Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 17: Demon Lord’s Past Events

Chapter 17: Demon Lord’s Past Events

He was next to a big river preparing to catch a fish, carelessly…….he entered into the territory of an enormous python.

The enormous python was as thick as a bucket, twenty feet long, faint blue scales flickering an ice cold light, and a pair of blood red eyes staring death at Chu Mo. From head to tail, it emitted an intense death aura.

The small half of the python was submerged under water, remaining motionless despite the rapids. It coldly stared down Chu Mo, at any time it could possibly attack him.

Chu Mo felt a cool air on his back, because he recognized the python!

This is a Yuan beast!

Rank four Yuan beast!

Chu Mo didn’t recognize many Yuan beasts. But this python is one of the ones he knows.

It is named Red Eye Ice Python!

In Demon Lord’s eyes, this rank four Yuan beast wasn’t much different than a little earthworm, easily squishable.

But for Chu Mo, this is a terrifying creature possessing incredible killing power.

Chu Mo recognized this thing because he saw a Red Eye Ice Python when he was young.

Speaking of, that was already six years ago. Chi Mo was only seven at that time.

Fan Wu Di was guarding the border between Da Xia and Da Qi at the time. He brought Chu Mo along because there wasn’t a war.

Boys can only grow into true men by being in the military according to grandpa.

There was a big river not far away from the camp. It was a natural border between Da Xia and Da Qi.

There had never been anything scary in the river, always peaceful.

But one day, a Red Eye Ice Python came from somewhere unknown. That one was a bit bigger than the one today.

Chu Mo saw that Red Eye Ice Python eat a soldier whole as the man went to fetch water. Chu Mo was completely terrified.

The Red Eye Ice Python wasn’t satisfied after devouring the soldier, and it charged towards them.

The other soldiers put up a resistance when they saw what happened, and they staked their lives escorting Chu Mo away.

Grandfather enraged when he heard the news. He brought a group of elite soldiers to go kill it.

Chu Mo didn’t see the later course of events, but he heard from the mouths of other people.

The Red Eye Ice Python killed seventeen yellow rank one team leaders and injured more than thirteen yellow rank two captains.

One yellow rank three deputy general that had broken through the Yuan Closure had his arm ripped off.

Although grandfather wasn’t injured, but he had no power left after killing the Red Eye Ice Python.

These are the injuries that occurred after a large amount of military experts laid siege!

Grandfather was the first one to charge!

Grandfather was already a rank four cultivator at that time!

Chu Mo heard the Red Eye Ice Python’s scales were extremely hard. Sharp swords only left a slight trace when they struck the Python. Rank one and two warriors fundamentally couldn’t break through the defense.

Furthermore that thing could shoot ice breath from its large mouth. People could be frozen stiff upon getting hit.

Then it uses its tail to ruthlessly strike. A person would be broken into pieces, like crushing a piece of ice.

Unbelievably terrifying!

In the end after the Red Eye Ice Python was killed, they dragged it back. It was completely mutilated from head to tail, no longer showing its former prestige.

But the created destruction left all of the participants with an unforgettable impression.

Afterwords Fan Wudi once said, even after breaking through the fifth rank, entering into the Thousand Man Killing state, upon meeting this thing, the farther away the better!

The rank three deputy general from that time is now a household manager for the Fan house in Yellow Flame City.

His strength suddenly dropped because his arm was ripped off. He was no longer suited to stay in the military.

Feeling guilty, grandfather arranged for him to be a household manager to repay him.

Chu Mo knew from the first portion of leaving the mountain that his return home wouldn’t be peaceful. But he never thought the first Yuan Beast he encountered would be a Red Eye Ice Python!

Chu Mo strongly laughed while looking at the huge python before him emitting a strange brilliant ray of light in its eyes: “Hey, Python brother, hello ah…….the weather today isn’t bad. Have you also come out for a stroll?”

Rank four Yuan beasts possess a certain consciousness. Although it isn’t too high, but they can practically understand most of human speech.


A scarlet light shot out from its pupils, the murderous intent condensed even more.

Chu Mo’s words were no good. He turned to the side and rushed away.


A ball of ice breath spit out of the python’s mouth. It landed at the location Chu Mo was just standing.

After a burst of icy sounds, the grass at the original place was already covered in a layer of ice, temporarily frozen!

A gust of wind happened to blow by at this time. The frozen grass made a burst of crackling noises. Disintegrated, it fell to the ground still completely frozen!

If Chu Mo had reacted a little bit slower just now, those frozen popsicles would be him!

Chu Mo felt a numbing sensation on his scalp. He looked at the Red Eye Ice Python and said: “Are you playing? Strangers come together by chance……can we not peacefully get along?”

Chu Mo spoke while slowly retreating at the same time.

The Red Eye Ice Python already considered him prey. It moved peerlessly quick and violent towards Chu Mo.

Chu Mo screamed, turned round, and ran!

His grandfather didn’t wish to face this thing. How could a guy like him who just broke through the Yuan Closure fight it?

There are times to be brave and hot-blooded!

