Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 16: Marvelous Cultivation

Chapter 16: Marvelous Cultivation

Chu Mou could still see the girls fierce expression even if the night was pitch black. His mouth twitched as he said: “Who cares about your affairs? The road is big, let’s each take our side and bid farewell!”

The girl is very beautiful, but so what? Chu Mo had seen several beautiful women before.

Which of the grand ladies from Yellow Flame City are not gentle and loving?

Even if they are dressed up……

Chu Mo didn’t wish to provoke this crafty and headstrong little miss high and mighty.

“Hey, Don’t go!” The girl’s image flashed, and she unexpectedly blocked in front of Chu Mo. A pair of vivid black eyes stared at Chu Mo: “You are rude! I’m a girl, do you not know how to take a hint?”

Chu Mo’s brow filled with wrinkles. He looked at the girl and honestly said: “Please young lady. We aren’t acquaintances. Why must you persistently trouble me?”

At the same time, the level of danger Chu Mo felt towards this young woman jumped up several times.

Her action just now of suddenly appearing before him clearly shows this girl’s state isn’t low. She is at least a higher level than himself.

Because he still can’t do anything right now.

“This dense dark forest has too many scary things. You are willing to ditch a beautiful girl like me here?” The girl stood with two hands on her waist, and she glared furiously at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo couldn’t even see half the word “fear” on her face.

“Why don’t you speak? Do you feel in the wrong? Humph, fancy that you’re a man!” The girl’s logic was not forgiving.

“You still aren’t finished……”

Chu Mo returned a supercilious look: “First, how did you appear in a dense forest like this girl?”

“Second, how is your skill so good? You are climbing through this mountain like it is flat land. What could you be afraid of?”

“Also, I’m not a man. I am a boy.”

Chu Mo looked at the girl in the blue dress and added a final stab: “Look clearly. I am a boy!”

“Big sister!”

“Big sister? You are calling me big sister? Do I look like a big sister?”

The girl looked like a cat that had its tail stepped on. Her hair stood on end.

“You have a sharp mouth brat. I’m eleven years old. In one look you are older than me. Based on what do you call me big sister?” The girl raged.

“Ze……” Chu Mo was momentarily speechless. He looked at this young girl that was already half a head taller than him. She had curves in the places that should have curves, and she was thin in the places one should be thin, extremely attractive.

[TL: Ze is an interjection to express disgust or admiration. In this case it is disgust.]

Chu Mo glanced at the girl’s chest, and he cursed in his heart in disagreement: Eleven? What did she eat to grow up like this? I’m an educated person. Is she trying to cheat me? Impossible!

“Younger than me huh, then, little sister, do you have anything else? If there is nothing else then should we not part?” Chu Mo said.

“Who is your little sister?” The girl stared, then wrinkled her willow brows. Her pupils flashed a trace of having no knowledge about something. She looked at Chu Mo and said: “I cannot find my family. I don’t know who I am……”

At the last two sentences, one could hear the softness that a young girl should have be revealed.

But Cho Mo didn’t believe this girl’s softness. Afraid he couldn’t believe a young weak girl could suddenly appear here.

“What does that have to do with me?” Chu Mo bitterly smiled inside as soon as these words came out. Sure enough the proximity to pitch makes you black. He had spent a long time with master, and began to adopt his style of words.

Just like the past, even though he doubted the origins of the girl, he would still not say such a thing.

“Yes, it really has nothing to do with you.” The girl sighed loudly. Her face revealed a delicate and pitiful expressone that causes one to feel pain.

Chu Mo yet unmoved, only calmly looked at the young girl.

The girl wanted to say something. All the sudden expression between her brows slightly changed.

“Fine, you have business, leave and have fun fun!”

Chu Mo felt the image of the girl before him flash, and it disappeared from there.

It immediately stunned Chu Mo. Chu Mo had secretly judged her strength in his head. He thought she was stronger, but her strength had limits.

If he truly used his skills, he wouldn’t be much worse off than her.

But this girl used her full skill when she left. Chu Mo had only seen that kind of skill used by his master the Demon Lord!

Don’t tell me, this young girl……she has strength comparable to the Demon Lord?”

Is it not too ridiculous?

Chu Mo shook his head. He couldn’t believe this is possible.

Cho Mo was no longer sleepy due to the girl’s disturbance. He decided to immediately leave this troublesome land.

Chu Mo walked a long time. The girl once again appeared at the place she was just at. Only this time she held a pitiful expression on her face. She lightly patted her stomach and muttered: “What a terrifying aura!”

“He should be able to kill me, but he didn’t raise a hand against me.”

“Don’t tell me he has something to do with this young boy?”

“Did he perceive I had no killing intent towards the young boy?”

“This boy…….it appears he is related the the purpose of this trip.”

“But, who am I?”

“Where did I come from?”

“Why did I come here?’

The girls face once again revealed a painful expression as she muttered. She used her hands to massage her temples. She depressingly said after a while: “This type of feeling is truly uncomfortable!”

The girl smoothly went through the dense forest. She looked at the clear night sky. She looked at the direction Chu Mo went in and hastily pursued.

A figure gradually appeared in the empty sky after the girl had walked for a long time.

The black robed Demon Lord. He restrained his breath and coldly stared in the direction Chu Mo and the girl left in. He softly said with distinction: “That world’s……why come find my disciple? Humph, I’ll kill you if you have ill intention, thereby eliminating any trouble!”

Finished speaking, the Demon Lord’s Image flashed, disappearing without a trace.

