Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 14: Breakthrough Yuan Closure

Chapter 14: Breakthrough Yuan Closure

Chu wanted to grab the piece of Jade hung on his neck and ask: What did you do to my peerless scripture?

Because Master had just given it to him, he still hadn’t seriously taken a look. But he knew, on the back…..there were words!

But now it is an empty white space!

He flipped the page……no words!

Blank space.

He flipped it over again…..still no words!

Still blank space!

Apart from the top of the first page on Heaven’s Will My Will where there are added words, the back is completely blank!


Chu Mo used a hand to support his forehead. That extremely excited feeling just now was almost completely used up.

In tears he sat in a chair. His forehead full of sweat, completely baffled.

At this time, The Demon Lord suddenly called from outside: “Come out and eat!”

Chu Mo slightly trembled. Inside he thought: This matter……i can’t say anything to master. It is too strange!

He must get a clear grasp in the time it takes to return.

Thinking, Chu Mo responded, opened the door, and walked out.

A strong fragrance wafted into his nose. Chu Mo’s spirit immediately shook.

Then he was stupefied, looking at the food on the table. He simply couldn’t believe his eyes.

“This……this is made by you?”

Four dishes, a bowl of soup, and not only was there scaly dragon meat, but there was also fish and two types of vegetables.

Not only was the flavor delicious, but the presentation was amazing!

The Demon Lord unenthusiastically looked at Chu Mo: “Did you really believe your cooking skill was good?”

“……” Chu Mo was speechless. He even somewhat forgot the change to Heaven’s Will My Will. He confoundedly looked at the Demon Lord: “Master……is there anything you can’t do?”

The Demon Lord payed no mind to Chu Mo. He grabbed a pot of alcohol and two chopsticks, then placed it before Chu Mo.

Chu Mo was stunned again. Master poured him a cup of wine. Mouth twitching he said: “Master…, this is?

“Come over, drink with me.” The Demon Lord spoke, sitting there, he carefully looked at Chu Mo: “Not so bad, the Heaven’s Will chapter, it has already started!”

“In the future you must rely on yourself!”

Chu Mo relaxed a breath inside. But he suddenly became startled upon hearing these words. Looking at the Demon Lord: “Master you……”

The Demon Lord waved: “Drink!”

It wasn’t the first time Chu Mo had a drink. He grew up in the military. Some old soldiers taught him at an earlier time how to drink.

It could be said he had some ability to drink.

But Chu Mo never thought, the alcohol master grabbed, it didn’t feel special when he drank. But he was floating after one cup, a feeling like he was flying.

He also felt his Dantian heating up at the same time. Those cracks on the shackles of the Yuan Closure unexpectedly became bigger and bigger!

At this time, he suddenly heard the Demon Lord say in a deep voice: “Still slowly practicing the scripture, attacking the Yuan Closure? What are you waiting for?

Chu Mo blacked out, and he started practicing the Heaven’s Will chapter of the scripture.

A kind of vast power in his four limbs and hundred bones momentarily transferred out. It advanced towards the Yuan closure shackles and fiercely attacked together.


Like a flash flood!

That power, it easily ripped open the formidable power of the Yuan closure shackles.

Chu Mo felt his body center, in an instant, it gave birth to a portion of inconceivable mighty power.

That power, it was like he could cut mountains to gravel!

He could tear apart anything!

Chu Mo’s brain was still a little dizzy at this time. His body was full of power. He couldn’t help but stand up and rush outside.

He roared and let loose a fist in the courtyard.

This fist was naturally Chu Mo’s most familiar military martial arts!

Only, hitting this time was like two completely different concepts with the past.

Chu Mo completely couldn’t believe it. If he faced the that Fan Lizi again, the ‘Immortal Sky’s Little Pride’, he could split him apart with one punch! Even with Seventh Elder’s hidden help!

Filled with intoxicated thoughts, Chu Mo snarled while he repeatedly practiced the military martial arts that he had studied for several years.

The last strike, Chu Mo hit a towering tree that took two men to wrap their arms around.


The forceful power in his body moved through his arm in a flash. His fist smooth and ruthless……crashed into the tree.

A muffled bang,

Soon after.

This tree that took two people to wrap around, it emitted a pulsating cracking noise.


Exploding rumble.

Rumbling to the ground!

Unexpectedly by Chu Mo’s fist, a raw smash!

The huge tree collapsed, shaking the earth beneath their feet.

Chu Mo sobered up!

He stupidly looked at the fallen tree before him, eyes full shock!

“This really, my fist hit knocked it down? Chu Mo mumbled to himself.

The Demon Lord came to his side at this time. He looked at the split in the tree, nodded, then unenthusiastically said: “So-so.”

“Dragon-like power!”


“I am already dragon strong!”

“How could you say so-so?”

Chu Mo pointed at the split in the tree. He excitedly said: “Master look, I hit it with one fist. I focused here, then everywhere else shot out with dragon-like force!”

“This crack……it’s clean as a knife cut!”

The Demon Lord Jeered: “A high level Body Refinement Stage, that’s it. You still don’t know, and yet believe you’ve become an exceptional master…….”

Chu Mo laughed, completely not caring about the Demon Lord’s attack.

Sweating all over, he had practically sobered up. Chu Mo suddenly felt very hungry, thus he ran back to the kitchen and ate.

