Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 15: Mysterious Maiden

Chapter 15: Mysterious Maiden

Chu Mo somewhat sadly looked at the far away tall imposing mountain. His eyes revealed a reluctance to part.

Thinking of his master’s condition before, his heart became even more full of worry.

I won’t be at master’s side if he loses consciousness again. Then what can be done?”

“Not good, I still want to say goodbye to master!”

“I want to urge him, support him, don’t give up!”

“I must find Yuan beasts, and use their blood to replenish his life!”

“Like that, I can have time to find the needed medicine for master!”

“As long as I live, I will not let you easily die!”

“I will use all my ability to rescue you!”

“I know, in your heart, there is too much unfinished business.”

Chu Mo thought, faced the mountain, and started a mad dash.

After breaking through the Yuan Closure, his body has an endless stream of Yuan power. Although he doesn’t have the ability to fly like master, but walking on the the mountain was like walking on flat ground, an easy matter.

Chu Mo only needed a little over two hours to run 30 miles.


“I will return!”

Chu Mo shouted and climbed up the face of the mountain.

The mountain is extremely steep. There’s cliffs as far as the eye can see.

Chu Mo’s voice reverberated throughout the mountain. It startled a few birds and sent them fleeing.

Chu Mo paid no notice. He continued to use his limbs to climb up the mountain.

Extremely exhausted, he finally climbed to the peak. But he stared dumbfounded, that original space is completely empty.

His familiar small log cabin is gone.

The various training apparatuses the Demon Lord gave him to practice were also gone.

The only thing remaining is empty land.


Chu Mo’s eyes reddened a little. He whispered: “I know you are not fond of sons and daughters, but you……”

“it’s too……”

Chu Mo wanted to be heartless, but he couldn’t speak. Because he clearly understood. The Demon Lord is not the kind of truly heartless person.

He could only say, his master, this extremely arrogant to the core person.

He didn’t want to expose a shred of sadness in front of Chu Mo.

Chu Mo lingered there a long time. He recollected of every day and every moment here.

Finally, Chu Mo’s face revealed a touch of determination.

“Master, I know your hopes for me are very high. Disciple certainly won’t make you disappointed!”

Chu Mo kneeled and faced the empty land, then bowed three times.

He stood up, turned, and went down the mountain.

This time Chu Mo didn’t look back.

Chu Mo only knew the approximate direction of the way home.

Thousands of miles of road awaited him. It is an endless and arduous journey.

But Chu Mo wasn’t afraid. Chu Mo survived living with the Demon Lord. It’s illogical to think he couldn’t conquer his way home.

Chu Mo didn’t walk very far the first day because it wasn’t early when he left the Demon Lord. He had also gone back and wasted a lot of time.

Therefore, Chu Mo had only moved thirty miles away from the mountain before the sky turned dark.

Chu Mo decided to rest for the night, then set out tomorrow.

He found an enormous ancient tree and climbed up. He sat on a ten foot wide branch and leaned against the tree trunk. Chu Mo started to silently cultivate.

A starry night overhead. Silence between heaven and earth.

Following the implementation of the scripture, a large amount of surrounding Yuan Qi started like a flood rushing forth towards Chu Mo’s body.

All of the meridians in his body acted along with the scripture. The acupuncture points of the meridians opened up and welcomed the Yuan Qi inside.

Chu Mo could clearly feel himself continuously growing stronger following his continuous practice of the scripture and the large amount of Yuan Qi entering into his body.

“No wonder master said this scripture is the number one in the world.”

“The result is amazing!”

“Looks like cultivating along the road on the way home, perhaps…….there is a possibility I could break through the fourth rank!”

“If it’s like that……”

A cold light condensed in Chu Mo’s pupils.

A name and a face he loathed to the extreme floated before him.

“Xia Jie!”

“Wash your neck and wait for me!”

[TL: It’s a phrase used when someone wants revenge. I’m not 100% sure what it means. My best guess is that it means take care of yourself because I want my revenge.]

At this time, Chu Mo felt an itch. At the same time, faintly, there was a trace of scent. It transfered into his nose.

Chu Mo couldn’t bear it after a small cycle completed. He opened his eyes, wrinkled his brow, and sized up his body.

Borrowing the dim starlight, he subconsciously rolled up his sleeve and looked at his arm.

There was actually a layer of sticky gunk on his originally spotless arm, a thing pitch black like ink.

That strange smell is coming from this.


Even if it is coming from his own body, it still made Chu Mo feel nauseous.

“What is this?”

Chu Mo wrinkled his brow, gritted his teeth, and looked at the black thing on his arm.

Then he subconsciously untied his clothes and took a look.

Practically his whole body was covered in that black substance……


It is unknown how far this shrill cry traveled through the tranquil mountain forest.

In short, several flying and walking beasts were sent fleeing by this voice.

Some cowards would have a psychological scar left behind, and would never dare return here.

Chu Mo sprung into action. He climbed down from the tree, and sprinted towards the nearest mountain creek he could remember.

Rushing to the side of the creek, he used the fastest speed to throw off his clothes to the shore. He jumped in with a plop noise.

“Ao Ao Ao!”

Chu Mo wailed like a ghost and howled like a wolf.

He jumped out of the water.


Because this waist-deep creek water is actually really cold!

It was somewhat unbearable even with a body that had entered into the Yuan Closure

But he dropped his head and looked at the black stuff all up and down his body.

Chu Mo had another burst of feeling fed up. He is a person that loves to be clean. Chu Mo was afraid he wouldn’t be able to sleep if he didn’t completely clean his body.

“Not good. I would rather freeze to death than be filthy!”