Naturally Chu Mo knew nothing about this.

The light began to shine. A red sun climbed in the trees, shedding little spots of light into the forest. Chu Mo had already walked sixty miles.

At this time, he was practicing a large amount of the chants the Demon Lord taught him.

“Other people’s masters teach disciples knife skills, sword skills, fist skills, palm skills, and footwork……always explaining clearly.”

“Then carefully give guidance in simple terms……”

“My master teaches me a pile of chants. But he doesn’t tell me what a single chant is. I must use the scripture to attempt each one……”

Chu Mo frowned muttering to himself. This path, after sixty miles he only clearly understood what one method was.

This was a type of fighting skill that had three moves all together.

But that chant is very long and very abstruse.

Chu Mo originally wanted to study a type of footwork. He could increase his speed along the road by studying footwork. He could increase several times or even dozens of times if he footwork was high enough.

But after using the scripture at the same time to study this long chant, he discovered it is a boxing skill.

He didn’t know if it had a name. Chu Mo reckoned it did, but the Demon Lord never even told him.

Although this boxing skill only has three moves, it can change into countless variations. It can be rated as an exquisite peerless skill.

The difference between the military martial art skills Chu Mo refined growing up and this skill is like the difference between the heaven and the earth.

Therefore, Chu Mo’s whole person was consumed in the three move technique after first complaining.

As a result, an interesting scenery appeared in this peaceful forest.

A teenager was galloping through the forest while constantly flailing his arms around and muttering chants. It looked extremely silly.

One wouldn’t know if it was training or an idiot.

The girl in the blue dress secretly following Chu Mo thought the latter.

“This brat had a razor wit. Why does he look like an insane person?”

The blue dress girl wrinkled her brow and watched Chu Mo from afar. She saw his gestures. Her rosy face completely puzzled.

“Haha, I understand. It is originally like this!”

“Qi starts in the Dantian, passes through the Tian Shu, and strengthens in the Tian Chi……”

[TL: A Dantian is a place below the navel. The Tian Shu are meridians to the left and right of the navel. The Tian Chi is a meridian outside the nipple towards the armpit.]

“Via the Tian Quan, Qu Ze, Xi Men, Nei Guan, and Da Ling……to the Lao Gong.”

[TL: Tian Quan is a meridian on the arm beneath the shoulder. Qu Ze is at the elbow. The Xi Men is at the center of the forearm. Nei Men is between the center of the forearm and the wrist. Da Ling is at the wrist, and the Lao Gong is in between the knuckle of the index finger and the knuckle of the middle finger. This picture contains most of the points.]


“Finally gathering at the Shao Zi, Guan Chong, Zhong Chong, Shang Yang, and Shao Shang……”

[TL: Meridians on all of the fingertips. The picture shows an extra meridian on the pinkie not mentioned.]

hand meridians

“and strikes out with a spiraling force……”

Suddenly Chu Mo let out a large laugh scaring the girl in the blue dress behind him.

Soon after Chu Mo’s image flashed, and he moved extremely agile towards a large tree.

Chu Mo flew flew into the sky when he got within ten feet of the enormous tree, ruthlessly punched, smashing into the tree……


A muffled bang, Chu Mo’s whole person struck into the large tree.

The outline of a person with their arms and legs spread out was stuck in the tree. It slowly slid to the ground and laid motionless.

The girl in the blue dress had huge eyes, her mouth wide open shocked by the scene.

After a time she finally mumbled: “Is he insane?”

Of course Chu Mo isn’t insane. He is in unspeakably bitter suffering. Originally Chu Mo thought he understood the chant’s brilliant areas. He was very pleased with himself and wanted to give it a test. The result……. cough cough, turned into this.

This three move boxing skill is peerless and exquisite. Even though Chu Mo is a genius, he could not completely comprehend the essence in such a short period of time.

Therefore, tragedy.

Chu Mo lay on the ground a long time before slowly starting to move.

He climbed up, slapped the dust off himself, and couldn’t help but scold: “Master, you old devil. What kind of bullshit boxing skill is this?”

“Hisss……it hurts!”

“Teach the chant and don’t care anymore……”

“Where is there such an irresponsible master under the heavens!”

“I curse you, how do I do it?”

“You’d just come out and hit me!”

The girl in the blue dress blankly stared at the teenager cursing and hopping around from far away. Her brain couldn’t comprehend, how could this world have such a master and disciple?

“The master only teaches chants then flings them away without a care.”

“The disciple doesn’t respect the master and dares to criticize?”

If it were me, acting like him, I would certainly have been expelled from the sect…….”

“I would be fortunate if I wasn’t struck to death!”

“Huh? Why am I speaking like this? I…… from where?”

The blue dress girl wrinkled her brow and bitterly pondered.

Chu Mo muttered something after he had his fill of cursing. He began to walk and make gestures.

The blue dress girl followed Chu Mo for nine whole days like this. It was nearly the same sight every day.

At the same time she learned of the teenager’s stubbornness and persistence.

According to the young girl, Chu Mo is simply a little madman.

Every day he finds new ways to torment himself.

He either slaps himself into a tree or a cliff. He makes weird gestures and plunges into waterfalls, welcoming the rapids snarling.

Every day he goes crazy covering himself in dirt, yet he doesn’t give up.

Every day he scolds his irresponsible master, then after taking a rest, he is bursting with life and tormenting himself all over again.

The girl had never seen such a cultivator before. It truly opened her eyes.

At last, things began to change on the night of the ninth day.

Chu Mo encountered trouble!

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