Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 12: Heaven’s Will

Chapter 12: Heaven’s Will

Chu Mo let out a bitter lament. This was completely unexpected……he even hoped master would stand back up and give him a severe beating!

He rushed over.

Chu Mo felt for master’s breath, and he discovered master was slightly breathing. His heart immediately relaxed.

But what should he do now. He was completely out of ideas.

“Master said, he needs to drink Yuan beast blood to temporarily suppress his poison.”

“But right now it is hard to go out and hunt down a Yuan beast……in addition Master just used his finger to channel all of those things into my brain. He must have consumed a lot of energy!”

“It is all my fault, all my fault. If he didn’t care about me having an accident here by myself, master could have gone out much further. He could have found a Yuan beast.”

“Right now I don’t have the strength to hunt those types of strong Yuan beasts. Even if I had the ability, the distant water cannot cure the present thirst.”

“What do I do? What do I do?”

In the end, this thirteen year old youth revealed a weak helpless expression. He saw master had already entered into a deep coma, and tears flowed endlessly.


“Yuan beast blood……”


Chu Mo became somewhat neurotic. He knelt at the Demon Lord’s side mubling words.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

“I don’t have Yuan beast blood, but I have my own blood!”

“But I don’t know how useful……”

“And how much is needed?”

“How do I know without testing?”

Chu Mo muttered to himself. He grabbed a sharp knife, a slash across his wrist, slight pain, then a bloody cut appeared on his wrist.

Fresh red blood gurgled out.

A slightly cold mountain wind blew across Chu Mo’s body, it made him shiver a little bit.

Seeing fresh blood flow out of one’s own body would certainly make them feel afraid.

But Chu Mo his pure eyes only filled with determination.

He aimed his wrist as his master’s mouth. Chu Mo muttered: “Must be useful, certainly must useful! May the heavens bless you!”

Although the Demon Lord was already in a coma, but when the blood flowed into his mouth, he unconsciously made a swallowing action.

At the same time, the Demon Lord’s facial expressions unexpectedly began to slowly relax.

“It is really working!”

Chu Mo almost squealed in excitement.

Chu Mo’s wrist grew a little numb with pain. It was a little dish compared to Chu Mo’s frequent beatings. He practically didn’t feel anything.

The blood continuously flowed into the Demon Lord’s mouth. Chu Mo became somewhat dazed, and he suddenly remembered something.

“Master he……”

“In the end……how much blood does he need?”

“It seems every time……those big Yuan beasts, almost all of their blood was sucked dry……then should I…….also use almost all of my blood?”

“Master saved me, saved my grandfather…….”

“I will give this life to master, it is what I ought to do!”

“I hope he wakens, and doesn’t beat me……”

“But if he beats me, would I even know?”


Chu Mo couldn’t hold out any longer, slamming into the Demon Lord. The blood flowing wrist unconsciously withdrew, and grabbed the piece of jade at his chest.

That is his the deepest, the most intense memory in his heart.

That piece of jade represents his mother.

Blood continued to flow from his wrist, and it quickly soaked Chu Mo’s clothes, catching onto the piece of jade.

Unknowingly, that piece of jade turned red.

Soon following, a strange event suddenly occurred!

The blood, unexpectedly bit by bit, completely seeped into the piece of jade!

The originally pale warm piece of jade, it momentarily changed blood red!

A soft light emitted from the piece of jade, swept across Chu Mo’s wrist, and immediately clotted the blood.

Shortly after, the blood color on the jade gradually waned. Quickly it returned to normal, like nothing had ever happened.

Not a single person saw anything!

After a long time, the Demon Lord stretched open his two eyes. That expressionless face revealed a trace of a self-ridiculing smile.

“In the end I couldn’t defeat that bastard Seven Demon Poison.”

“Death in the end?”

“Hey, that’s fine……”

“Death, it is also a type of freedom!”

“Butterfly, will I soon be able to see you?”