Knowing him for such a time, Chu Mo already clearly understood the Demon Lord’s temper. The Demon Lord making the assessment “So-so” illustrates he is actually satisfied.

The Yellow Ranks are the first, second, and third ranks. The first and second are common.

One could cultivate out some Yuan Qi with a lot of effort, but they still wouldn’t be a Fighter that breaks through the Yuan Closure.

Although it is a ‘mere common’ rank, but one can sense the Yuan Qi. It can already be considered as stepping into the door of cultivation.

The first, second, and third ranks are the Body Refinement Stage.

Yellow Rank one warriors have the strength of oxen and horses.

It is obvious, if one can only sense Yuan Qi, and enter into the first rank, then they will be much more extreme than ordinary people.

At the very least when they enter the military, they can be a sergeant or even a small captain.

Yellow rank two warriors have the strength of tigers and leopards.

This was Chu Mo’s past level. Tiger and leopard power not only has a lot of strength, but it also has agility!

Warriors in this realm can already achieve a little fame in the secular world, and they can have a little status.

They can be a captain when entering the military!

Yellow Rank three persons possess dragon-like power.

This rank is the peak cultivation of the body refinement stage. Breaking through the Yuan Closure is the true beginning of going to the next level.

For warriors, it is equivalent to swimming from a small stream into a large river.

One can see the broader world.

From there on prospects are promising!

Several warriors are stuck at the Yuan Closure their whole life. Even until death they cannot break through.

Chu Mo is only thirteen, and he has broken through this state.

He has already done something that the large majority of warriors cannot do in their entire life.

Warriors in this state already have the qualifications to become generals in some small countries!

Although the road before him is very long, but at this time, Chu Mo felt incredibly high spirited.

This time, the Demon Lord also didn’t hit him.

Furthermore, a softness flashed in the pupils of his eyes as he watched Chu Mo wolf down food.

Chu Mo ate several large bowls of food. He was finally felt full after sweeping down a tray of food.

He finally put down the bowl and chopsticks, looked at the expressionless Demon Lord, and laughed: “Master, you cook too well!”

“If I could eat this every day…….”

“It would be even better!”

“What are you thinking? Clean everything up and go down the mountain.” The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo and duly said.


“Down……down the mountain?” Chu Mo foolishly stared at the Demon Lord: “Master are you joking?”

“Who is joking with you?” The Demon Lord coldly said: “I already taught you everything I could, and you’ve already learned it.”

“What will you do here if you don’t go down the mountain?”

“I…….what have I learned?” Chu Mo stared dumbfounded at the Demon Lord. He said: “Shouldn’t I study at least three to five years on the mountain, then leave master and go out?”

“Nonsense!” The Demon Lord grunted: “Those chants are the complete practice!”

“Since you’ve already learned them, the remaining is just a self cultivation process.”

“From here on return to Yellow Flame City. The time along the road is enough for you to become familiar with these practices.”

“From here…….return to Yellow Flame City?” Chu Mo saw the Demon Lord was completely not joking. He completely felt foolish.

The Demon Lord carried him, flying three whole days with hardly any stops. It was at least six thousand miles.

If he relied on his two legs to walk…….how long would it take?

He had broken through the Yuan Closure realm, but over six thousand miles. If he went day and night without stopping in a hurry, it would take him six month.

There is also the most important problem.

He didn’t know the way!

“Yes, this time is enough for you to become very familiar with the methods.” The Demon Lord saw Chu Mo’s thinking expression.

Chu Mo was immediately bitter faced: “Master, your disciple would hate to part with you!”

“Come on!” The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo slanted: “Have you not taken enough trashings?”

Chu Mo laughed: “No, the key point is disciple doesn’t wish to leave master!”

“False!” The Demon Lord coldly said.

“True, I’m sincere!” Chu Mo slapped his chest.

The Demon Lord said: “Don’t speak nonsense, it’s been decided!”

Chu Mo saw Master truly wanted him to leave. His heart suddenly filled with sadness, but his face didn’t show anything. All smiles he said: “Master, look, I don’t have a single magic weapon on me. Master is so awesome. Surely you have all kinds of them right? How about giving your disciple some……”

“Otherwise, this mountain range is so high and wide. Disciple cannot fly. What can I do in case I run into danger?”

“Besides, disciple doesn’t know the way!”

The Demon Lord’s eyelids jumped, and he coldly said: “I have none!”

“Then give me something else……”

‘For example a high quality Yuan stone, or a high quality Yuan medicine…….”

The Demon Lord spoke: “Don’t have, I have nothing!”

“Master, in the past you said, if I won the bet, you would make me extremely wealthy!” Chu Mo eyes lit up: “That could also do!”

“I already gave you!” The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “Don’t tell me you don’t think the thing I gave you, is it not priceless?”

“That counts?” Chu Mo’s mouth twitched. He muttered: “Simply too stingy, miser!”

Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord and said: “Then if disciple leaves, what about the poison in master’s body?”

“What does it have to do with you? Truly more nonsense!”

The Demon Lord stood up then said: “I see you don’t have anything to take with you, then beat it!”

He directly walked over, grabbed Chu Mo by the collar, then walked outside and threw him!

Chu Mo immediately skyrocketed.

“Aaaahhhh, master……you’re joking Ahhh, don’t drive me away!”

“How will I find you after!”

Chu Mo yelled. Soon after an astral wind high in the sky blew him speechless.

He flew a thirty miles outside the mountain.


Fallen to the ground.

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