Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 9: Respect Master Demon Lord

Chapter 9: Respect Master Demon Lord


The window made of hard rosewood was disintegrated by Zhao Hongzhi.

The old General Fan Wudi, a man that killed on the battlefield without batting an eye couldn’t, couldn’t help but slightly wince.

He felt the pain on behalf of Zhao Hongzhi.

But currently Zhao Hongzhi already felt the pain. The kick of the Demon Lord sent him flying into the heavens, directly out of Yellow Flame City.

Correct, he flew.

Then he crashed several miles outside of the city. His three immortal souls and seven mortal forms were half destroyed.

[TL: The three immortal souls and seven mortal forms are a feature of Daoism. Each person has a Heaven, Earth, and Life soul. At birth the life soul splits into seven chakras creating the seven mortal forms. I don’t know if this will play into the story for cultivation purposes, or if it is just an expression to say he got really beat up. Either way the Chinese audience would be aware of it so non-native readers should be as well.]

Just as the Demon Lord promised Chu Mo, he didn’t kill him. Otherwise, he would kill Zhao Hongzhi repeatedly.

But this time, Zhao Hongzhi is only had half a breath remaining.

It is unknown how much time passed before Zhao Hongzhi finally woke. An uncountable amount of bones were broken from head to toe.

Each slight movement was extremely painful.

He resisted, but a large mouthful of blood sprayed out that contained a large amount of teeth.

A large portion of which were swallowed into his stomach earlier.

He trembled and grabbed out several medicine pills. He swallowed them down, but they only restored a glimmer of strength.

Bit by bit, trembling, he began to connect the broken bones on his body.

The fear in his eyes not only didn’t disperse, but it became even more intense.

“In this world……how could there be such a terrifying cultivator?”

Zhao Hongzhi courage was broken by fear. At this time even thoughts of revenge……completely didn’t appear!

The opponents power already completely exceeded his acknowledgement.

Given that the heads of the Immortal Sky, including those strong level ancestors who have lived for one or two hundred years, he was afraid they didn’t even have this ability.

Looking in the direction of Yellow Flame City, the corners of Zhao Hongzhi’s mouth pulled severely tight. After a long time his heart finally settled down a little bit.

Relying on the Immortal Sky medicine pill strength and his own personal physique was enough.

After resting a moment, he struggled to crawl up, and he staggered along to a far away place.

He didn’t dare stop there. In his mind was only one thought: Go far away from this dreadful place, go far away from that terrifying person!

He sought nothing else apart from this.

Yellow Flame City.

Fan Household.

In old General Fan Wudi’s room.

The old man finally recovered his senses, and in the first moment he dashed to salute the Demon Lord: “Although words cannot thank such a large favor, but this old man must thank my benefactor several times over for saving my life!”

The Demon Lord duly looked at Fan Wudi: “I didn’t do it for you, you should thank……thank your own grandson.”

“Grandpa!” a sound cried out from the roof.

Soon a crashing sound followed. Chu Mo jumped down from the roof and rushed into his grandfather’s room. He immediately knelt on the ground before Fan Wudi. Tears flowed down his face: “Grandpa, I’m sorry. Your grandson is unfilial and gave you trouble. I nearly hurt you……sorry, it is your grandson’s fault!”

Dumbfounded, Fan Wudi stared at Chu Mo suddenly appearing before him.

But the sight of his grandson in perfect health didn’t surprise him. He immediately walked forward and pulled Chu Mo up. His eyes red he said: “Good child, where do you have fault? It is grandpa’s fault. I shouldn’t have saved that animal!”

“One day, this child will personally remove his dog head.” Chu Mo said.

“Clever child, quick come speak with grandpa. All this, how did it happen?” The old man pulled on Chu Mo’s hand, not wanting to let go. He carefully looked Chu Mo over, seeing the child had no wounds and hadn’t lost weight.

Chu Mo didn’t immediately answer the old man. He turned his head to the Demon Lord and slightly smiled: “Thank you!”

