Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 13: Scripture Transformation

Chapter 13: Scripture Transformation

At this time, Chu Mo clearly felt, the jade on his chest, it suddenly transmitted a searing heat. It severely burned him.


Chu Mo was slightly startled.

The Demon Lord didn’t see Chu Mo’s expression and said: “Go back to your room and study. I will make today’s food. I’ll call you when it’s done!”

Chu Mo wanted to talk back, but the scalding on his chest made him somewhat panicked inside.

He momentarily nodded: “Okay.”

The Demon Lord only wants him to research the scripture, not think.

Chu Mo tore off his clothes at the first moment after closing his door. He pulled off the piece of jade and placed it in his hand, carefully studying it.

Following, he placed it on the pamphlet ‘Heaven’s Will My Will’. Then the scripture suddenly disappeared without a trace!

Chu Mo was almost scared to death!

The scripture, even the extremely arrogant Demon Lord treasured it. He cautiously gave it to Chu Mo.

He would be in big trouble if he really lost it!

Chu Mo wrinkled his brows thinking back. He could vaguely see ‘Heaven’s Will My Will’ enter into the Jade in his palm.

This is somewhat ridiculous, unbelievable.

Could his piece of jade be one of those treasures that can store objects?

Given that it can store objects, but how did he make it go in?

Besides, if it can store objects, he had carried it for over ten years. Why has it never happened before?

Chu Mo felt his brain going in circles, and his mind felt unbelievably ridiculous.

This thing, it is inexplainable.

He couldn’t help but be angry. He glared at the piece of jade. He gritted his teeth: “Did you do it or not?

A very powerful spirit fluctuated and smoothly shot out from between Chu Mo’s eyebrows towards the white soft jade rock.



Chu Mo felt the present scenery change. He unexpectedly arrived in a chaotic blurry space.

Looking down, he couldn’t see his own body, but not far away he discovered a book placed on a very large green rock.

This is ‘Heaven’s Will My Will’!

Chu Mo let out a yell. He became slightly disoriented. Soon after, everything lit up before him. He looked again, and he was unexpectedly in his room.

“This…….what is happening? Chu Mo’s heart constantly jumped.

He was just short of calling for master.

But in the end, he still didn’t call out.

He attempted concentrating his spirit, and he stared at the piece of jade in hand. The next moment…….once again he entered into that chaotic space.

This time, Chu Mo at last could confirm, this piece of jade on his body is a most valuable treasure!

It unexpectedly has a storage function!

Soon after, Chu Mo tested an intention. He tried to withdraw the book “Heaven’s Will My Will’, but it remained motionless after several tries.

Chu Mo couldn’t help but be somewhat worried. He leaned forward, but he forgot he doesn’t have a body here. There is only a spirit form. He extended out and grabbed towards the small pamphlet on the rock.

A strange thing happened. Chu Mo’s conscious withdrew from there and returned to reality. He discovered in his hand, surprisingly he was holding the pamphlet ‘Heaven’s Will My Will’.

Chu Mo was extremely happy, he repeatedly tried over and over gain, playing a long time.

In the end he clearly understood some principles of the space. One must concentrate their spirit to enter the space. If you want to grab anything, it is just like grabbing something normally, just “grab” and you can do it.

As far as what the theory is, Chu Mo isn’t too clear.

At the same time, Chu Mo was a surprised. Chu Mo must use his spirit to make things outside enter inside.

But the book ‘Heaven’s Will My Will’……why did it fly inside on its own?

He thought of how when he received Heaven’s Will My Will, the jade on his chest suddenly scorched.

Chu Mo slightly wrinkled his brow. He subconsciously opened up the book.

The color of Chu Mo’s face completely changed after one glance.

On the first page, there were surprisingly several more words!

A benefit of the Demon Lord’s torment is that Chu Mo is now very familiar with these words. He could understand at a glance even though there were several more words.

Given that there were several more words, the whole meaning of the scripture completely changed!

“I didn’t do anything……” Chu Mo clutched his chest. He thought afraid” How did this happen? The heck!

How did the scripture change after entering into the piece of jade?

And why did the jade suddenly open?

Chu Mo couldn’t comprehend it. One could say it is because when he saved master, blood contaminated the surface.

He had gotten into fights before. Several times blood had contaminated the piece of jade.

Why didn’t it open before?

And it unexpectedly opened at this time?

Chu Mo had too many question and no way to clearly explain.

He really wanted to ask the Demon Lord. He believed master should be able to explain everything that happened.

Furthermore, he wouldn’t covet his jade treasure.

But in the end, Chu Mo still hesitated.

Because this piece of jade is the only clue to find his parents!

“Especially the change in Heaven’s Will My Will. I don’t know if it is good or bad.”

“Master said in the past, when cultivating, the biggest taboo is……after cultivating for several years, one suddenly discovers they were training improperly!”

