Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 18: Desperate Growth

Chapter 18: Desperate Growth

“Master……master……monsters have come, quick save me!”

“Don’t save me and your apprentice will die!”

“Your legacy will be broken!”

Chu Mo ran and yelled at the same time, appearing to be in an amazingly difficult situation.

But in the process of fleeing, he used one of the footwork techniques he had studied from the numerous chants, and he very naturally put it to used.

That footwork technique is one he had just tested from a chant two days ago.

He knew the technique was one to lighten the body. But just like the boxing skill, it is extremely profound and cryptic.

Chu Mo gave up at that time. He planned to first completely learn the boxing skill then learn it.

Chu Mo never thought he would unexpectedly exert his maximum potential in the process of fleeing for his life. He naturally casted out the skill without pondering the meaning!

This foot skill is quite formidable. Chu Mo put it to full use and discovered he was twice as fast as before!

One should know he merely implemented the skill, he is certainly not proficient in this branch of footwork.

But it is too late to be happy. Because after he increased speed, that Red Eye Ice Python that should die……unexpectedly also increased speed!

“Have you just been feeling like taking a walk? Bastard!”

Chu Mo seethed in anger. He couldn’t help but shout for someone to rescue him.

In his opinion, this wouldn’t be losing face. His life would soon be gone. What else could he do but yell for help?

The Demon Lord in the sky didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He believed this disciple naturally talented with outstanding meridians. The most important thing is, Chu Mo is smarter than himself!

Persistent and stubborn, the Demon Lord admired Chu Mo’s all out effort. Chu Mo wouldn’t yield even to his methods.

If it were not for using the little method to blind the eyes of the Immortal Sky idiots, and Seventh Elder biting the hand that feeds him……making this young person the disciple of the Demon Lord would have been an impossibility.

Therefore, who could say Chu Mo is a spineless coward afraid of death? The Demon Lord would not agree.

But this child is just the opposite. He is extremely clever, understands the situation, and knows how to use everything to defend himself!

He definitely does not hesitate in times he should risk his life, but in times he should slack off, he was definitely not willing to waste a portion of strength!

This made him a lovable and hateable little thing!

Only such a person can go far!

The Demon Lord’s whole Essence, Qi, and Spirit experienced an enormous change in a short moment after eating the Seven Revolution Immortal Pills. All kinds of weakness in his body completely disappeared.

All of the blood in his body recovered to peak status.

His whole body was like enshrouded in an ethereal Qi.

Floating like an immortal!

Hearing Chu Mo’s cry for help, he unhappily transmitted a concept: “Idiot! Is the boxing skill you studied a decoration?”


Chu Mo felt a miraculous column of light flash in his brain. He ran and slapped his thigh: “I am also a skilled person!”

“That three move boxing skill, do I not comprehend the first move?”

“How could I be so stupid and forget this?”

The Demon Lord used this concept extremely cleverly. Chu Mo thought it was just a flash of an idea. He could never have thought it was the master secretly helping.

Chu Mo turned and charged at the Red Ey Ice Python behind him: “Hello, big worm. If you keep chasing me, I won’t be so polite!”


The Red Eye Ice Python in hot pursuit didn’t have the slightest notion of stopping. Another cold breath sprayed towards Chu Mo. A tree that needed three or four men to wrap around was turned into an ice sculpture in an instant.


The Red Eye Ice Python’s tyrannical body struck into the large tree soon after, immediately breaking apart the large frozen tree.

Those frozen chunks quickly splashed towards Chu Mo!

“Fine, my good intentions have been taken advantage of. Wait a moment and this kid will rip off your skin and use your flesh for snake soup!”

Chu Mo gritted his teeth, activated the footwork skill, and actually turned, rushing towards the the Red Eye Ice Python.

He raised his hand into a fist.

“I’ll beat you to death animal!”

The blue dress girl had already prepared to rescue Chu Mo to make him appreciate her.

“Hmph, this girl wants to know what kind of expression you will reveal after she rescues you!”

The girl in blue raised an eyebrow pleased with herself. Just about raised her hand, yet was surprisingly shocked.

Because that youngster already acted!

The Red Eye Ice Python that had been chasing Chu Mo unexpectedly saw Chu Mo turn and rush towards it. Its blood red pupils shot out an extremely disdainful light.

It’s body slightly stopped. That extremely powerful tail advanced towards Chu Mo……ruthlessly striking.

“Qi, rises from the Dantian, passes through the Tian Shu, strengthens in the Tian Chi……”

“Via the Tian Quan, Qu Ze, Xi Men, Nei Guan, Da Ling……Lao Gong.”

“Finally gathering at the Shao Zi, Guan Chong, Zhong Chong, Shang Yang, and Shao Shang……”

“and strikes out with a spiraling force……”

Chu Mo snarled.


The fist ruthlessly collided together with the Red Eye Ice Python’s tail.

The blue dress girl’s mouth opened wide in shock. She practically couldn’t help but rush over to momentarily rescue Chu Mo……

That peerlessly powerful python that could easily crush a large tree, unexpectedly……struck open by Chu Mo’s fist!

Blood streamed in the empty sky.

The blue dress girl almost forgot to breathe watching this shocking sight.

Her face held an expression of absolute disbelief.

Chu Mo’s confidence greatly increased after the fist struck, He leaped right behind the Red Eye Ice Python using his not yet proficient footwork skill. Then he rushed towards its throat.

Hit where it hurts!

The weak point of the enormous snake is right there!