[TL: I chose to translate the name as its literal meaning, Butterfly. This is because the name is ‘Die’ which would be too confusing for English readers.]

Demon Lord spoke, that Chu Mo it seems, he is yet in that cabin and adorably stubborn. Unexpectedly a trace of a soft smile appeared.

Soon after, the Demon Lord’s vision dropped to his own chest. There……a person is laying there.

It is Chu Mo.

At first he was startled, then right after the Demon Lord became furious, and he sat right up. He snatched Chu Mo’s wrist. There’s a bloody cut, there’s blood on the ground.

As well as……

He finally reacted……blood taste in his mouth.

How could the Demon Lord not know what happened?



“Simply a bastard!”

“Extreme bastard!”

“This little son of a bitch infuriates me!”

At this time, Chu Mo slowly woke up. He saw the Demon Lord sitting there cursing.

Chu Mo’s face looked weak, yet he revealed a smile. He started to say: “Master……”

The Demon Lord’s cursing halted.

Then, he somewhat awkwardly looked at Chu Mo

“Master, you are alive…….truly good!” Chu Mo was happy.

“Good my ass!”

The Demon Lord stood up and kicked Chu Mo to the side, then a round of beatings rattled off.

Scolding and beating at the same time.

“Does this master need your sympathy?”

“Does this master need your pity?”

“Does this master need you to come rescue him?”

“You idiot! Are you a pig?”

“Pigs are all smarter than you!”

“This master wants to pass on his legacy, not a blood jar!”

“How much blood to you have?”

“Are you an idiot?”

“Are you special if you die? Where am I going to find another disciple?”

“What face will I have when I go see my ancestors?”

“You idiot!”


Scolding and scolding, the Demon Lord could somewhat scold and punish no more.

Because Chu Mo is smiling!

Chu Mo’s mouth is smiling. Master scolded him more fiercely, yet Chu Mo smiled even happier.

Ever since following the Demon Lord, enduring beatings and scoldings had become a daily thing. It was all somewhat normal.

But every time he endured scoldings and beatings, in the end he wasn’t happy.

But this time, it was the first time Chu Mo felt happy in his heart because of the beatings and scoldings.

The Demon Lord was in a coma. Chu Mo felt like his world was collapsing!

He was an orphan ever since he was young. He didn’t know his parents.

The Demon Lord is the second person Chu Mo felt close to. Chu Mo felt he could rely on him.

The first was Fan Wudi!

His grandfather.

The Demon Lord is different than Fan Wudi. He is cold-hearted, mighty, and overbearing, but almost omnipotent like a god.

In the secular world, the large majority of people will never see a cultivator that can fly before they die.

But Chu Mo, he not only saw one. He became the disciple of one.

What kind of good fortune is this?

Although he never verbally admitted this, but in Chu Mo’s heart, how could he not know?

The Demon Lord was actually really good to Chu Mo apart from the daily beatings and scoldings!

Chu Mo didn’t know the efficiency of the Yuan beast meat after one or two days time, but this much time passed. He also didn’t know how much the Yuan beast meat could increase his strength.

Getting spanked every day, is that not a form of training? It made his meridians and physique increase to the next level!

Chu Mo could present many examples to testify for his master. His expression is ice-cold, but in the Demon Lord’s core, he deeply cares about Chu Mo!

Only the Demon Lord’s methods are completely different than everyone else in the world.

He doesn’t need other people’s approval, and he doesn’t need other’s appreciation. He doesn’t even need other people to know he exists!

Even if this person is his own disciple!

Just like the others he doesn’t need it!

This is an extremely arrogant person!

No one knows, when the Demon Lord fell down, Chu Mo’s heart hesitated.

And no one knows, upon seeing the Demon Lord recovered to normal, Chu Mo became very happy in his heart.

“Master, why aren’t you hitting me anymore?” Chu Mo stared with his big eyes looking at the Demon Lord, and slightly laughing.