This voice of thanks unexpectedly made the Demon Lord feel flattered, because this is the first time the brat expressed thanks to him.

But immediately, the Demon Lord felt cheap. Unexpectedly this little brat could move him with one word of thanks.

With a taut face, he emotionlessly said: “I promised you.”

Fan Wudi’s vision swept back and forth across the Demon Lord and his grandson. He couldn’t understand the relationship between Chu Mo and this black-robed terror.

But the old man clearly knew, this young man in black is extraordinarily strong.

Such a large activity occurred here tonight. This person even sent ungrateful animal Zhao Hongzhi flying out the window with a kick.

None of it was enough to draw a reaction from the battle hardened guards.

This clearly illustrates the man in black’s power. He already completely exceeds the old man’s comprehension.

This type of cultivator, if the grandson can become his disciple……

The old man has a rough streak. For a normal person to suddenly turn the corner from danger to safety, it would take them a moment to settle down. But he already started to plan for his grandson’s future.

Ad this time, The words of Chu Mo were just short of making the old man become frantic.

“Don’t worry, I promised respect you as my master. I absolutely do as I say!”

The Demon Lord’s mouth twitched and he found a chair to sit in. He impatiently said: “If you have words to say with your grandfather save them, just make it quick. Once you are done speaking we are going!”

Fan Wudi wanted to say something, but he listened to Chu Mo’s words: “Grandfather there is no need to worry, we can speak slowly!”

One urged to speak faster, yet one wanted to slowly speak.

The old man’s mouth twitched, unable to speak.

Because he discovered, his own grandson towards this terrifying man in black……isn’t very polite!”

But no matter how he looked, his grandson didn’t seem to suffer a loss.

This made the old man even more curious.

Chu Mo told his grandfather the general outline about encountering the Demon Lord on the ice field.

But he left out the Demon Lord torturing him part. He didn’t want to let his grandfather worry.

He spoke about how the Demon Lord is an expert outside the world, wanting to accept him as a disciple, but he still wanted to enter the Immortal Sky.

The old man sighed, looked at the Demon Lord, and his expression filled with appreciation, then he turned to teach Chu Mo a lesson: “You child, a strong cultivator like this wants to take you as a disciple, and you still refuse……”

Chu Mo scratched his head and said: “Your grandson’s thoughts at that time, it was only to enter the Immortal Sky, who could have thought……ah!”

Chu Mo continued, and he told his encounter at the Immortal Sky in fine detail.

He also didn’t put out the information on the Demon Lord sealing his ability and meridians.

The old man enraged, slapped the table, and stood up shouting: “Zhao Hongzhi that animal! Simply unbelievably shameless!”

Chu Mo looked at his grandfather and said: “You ought to know, he is an animal.”

“That’s enraging!”

“I never thought, my actions could almost harm my grandson!”

“What upright sect…..what number one under the sky?”

“Simply too filthy!”

The old man’s chest violently heaved up and down, and he coldly said: “You should know, that Zhao Hongzhi. Do you know why he fears me?”

Chu Mo was very curious about this matter.

Ordinarily for a talent like Zhao Hongzhi to develop in twenty to thirty years, he boundary cannot be too bad.”

How could a grand Immortal Sky disciple be saved by your grandfather?

The Demon Lord also looked at Fan Wudi on the side, but he didn’t say anything.

“The matter is like this. I don’t have to conceal anything for him!”

The old man sighed: “This matter, speaking, it has been already fifteen or sixteen years since that time. I still hadn’t adopted you.”

“At that time I was only a Deputy General. I lead a team of scouts to investigate the enemy.”

“I never thought I would witness a terrifying battle inside a deep mountain forest!”

“Precisely speaking, it was a perfect slaughter!”

The old man’s eyes showed a touch of fear.

“That was the most terrifying attack I’ve ever seen. Do you know what it was?”

Chu Mo said: “Grandpa don’t make me guess, quickly speak!”

The old man laughed and said: “It was the Wind Dragon!”