The present is not the time to risk one’s life.

The running speed of the rank three state is naturally very fast. The Red Eye Ice Python isn’t the least bit slow on land even though it is a Yuan beast that lives in the water.

In the blink of an eye, the boy and python already crossed a distance of thousands of feet.


The girl in the blue dress naturally was watching the scene from far away. She watched with interest, then wondered if she should help him.

“If I don’t help him, nine times out of ten…….he will die by this python.”

“I feel, Him and I are related together in this purpose……”

“I’m sick of it, only the heavens know what my purpose is!”

“But I can’t let him die.”

“Or I could continue watching. I could rescue him right now, and he wouldn’t necessarily appreciate me. Humph, detestable boy, let him suffer a little bit.”

The blue dress girl muttered, her pair of eyes yet locked onto the Red Eye Ice Python, ready to act at any moment.

She yet didn’t know, high up in the sky, there is another person!

The black robed Demon Lord’s face was even more pale than before. Clear cold pupils watched the scene.

Although he drove Chu Mo away, but this is a doomed road. How could the Demon Lord easily let him go off alone?

High in the empty sky, the Demon Lord could feel the weakening of his body……continuously intensify.

Originally, he had his mind set on dying.

Being beaten down to this world practically cut off any of his hope!

Finding a successor. He did not wish for his heritage to come to ruin.

But he had no desires for his disciple to get revenge or help him. Given that with his ability he couldn’t.

His life, apart from that one deep shadow, had practically no regrets or restraints.

He never took a disciple. If it were not for his limited time, he would have never done such a thing.

Therefore……he thought very simply.

“Find a naturally talented child. Teach things that should be taught then kick him out!”

“Die or don’t die, does it have anything to do with me?”

‘Anyways, if my heritage breaks at my hands, I cannot face my ancestors after death.”

It is an easy thing to think, but doing……it is yet another matter.

So long as one doesn’t have a heart of stone, how can they truly be heartless?

Kicking out Chu Mo from the mountain, then Chu Mo runs back. The Demon Lord already knew when Chu Mo bowed at the empty land. To stop caring about one is in fact a difficult thing.

Therefore he grabbed some Yuan beasts to replenish his life, then he secretly followed Chu Mo.

Death, according to him is already unavoidable. Unable to restore himself, it is a sooner or later kind of thing.

His original plan was to find a quiet place to die after passing on his complete teaching.

But he has worry right now, and is no longer unaffected.

He wants to see Chu Mo return to Yellow Flame. He wants to watch Chu Mo reach a certain level then completely be at rest.

This is the voice in the deepest pit of his heart!

Even if he doesn’t want to face it, it is inescapable.


A rare sight from the Demon Lord. He let out a sigh.

That pair of cold clear pupils observed his disciple. He mumbled watching the little worm chasing after his disciple: “Looks like……this thing, after all it still has use.”

“Butterfly, you were right. One is never truly free if there is something they care about.”

While he was speaking, a pale little jade bottle appeared in the Demon Lord’s hand. He opened up the cork, and an extremely strong medicine scent came out.

“Seven Revolution Immortal Pills……”

“At that time, to grab this thing for me, you didn’t hesitate, sneaking into the Pill Sect to give it to me.

“Because of this thing, it invoked your entire clan’s wrath. Those elders who should die didn’t have the slightest bit of compassion towards their own clan member. They smashed your corporeal body, destroying all of your ability……”

“They imprisoned your Yuan Spirit on the altar. Day and night your spirit flame burned.”

“He he, they are truly ruthless……truly out of hand!”

“The people of the Pill Sect…….all went over the line. They said this is good. This woman is guilty of stealing the medicine, but she had reasons. Give out a corresponding punishment, this matter is enough.”

“But those animals……for a little bit of resources, for their selfishness, they unexpectedly acted and suppressed you!”

“My pitiful Butterfly……”

“They should all die!”

“I should die!”

The Demon Lord revealed a ferocious color from his sharp and pointy featured face. Eyes full of remorse and pain.

“Moreover I…….couldn’t do anything!”

“Couldn’t do anything!”

“The person who should die is me!”

“The person suffering the spirit flame……it should be me!”

“I originally believed the poison of the Seven Demons could be cured. I wished to resolve this poison after being struck down to the mortal realm, then go rescue you.”

“But I underestimated this poison in the end……alas I thought too high of myself!”

“I am trash!”

“I cannot cure this poison. I can only wait for death.”

“I already resigned to death, but who would have thought I would encounter a youth with such frightening talent……”

“Butterfly, he is truly an outstanding child. You would certainly like him.”

“Forgive my selfishness. I wish to watch him grow up……”

“Seven Revolution Immortal Pills. One revolution replenishes one year of life……Butterfly, sorry, wait another seven years for me!”

“This child will be grown after seven years. My soul will come find you. Even if I am scared out of my mind, I will make you free!”

A tear smoothly rolled out of the corner of the Demon Lord’s eye.

Soon after the demon Lord’s hand trembled. He withdrew a medicine pill from the bottle, raised his head, and swallowed.

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