“Move to the side!” The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “Trash!”

He turned and left.

Chu Mo was left behind giggling.

This time the Demon Lord left for four days.

As Chu Mo was somewhat worried, the Demon Lord came back carrying a huge python.

Chu Mo was still startled by the enormous python although it was already dead.

The python’s body was as thick as a strong adult man’s leg, over a hundred meters long, and its head had a vermilion colored horn!

“This, this isn’t a python, this is…….scaly dragon?” Chu Mo asked startled.

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “You’re still not a complete idiot!”

Chu Mo had already gotten used to the Demon Lord’s attacks, and he automatically filtered the words he didn’t want to hear.

“Heavens, I unexpectedly get to see this type of thing. This is a rank seven Yuan beast?”

“You can kill rank seven Yuan beasts……too severe!”

Chu Mo held a look of admiration.

The Demon Lord sneered at Chu Mo and thought: This inexperienced thing is really my disciple?

He coldly laughed: “Is killing it difficult?”

“That is, that is, for master, naturally it isn’t difficult. Master is most awesome!” Chu Mo didn’t know how much to sincerely brown nose.

The danger of praising the Demon Lord is extremely high. If he praised too much, nine times out of ten he would get a beating.

“I will clean it!” Chu Mo volunteered. Actually he was very curious about this thing.

The Demon Lord gave Chu Mo a glance: “You? With your current strength, you couldn’t even scrape off a scale. Wait over there.”

“Carefully watch me!”

Chu Mo didn’t obey. He sneered and ran forward.

The Demon Lord ignored him. He focused on cleaning the scaly dragon.

As a result, Chu Mo tried hard for a long time. He gritted his teeth and struggled, but not a single scale came off. He disappointedly gave up.

Breathing heavily, he sat to the side pissed off.

But quickly, Chu Mo forgot about this matter. Because with the Demon Lord’s handling, Chu Mo discovered this scaly dragon unexpectedly had a large amount of blood.

“Master……this thing’s blood, is it not useful to you?” Chu Mo curiously asked.

“It is for you to use.” The Demon Lord unenthusiastically said.

“You lost too much blood in the past idiot. You need to replenish.”

Chu Mo immediately felt moved.

The Demon Lord expressionlessly said: “If you die my legacy will be broken.”

“……”Chu Mo was speechless. He thought: Master is truly mighty. No matter how warm and tender the situation, from his mouth there are only hard words. There isn’t the slightest bit of emotion.

“Right, that scripture, Heaven’s Will My Will, did you look at it?” The Demon Lord suddenly asked.

Chu Mo shook his head: “Didn’t you tell me not to casually enter your room……”

“That day I didn’t say……” The Demon Lord’s eyes opened wide. It seemed in the next moment he would break someone.

Chu Mo’s neck shrank, and he hastily said: “You said after you die……but right now you, you are doing fine…….cough cough……disciple naturally, naturally cannot casually enter your room.”

“Humph!” The Demon Lord sneered, stood up, then carefully washed his hands clean.

He returned to his room and grabbed a very thin pamphlet. He passed it to Chu Mo extremely seriously.

“This is Heaven’s Will My Will. It is said to be the most powerful scripture on the earth!”

“Not one of!”

“Although there are only two two incomplete chapters, but if you can thoroughly comprehend the two incomplete chapters, it will guarantee you, will be unrivaled throughout the world!”

“The cultivation speed of the top scriptures on these four continents aren’t even one tenth of this one!!”

“It is a pity, it has a shortcoming. If it was complete……”

The Demon Lord showed a rare moment to Chu Mo. He sighed and his face revealed unabashed regret.

Chu Mo carefully accepted it. He strangely thought: What kind of method is this? It can make master reveal this kind of expression?

Curious, Chu Mo opened the first page of the thin pamphlet.

“The first chapter, Heaven’s Will!”

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