“What?” Chu Mo’s body rose up. His eyes revealed a shocking disbelieving expression: “Wind Dragon? Isn’t this impossible? Although the Wind Dragon is mighty without a match, but it is very intelligent. It is one of the Mythical Beasts that protectors men. How could it attack people?”

The Demon Lord curled his lips: “You can try and take the egg of a Wind Dragon, would it attack you?”

The old man looked at the Demon Lord a little startled, and then he praised: “You are truly amazing! You guessed the reason in such a short time!”

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched and he said: “Not possible? Zhao Hongzhi……he has the courage to steal a Wind Dragon egg? That is a rank 9 Yuan beast!”

“Furthermore, he is an Immortal Sky disciple, doing this, don’t tell me is is afraid of drawing the wrath of the Immortal Sky?”

Chu Mo spoke, then he recovered and murmured: “I finally understand why he wants to kill you, so it is like this!”

“The scandal was seen by you at that time, and you rescued him……”

The old man bitterly laughed and nodded, then sighed.

Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord, his eyes full of admiration.

Although the Demon Lord didn’t guess what the specific origin was before, but he could analyze a rough estimate.

And now with some facts he could guess so astonishingly well!

The Demon Lord didn’t show any expression of being pleased with himself. He just sat there without any emotion.

Chu Mo said: “Then, you rescued him, helped him recover from his wounds, and promised you wouldn’t tell his secret, right?”

The old man nodded and sighed: “I shouldn’t have saved him!”

“I completely understand!” Chu Mo said: “No wonder Zhao Hongzhi wanted to kill me as soon as he saw me. He was afraid of that secret being revealed!”

“After feeling me out to see if I knew, he forced me to go, and he thought I would certainly die from the Blood Stopping Palm.”

“But he still thought, by refusing me, grandfather would certainly become angered. And he would reveal the scandal!”

“Therefore, he wanted to murder grandfather at the first chance!”

The old man sighed: “I didn’t tell you this thing. I didn’t want to make you think I kept silent for favors.”

“But in the end, I did wrong!”

“When he went to steal the Wind Dragon egg, that is enough to show this person’s character has a huge problem.”

“I superstitiously believed in the gold standard of the Immortal Sky!”

Chu Mo agreed saying: “On the back of the gold standard, it actually has several dirty things!”

The old man looked at Chu Mo, nodded, then said: “Fortunately you encountered this……cough cough……friend.”

The old man didn’t know how to address the black robed man.

Only because the Demon Lord looked too young.

The sharply angled face scarcely left any traces of age. But the pair of eyes, had yet seen great changes, obviously, his age isn’t as young as his face.

The Demon Lord duly said: “Call me Demon Lord.”

“Demon Lord?” The old man’s eyebrows slightly raised, secretly tasting the meaning of these two words in his heart.

He thought again about his grandson’s attitude towards him, and the old man secretly seemed to have a little bit of understanding.

But this old man is hardened. He had seen all kinds of things in his life. Including what had just happened, and he had already thoroughly lost hope in the Immortal Sky.

He let out a hearty laugh: “Friend with a demon name, yet the behaviour is chivalrous! It is a lifetime of blessings for my grandson to encounter a good master like you!”

He said to Chu Mo: “Foolish child, you still haven’t kowtowed to your master!”

Chu Mo was slightly startled, the old man is selling him out……you don’t know this Demon’s terror.

But in the end it is something he promised. He kneeled before the Demon Lord and said: “Disciple Chu Mo appears before master!”

The Demon Lord nodded, then he faced the old man and said: “Say goodbye!”

While speaking, he pulled on Chu Mo’s arm. His image flashed, and he momentarily disappeared!

The old man remained standing there for a long time stupefied. Finally his mouth twitched, and he muttered: “No wonder he is called Demon Lord……he is truly an evil character!”

At this time, the old man suddenly thought of something. He chased outside, but the outside was void of anything.

The guards at the door heard the movement at this time and immediately ran over: “General……why did you come out?”

The old man rolled his eyes and pointed at the window: “The window is broken!”

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