Gritting teeth, a plop sound, another jump.

This time, perhaps he somewhat adapted or mentally prepared, but Chu Mo felt the creek wasn’t nearly as cold as before.

Chu Mo scrubbed like his life depended on it, but the filth was practically glued on his body. He finally managed to rub off a little bit after exerting an enormous amount of energy.

Chu Mo looked in disgust. He abruptly dove into the water and grabbed a handful of sand to start rubbing……

Chu Mo repeated this in the cold water for over two hours. Chu Mo finally cleaned off almost all of the filth on his body.


Chu Mo let out a breath at last. He mumbled: “What in the devil, there’s no rhyme or reason. My body just produced so much filthy stuff. What just happened?”

A sudden light laugh came from within the woods.

“Hehe, how stupid!”

“But it is the process of cultivation. The body discharges impurities. It makes your physique even better. They call it washing the essence!”

Chu Mo was scared, and he shivered: “Who are you? Come out!”

“Hiding in the dark, what are you doing sneaking around?”

The forest quieted down all of the sudden after Chu Mo’s indignant yell.

But right away……

“What are you roaring for?”

“Showing you have a big voice?”

“It isn’t your family’s forest. How can other people be sneaking around?”

An indignant young girl’s voice came from the forest. Soon after a girl wearing a blue dress came out of the shadowy woods. She stood at the shore and looked down upon Chu Mo in the creek.

“I came out, how about you?”

“You……” Chu Mo almost fainted from not breathing. Does this girl not have the least bit of shame? Does she not see I’m wearing no clothes, and I am bathing in the creek?

“You, what you? Who cares to look at you? So thin, and it’s dark…… cough cough.” The girl realized her slip of the tongue, and she immediately shut up.

Chu Mo couldn’t help but give a supercilious look. He had always heard of men taking a peek at women bathing, but he had never met a women who peeps on men.

“Fine, sister, I have nothing much to look at. Please go away and let me put on some clothes okay?”

[TL: I was in the pool!]

Chu Mo spent a long time in the water, freezing and shivering. He refused to pursue the origin of the girl and only wanted her to go away.

“Humph, who cares see any more of you!” The girl snorted, then turned and left.

He couldn’t see the facial expression in the dark of night, but Chu Mo could tell the girl was blushing from her voice.

Chu Mo watched the girl from behind as she disappeared into the forest. He waited a moment, then he tested out: “You better not peep at me!”

“Pei Pei Pei, you little brat, who dares care about you. If you keep talking trash this girl will kick your clothes into the creek!”

“You can freeze to death!”

The girl sure enough hadn’t left, and her voice came over from a distance.

Chu Mo hurriedly climbed out of the water. He was afraid she would really do it, and that would be miserable.

Chu Mo didn’t say a word after he quickly dressed, and he turned to leave.

Chu Mo had learned several things a youth his age shouldn’t know due to growing up in the military.

He was much more mature than people his same age.

In this desolate stretch for thousands of miles in the mountains, in the middle of the night, there is a girl with enormous courage that has a strange atmosphere that penetrates inside and out.

“Such a person of unknown origin……”

There was only one thought in Chu Mo’s mind after he put on his clothes and calmed down: Get far away from her!

“Hey, how could you not have manners? Are you leaving without saying hello?

Chu Mo never thought the girl would chase after him. She rushed before Chu Mo and scowled.

This time, Chu Mo could see her clearly through the hazy starlight passing through the canopy. His heart couldn’t help but praise: Gorgeous!

She wore a blue dress. Her hair draped her shoulders, and she had thin and soft willowy eyebrows. She had red phoenix eyes, and cherry lips with a touch of purple-red.

[TL: Red phoenix eyes is how Chinese people describe eyes that tilt up at the corner. They look something like this.]

Her skin is extremely white. Even in the middle of the night it was like being blown away. Her watery eyes glittered like the stars in the sky overhead.

Her waistline was a slight hourglass, and two tall and thin perfectly straight beautiful legs that were faintly discernible through her dress.

Although she didn’t look old, but she she was a breathtaking beauty.

“What are you looking at?” The young girl face became a little red from Chu Mo’s somewhat reckless staring, and she couldn’t help but be angry.

“You are so beautiful. Are you a fairy of the mountain?” Chu Mo asked.

His heart slightly felt strange. This place wasn’t to far from where he and master secretly trained.

Relying on the Demon Lord’s abilities, he would certainly know if there were top rank Yuan Beasts nearby that could change into human form.

Then why didn’t he grab this girl?

Was it because she is beautiful that he couldn’t bear to touch her?

Don’t joke!

Given that this young girl is very pretty, in Chu Mo’s eyes, he wouldn’t go easy if she is truly a Yuan beast.

Chu Mo basically didn’t believe this girl was the same as him, a human. He only had one reason: He doesn’t believe!

“You are a fairy!”

“Your whole family are fairies!”

“Look with your own eyes, did I grow up to look like those ugly Yuan beasts?”

The girl indignantly looked at Chu Mo and scolded.

“How could you appear here if you aren’t a fairy Yuan beast that can change into human form.”

“Pei, aren’t you also here? Aren’t you a shape shifting demon?” The young girl had a silver tongue, and her words were unusually sharp.

Chu Mo scratched his head. He felt what the other person said is reasonable. Therefore he asked: “Who are you?”

“Yes……who am I?”

The girl puckered her willow brows. A color of pain and ignorance appeared on her beautiful cheeks.

“In the end who am I?

“I can vaguely remember my name……”

“Ah ah, you are annoying!”

“What does who I am have to do with you?”

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