Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 19: Withered Shrub

Chapter 19: Withered Shrub

“What are you going to do?”

Chu Mo looked somewhat on guard at the girl.

Blue dress girl unhappily said: “Help you clean the snake! You’re so stupid and weak. How long is it going to take you?”


Chu Mo smiled then gave the short knife to the girl.

The maiden didn’t say she was a weak little girl this time. Her actions were neat and sharp. Her actions were extremely graceful even though it was a bloody matter. It was a type of strange beauty.

“Have you done this type of thing often?” Chu Mo asked a little startled.

The maiden was slightly startled and immediately wrinkles her willow eyebrows, an unsure expression: “Yes ah……why am I able to do this?”

“……” Chu Mo looked a little depressed. He said to her: “You didn’t really lose your memory right?”

“Lose memory?” The blue dress maiden seriously thought, then nodded: “Must be right!”

“How can you be so certain?” Chu Mo is honestly a little reluctant to trust her words.

“Without a doubt ah, I can’t remember anything. And yet I’m so skilled, it must be amnesia!” The blue dress girl looked with a cute arrogant expression at Chu Mo.

“Then, what is your name?” Chu Mo gave approval in his heart as he watched the girl skillfully clean out the Red Eye Ice Python, and he casually asked.

“My name. Let me think……” The girl thought a long time, then the spoke: “My name, it seems like……Qi Xiaoyu.”

“It seems like?” Chu Mo a little depressed, looked at this charmingly beautiful maiden before his eyes: “Are you guessing?”

The girl said feeling a little wrong: “Remembering my name isn’t very easy okay?”

“I have to rack my brains to finally remember with great difficulty!”

“Then, it is Qi Xiaoyu……” Chu Mo’s mouth twitched, then he asked: “Can you remember anything else besides your name?”

The maiden nodded: “I only remember, I came here to do something. It seems that matter is related to you. I can’t remember anything else.”

“Had to do with me?” Chu Mo looked startled at the maiden: “Big sister can we stop it? We aren’t acquaintances. How could your affairs have anything to do with me?”

The girl returned a supercilious look: “Big brother! I am speaking the truth. Why don’t you believe?”

“It is best to have nothing to do with me.” Chu Mo muttered.

Soon after Chu Mo started a bamboo fire. He waited until the fire pretty much extinguished, until there were only some glowing red coals remaining.

He finally roasted some snake kabobs. He also pulled out some seasoning and evenly sprinkled them on top.

The meat of the rank four Yuan beast was extremely fatty. Oil constantly dripped into the coals and made spattering noises.

A fragrant smell rushed into the nose after a short period of work.

The girl who originally thought it beneath herself puffed her nose a few times. The she watched food Chu Mo cooked, her mouth dripping with saliva.

“You can actually barbecue?” The girl’s eyes stared at the roasted meat without blinking, and she absentmindedly asked.

“You can’t?” Chu Mo glanced at her.

“This type of thing, how could a girl do it?” The maiden strangely looked.

“……” Chu Mo was speechless. You can clean a Yuan beast by heart, almost as skilled as my master. Yet you unexpectedly cannot cook, who would believe your words!

Soon after Chu Mo gave her a roasted snake meat kabob. He asked: “What have you been eating the past few days?”

“Me?” The maiden thought a moment then responded: “I don’t need to eat!”

“Don’t need to eat? You aren’t hungry? Who are you trying to deceive?” Chu Mo returned a very condescending look. He was a little worried about this girl’s intelligence.

“Of course I’m not hungry!”

“Are you not eating this?”

“This smelled too good!”

“Fine, you win.”

Continuing on, Chu Mo practically didn’t eat anything. Practically everything entered into the belly of not eating, not hungry Qi Xiaoyu.

Chu Mo saw her seemingly never changing stomach. He couldn’t help but wonder if she was putting the meat into a storage space.


She could eat no more.

Rubbing her full tummy, she said completely satisfied: “Thank you, this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten!”

She looked a little started at Cho Mo: “Ah? Are you not eating?”

Chu Mo held back the tears, he looked at her blankly, not wishing to comprehend her.

He silently turned his head and continued cooking!

“Hehe, I’m going to go play. I’ll come back and play with you!” Qi Xiaoyu’s image flashed, disappearing from Chu Mo’s line of sight.

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched, and he muttered: “Clean me out then leave……why kind of style is this?”

But he turned to the side and looked at the neatly arranged snake bones, meat, and skin. Chu Mo felt this girl isn’t too bright, and she is a chowhound, but at least she is a little useful.

Chu Mo bundled up the snake bone, meat, and skin on his back after eating.

He originally wanted to put this stuff into his piece of jade, but he didn’t want to reveal he has a storage space. Anyways it wasn’t to heavy, might as well carry it.

That piece of jade is his biggest secret.

Chu Mo is very happy he comprehended that footwork skill in the life or death situation just now.

Speaking of, his cultivation road is very bumpy. Knowledge is readily available for disciples of other sects. Chu Mo must go through practice to grasp a little meaning.