“Like that one must bite the bullet, and force themselves to continue training incorrectly!”

“Because, they already passed the point of no return!”

“I’m afraid master already studied Heaven’s Will My Will to the greatest realm, don’t tell me he has to destroy and retrain?”

The thirteen year old youth revealed a rare dazed and hesitating expression.

Thinking back and forth, Chu Mo finally decided to temporarily hide this matter.

He would wait until the time he could clearly understand, and then he would tell master. But not any later.

Soon after, Chu Mo suppressed his excited frame of mind. He carefully withdrew the piece of jade and stuck it back to his chest.

Soon after, he cleared his mind and started to seriously study the first chapter of Heaven’s Will My Will.

Heaven’s Will!

“The heavens have a path, illusory, all living creatures, each and every are searching……”

The whole first page, Heaven’s Will has a completely different concept after being sucked into the the piece of jade.

Chu Mo began to practice according this method. After a little cultivation, he felt a bountiful Yuan Qi momentarily burst into his body from all directions!


All of the meridians in who body surprisingly completely opened in this moment.

Chu Mo’s whole body all of the sudden became wrapped up in Yuan Qi. This feeling was wonderfully indescribable!

The meridians in his whole body were like river beds that had been dry for several years, and suddenly they were flowing with water.

An intense life force emitted in almost an instant!

“Too fast?”

Chu Mo was a little afraid.

The Demon Lord just told him, although Heaven’s Will My Will has shortcomings, but it is still the most powerful scripture in the world.

The peak scriptures in the whole continent weren’t even a tenth of it!

Chu Mo had never come in contact with the greatest scriptures in the world, so he didn’t know if his master’s words were exaggerated.

But the speed of his current accumulation of Yuan Qi is a hundred times faster than in the past!

Actually even more!

Before this, Chu Mo’s Yuan Qi continuously hung at the realm of the second level peak.

Wanting to break into the Yuan Closure realm was impossibly difficult.

Because he didn’t have a good scripture.

Fan Wudi always sought to find a better scripture for his grandson.

The old man believed it would be an enormous waste for his grandson to study an ordinary scripture with his natural talent.

It would even be an insult!

Although one could cultivate in many different kinds of scriptures, but a person’s energy would be limited.

If one studied a scripture for seven or eight years or more, when they switch to a new scripture, they could no only not have progress, but they could perish!

Because very many things have already become formed in that time.

All of the cultivation methods have an original scripture contract.

Once one switches scriptures, all the original cultivation methods must be broken and adapted all over again!

That type of strength suddenly dropping brings pressure and pain. It is not something everyone can withstand.

Reconstruction is an incomparably long process.

Nintey-nine percent of reconstructing cultivators don’t persist until the end.

Wu Fandi naturally understood this concept.

This pity is, even though he is a General, the best scripture he could find didn’t even go past the third Yuan rank.

In this world, the truly peak scriptures are only held in sects like the Immortal Sky.

This is why the old man wanted Chu Mo to enter the Immortal Sky.

Although Chu Mo couldn’t enter the Immortal Sky, but he encountered the Demon Lord!

This was like encountering fate, letting Chu Mo receive an even stronger scripture.

The accumulation speed of Yuan Qi in Chu Mo’s Dantian was astonishing.

The Yuan Qi became all the more abundant in the meridians all over his body following the implementation of the methods.

A steady stream converged in the Dantian.

On the shackles of the second rank Yuan Qi, in a short period of time, unexpectedly slightly……a slight of a crack appeared!

This signifies, so long as he works hard, breaking through the Yuan Closure is just around the corner!

The excitement in Chu Mo’s heart was simply indescribable.


Chu Mo had experienced too many things a young person shouldn’t experience in such a short time.


Several depressing things accumulated in this thirteen year old’s heart. It often made him have nightmares.

Even if the Demon Lord is his master, but he has to continuously recite these chants he doesn’t know how to use.

A strong person like the demon lord, that can fly and leave the earth, it is also like a dream at the moment.

Until today, until this moment!

Chu Mo suddenly had a feeling of enlightenment!

It was like the whole world, inside his mind……it brightened up.

A large cycle completed. Chu Mo felt he had been reborn.

His whole person’s Essense, Energy, and Spirit experienced a huge change.

The Qi and blood in his body began to fill up.

He was like a completely different person from before he practiced Heaven’s Will!

Chu Mo looked at the thin pamphlet in his hand. He had unmatched appreciation in his heart for his master.

Chu Mo was somewhat curious. This piece of jade. In the end, how much did it change the practice Heaven’s Will My Will?

Then, he casually flipped to the second page of Heaven’s Will My Will.

He was suddenly shocked.

Because that page is completely blank!

There isn’t a single word!

“This this this……what is this?

“It is truly seeing a ghost!

“The words?”

“Where did the masterpiece scripture go?”

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