The immensely powerful tail had been cracked by one fist of the opponent. The Red Eye Ice Python let out a painful hiss, and it also followed with extreme rage!

It basically didn’t have enough time to turn around before feeling a deadly aura surround it.

The intelligence of a rank four Yuan beast isn’t low. The first reaction the Red Eye Ice Python has to danger isn’t to run, but rather to “Swish”. It raises up all of the scales around its neck!

[TL: The “swish” is a sound effect describing the sound the snake makes as it raises the scales.]

Each of the scales flashed with a cold light, all extremely sharp and the size of Chu Mo’s palm!

It scares any attempt from the enemy to attack the weak point!

But Chu Mo isn’t the least bit afraid.

This is a time of you die I live. The least bit of hesitation changes a life or death situation!

Chu Mo gritted his teeth: “Little worm……go die!”

Once again the first move of the three round strike ruthlessly smashed into the already raised……sharp like knives scales!

The top rank skill used the apex of Yuan power. Taking its power……implementing it to the maximum!

Common skills that can bring into play thirty to forty percent Yuan power are already considered not bad.

But Chu Mo’s cultivation skill can bring practically ninety percent into play!

The sharp scales easily cut open Chu Mo’s fist. Fresh blood……dripped out instantly.

But Chu Mo vigorously sunk the fist……ruthlessly smashing this Red Eye Ice Python’s weak point.


A muffled bang.

The fist gathered a large amount of Yuan power, striking with a loud sound into the python’s throat.

Immediately rupturing the inside flesh.

The arteries burst, and the flesh broke apart!

The tyrannical Yuan power wreaked havoc in the Red Eye Ice Python. It made this rank four Yuan beast temporarily insane!

The enormous body madly writhed, crashing and sending Chu Mo flying.

But this Red Eye Ice Python was already struck half dead by Chu Mo’s fist.

Although it was madly writhing on the ground, it was just a last ditch effort before death, that’s it.

Chu Mo was sent flying backwards dozens of feet. He landed in some underbrush, and his whole body felt like a scattered frame.

He spit out a mouthful of blood and scolded: “Thing that should die, facing death you still want to retaliate against this kid. Do you wish to end in mutual destruction? This is a person that has been hit countless times by the Grand Demon Lord! My body is strong, could I be struck down by you? Dream on!”

Speaking, he unexpectedly climbed up like a person that had nothing happen to him. Chu Mo faced the Red Eye Ice Python and walked over.

But if one carefully looked, they would discover that the back of his dirty dusty clothes……were all completely drenched!

The legs he walked on both slightly trembled.

The attack just now……it used up nearly all of this youth’s power!

The eyes of the blue dress girl in hiding maintained their shocked color. She looked at the boy’s fist dripping with blood completely speechless.

She originally believed him a coward afraid of death. She never thought he would explode with such madness!

So ruthless!

“Truly a terrifying little monster!”

The blue dress girl slowly came back to her senses after some time. She slightly gained a little bit of respect for the young man in her eyes.

The Demon Lord in the cloud plainly looked at Chu Mo and coldly snorted: “Idiot!”

He turned and left.

Chu Mo looked at his right fist constantly dripping with blood. He gritted his teeth and scolded at the huge python: “Come again and bite me!”

“The tiger didn’t show its power, did you believe this kid is a kitty?”

“Damn you, could you not obediently say in the water? What did you come out for?”

“Is the land your territory?”

“Time to bury your little life here. Is that clear?”


The blue dress girl couldn’t help but laugh.

Chu Mo kicked using his footwork skill, fiercely turning. A cold murderous aura flashed in his pupils in that instant.

The small amount of Yuan power in his body momentarily boiled, ready to strike at any time!

Seeing blue dress girl, he immediately relaxed a breath and said: “Why are you still following me?”

“Hmph, is this mountain the territory of your family? Why do you care about where I go?” The blue dress girl gave a lovably arrogant expression. She gave a slanted look at Chu Mo and said: “I didn’t know who it was just now, yelling out save me. How did such impressive power appear?”

Chu Mo’s face revealed a little embarrassment. He returned a superior look and said: “So what? Was it not killed by me?”

“The one who laughs last is king!”

“Luck, that’s it.”

“Kill a little snake and you’re king? Absolute ignorance!”

The blue dress girl spoke and walked over. She kicked the twitching body of the Red Eye Ice Python with a disdainful look: “Little rank four Yuan beast. It doesn’t even have a beast pellet. It’s flesh can only increase power a little bit. Contrary to what one might expect, it’s worthless.”

Chu Mo didn’t wish to respond to her. The bones, flesh, and skin of the Red Eye Ice Python were taken back to auction that one time long ago. It sold for a large amount of money.

His grandfather used the money to compensate for the soldiers killed and injured. It was enough to make sure their families could live well for a lifetime.

How could this blue dress girl say it is worthless?

“Help me out.” Chu Mo pointed at the Red Eye Ice Snake: “Rip off the skin, pull out the meat, and extract the bones.”

“Disgusting!” The blue dress girl was like a little rabbit, instantly jumping: “You want me, a girl, to do that?”

Chu Mo’s lips curled. He pulled out a short sharp knife and started to clean it himself: “Don’t help then don’t help. What does speaking so much nonsense do? If you can’t do it you can’t do it. Is it because you are a girl?”

Even though the snake had already died, the skin was still incredibly tough. Chu Mo had to use a lot of effort.

The blue dress girl watched Chu Mo grit his teeth and struggle. She thought a moment and walked over. Using an unwilling voice she said: “Give me the knife!”

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