandfather.

For instance his strict severe requirements approaching abnormality to Chu Mo. Every day making him recite from memory a large amount of unknown chants.

But yet he never thought the truth is like this!

No wonder he is so anxious, not giving him a chance to say goodbye to grandfather. It is because of the poison in his body. It is already uncontrollable, and he must find Yuan beast blood to suppress it.

But even like this, he still helped scare off Zhao Hongzhi……

Chu Mo suddenly felt he was extremely naive, feeling he had an extremely deep misunderstanding towards his master.

His master could serenely and calmly face death, but he cannot!

Because he unknowingly already placed master as his closest person.

“Master……sorry!” Chu Mo’s voice choked.

“I always felt……”

The Demon Lord stared and coldly said: “Recite!”

“The chant I asked you thirteen days ago. What is the third word in the second paragraph?”

“Ah?” Chu Mo was immediately shocked, with a dumbstruck expression.

Without waiting for him to carefully recollect, the Demon Lord sent a kick flying, giving another fat beating.

Then he floated away without a trace.

“Ouch……must not provoke, hisss……My butt, it’s all split up!”

“Pains me to death!”

“Truly……no human emotions, no humanity, a face uglier than a log cabin……hiss”

This time the Demon Lord was gone a full eight days!

This time he returned, his face was tired, and he was empty handed.

Chu Mo, who had gotten used to master carrying back a Yuan beast every time, stared blankly for a long time. Finally he couldn’t help but ask: “Master……the prey? Is it in your storage ring?”

The Demon Lord’s mouth slightly twitched, and the dully said: “What storage ring? The Yuan beasts within thousands of miles have all been killed by me. The remaining worth considering have all fled.”

“A circumference of several thousand miles?” Chu Mo asked startled: “It seems you only hunted a couple dozen nothing more?”

“Do you think Yuan beasts are hogs? They can be found everywhere?” The Demon Lord swept his eyes at Chu Mo: “Having two Yuan beasts within a hundred miles is considered a lot!”

“Then……you said, Master you……without Yuan beast blood, suppressing the severe poison?” Chu Mo carefully asked.

The Demon Lord calmly nodded: “The so-called suppression is only momentary. There is no way to completely cure. Anyways you quickly graduated.”

“Gra……graduated?” Chu Mo was shocked: “Master what have I learned? I can’t do anything!”

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “Come over here!”

“You don’t want to beat me again?” Chu Mo was on guard.

“Speak trash again, and I’ll break you!” The Demon Lord had a tiger face.

Chu Mo dilly-dallied over to the Demon Lord.

He was just about to speak, but the Demon Lord suddenly pointed a finger directly at his forehead.


An overwhelming force directly surged into Chu Mo’s mind.

Chu Mo fainted on the spot.


Chu Mo had a very long dream. He saw himself study countless first-rate practices, then he became unequal under heaven.

Roaming far and wide regarding the four corners of the world as home, being noble everywhere.

Hitting every small shameless person inside the Immortal Sky until they piss their pants in terror.

Just when he was pleased with himself, he saw the pale face of the Demon Lord appearing right in front of him.

“Master!” Chu Mo affectionately yelled, welcoming him.

But the Demon Lord’s body burst open in front of Chu Mo, tearing apart!



Chu Mo grieved like mad. He let out an earth-shattering roar. His whole person was like a mad demon.

At this time, he woke.

Chu Mo’s face was full of tears. He saw the exhausted face of the Demon Lord strangely looking at him.


“You are still alive, so good, so good, extremely good!”

“Master tell me. Your poison, what kind of medicine do you need to cure it? Your disciple will bear heaven and hell to give it to you!”

“Even if the medicine is in the herb garden of the Immortal Sky, your disciple will remove the Immortal Sky and rush back to you!”

Chu Mo said with his face streaming in tears.


The Demon Lord stared at Chu Mo, then turned, returning to his room.

Chu Mo didn’t know if it was a delusion, but master seemed to be extremely weak. Even his footsteps seemed unsteady!

Before now this was simply an impossible thing.

Chu Mo sat down and wiped the tears on his face. He settled down in a moment and made his feelings recover tranquility.

But he secretly swore in his heart: Master, perhaps you feel your disciple doesn’t have that ability. Yes, I am currently weak.

But no matter how much I have to pay, I only have to find a medicine to cure you. Your disciple will certainly pay any cost. I will obtain it!

Even if……the whole word becomes an enemy!

At this time, all of a sudden Chu Mo felt countless things within his mind.

These things appeared out of thin air within his head, but it didn’t feel the least bit sudden or abrupt.

Several things would emerge with just a thought.

Incomparably clear!

Incomparably deep!

But the startling thing is, the unexpected large majority of things in his brain……they are the various chants he had already learned by heart!

“This……this……what is this?” Chu Mo mumbled.

“This is all I have learned! Our master sect teachings have been completely passed down!” It is unknown at what time the Demon Lord came out of his room.

Looking at Chu Mo he plainly said: “In fact, from the beginning, I could have used this method to make you remember everything.”

“……” Chu Mo stared with big eyes at the Demon Lord.

Although master looked extremely weak at this time, causing him to feel bad, but hearing these words still made Chu Mo have a bone tickling feeling.

“Breaking my emotions……it was all meaningless. From the beginning you could have not beaten me right?”

The Demon Lord calmly nodded: “Quite right.”

“I……” Chu Mo tied up his anger. Thinking of the beatings he suffered, even now he still had lingering fear.

This insane master unexpectedly told him in the end. Those beatings, they are actually not necessary!

“Like this you will remember them more firmly, and be fairly solid.” The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo with a logical expression and said: “Go make food. I hunger!”

Chu Mo wanted to say something, but he discovered the master’s body suddenly start to sway. He used a hand to hold onto the door frame, but he didn’t fall down.

“Master!” Chu Mo immediately cried out in alarm and rushed over.

The Demon Lord stared, and a terrifying breath exploded out from his body: “Stop!”

“I don’t need your pity!”

“You are only a person I found to pass on my legacy!”

“Do not pity me!”

“Inside my room……there is a teaching named…… ‘Heaven’s Will My Will.’ If you practice that teaching, the clear things in your head……those chants, they can be done!”

The Demon Lord spoke with great effort. He had to gasp for a long time with each sentence.

But his imposing manner was yet matchless without compare!

“I……already have no regrets, going back……bury me here……”

“Dust returns to dust, earth returns to earth, nothing more……nothing more!”

The Demon Lord spoke and the breath exploded out from his body, then he began to sway.

The hand holding the door frame loosened, a rattling noise, falling to the floor.


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