Disciples of other sects only need a few hours to learn things. While Chu Mo needs several days to learn the same things, and an even longer time to master it.

But there is one point the disciples of other sects cannot compare to.

The solid level Chu Mo grasps from experience is unmatched compared with those other sect disciple!

Real battle experience is also countless times richer than them!

Of course the current Chu Mo doesn’t see these things. He only knows studying real skills is not that easy!

Therefore, he is insanely happy every time he learns a new skill.

“It is a pity, apart from Heaven’s Will My Will, master never told me the names of other skills!”

“Don’t mention large sects, even worldly family clans and small sects skills, they all have mighty names!”

“For instance five tiger decapitating blade, falling meteor sword……so impressive! A skill one knows is powerful as soon as they hear!”

“The skills I studied…..should I name them?”

Chu Mo deeply pondered a long time, but he couldn’t think of an awe-inspiring name that stands apart from the masses.

Somewhat giving up he muttered: “The skill I studied only has three moves. Simply call it ‘One Fist, Two Fist, Three Fist’!”

“Master will find out later. If he loses face I will tell him…”

“Who made you not tell me the names of these skills?”

Chu Mo was at a loss as far as the skill naming matter went. The name isn’t important. As long as the skill is strong enough, then that is is good skill.

Chu Mo didn’t encounter the blue dress girl Qi Xiaoyu over the next several days. He was happy, peaceful, and quiet. He walked in the mountains, continually studying new skills. Although it was bitter, it was yet self-liberating.

The back of Heaven’s Will My Will still had no words. Chu Mo tried several times. He would put Heaven’s Will My Will into the piece of jade and take it back out. He would put it in, then try withdrawing after several days.

It still had no change.

The fortunate part is at Chu Mo’s present state, The Heaven’s Will portain was enough for him to use.

Because of this, he wasn’t especially worried.

Worrying is no use.

Only heaven knows what actually happened.

One day, Chu Mo walked into an open land. A grassland with a three mile circumference. It was a rare sight in this thousands of mile mountain range.

A vast mountain lay at the end of the grassland.

Going up into the sky.

If one wanted to cross here, they either crossed over the mountain, or……they circled hundreds of miles around.

As for Chu Mo, he naturally didn’t wish to circle around.

Chu Mo faced the mountain and directly walked forward.

But Chu Mo felt a burning heat in his chest as soon as he was about to pass through the grassland.

Chu Mo immediately froze.

The last time this feeling appeared is when he received Heaven’s Will My Will.

Then, Heaven’s Will My Will was sucked into the jade space. After that……the first page had many more words, and completed the first page of the scripture.

And on the words on the back…….completely gone.

The piece of jade had no other activity after that.

Who would have thought it would start to emit heat here.

“What is going on?” Chu Mo didn’t feel good. He slightly wrinkled his brow, stood there, and started to slowly circle back.

Someone who could be favored by the Demon Lord at a glance, there is no need to talk about his intelligence.

Although he didn’t dare come to an immediate conclusion, he believed the piece of jade only emits heats when it discovers a treasure. But Chu Mo only held an eighty to ninety percent certainty.

Sure Enough, when Chu Mo slowly turned to a direction, the piece of jade once again would heat up. Seeming to alert Chu Mo.

Chu Mo faced that direction and strode forward.

The burning feeling became stronger, even beginning to scald!

Chu Mo’s heart jumped and continuously beat faster. A youth’s nature towards uncertain things holds enormous curiosity.

At last, the scalding sensation went away right at the point Chu Mo could no longer bear it.

Chu Mo saw a strange plant at this time.

It is strange, because it is incompatible with the surrounding plants. One can see its existence as soon as they approach.

But no one would have any interest after seeing it!

Because this fantastic oddity has branches like a dragon, but it is a completely withered and dry shrub.

The shrub was only three feet tall. It was an ashy color. There were no leaves on the top, and one couldn’t feel a single sign of life.

Chu Mo looked a little foolishly and mumbled: “What you saw is this thing?

The piece of jade momentarily sent out a trace of heat that scalded him.

“Ah? You can understand my words?”

“Can you scald me again to test?”

“Quick quick, scald!”

But the piece of jade didn’t react again.

Chu Mo’s pursed his lips. He walked over the the shrub, and extended a hand to grab a branch. He muttered: “This dried up dead shrub, what value could it have?”


Chu Mo muttered, then he froze completely motionless.

Because he unexpectedly couldn’t break this little branch with both hands!

The tree was already completely bent by him, but it didn’t break!

Chu Mo continue to try somewhat unconvinced……until he bent the shrub around in circles without breaking!

Chu Mo was utterly dumbfounded.

He is a yellow rank three. He has stepped into the Yuan Closure!

This little bush is actually unbreakable?

“How is it possible?”

Chu Mo let go of the branch, and he used his hand to grab the trunk. He used force to pull up–


The tree was pulled directly out of the ground. Chu Mo ended up falling on his butt because he used too much force.

Then a huge sucking power passed over, and the shrub disappeared from Chu Mo’s hands.

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