Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 20: The road home

Chapter 20: The road home


Chu Mo muttered. This time he was already experienced. He focused his thoughts and entered into the space of the jade on his chest.

He already didn’t need to take the piece of jade out after repeated testing. Chu Mo only need to focus his spirit, think about entering the jade, and then enter.

Chu Mo couldn’t help but stare, exposing an incredible expression upon entering. Although he already expected it, but to see the shrub he just pulled out of the ground rooted in the jade space was still a strange feeling.

Heaven’s Will My Will was also calmly resting on the green stone that resided in the piece of jade.

It wasn’t sucked inside, but placed inside by Chu Mo earlier. After all this is the safest place.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion. It seemed this shrub became more lively inside the piece of jade. Chu Mo walked closer to carefully observe. He unexpectedly discovered some needlepoint green colored sprouts coming out of one of the branches.

Chu Mo’s eyesight is extremely good, ordinary people couldn’t see it.

“How could this happen?” Chu Mo uncertainly muttered. Then he extended a hand to give it a test. He wanted to see if he could pull out the shrub inside of here.

The result, he strenuously tried for a long time, but this new guest in the jade space was like a towering three that had taken roots long ago. It was completely motionless now matter how much effort Chu Mo put in!

“Fine, this worthless……cough cough, this is a god tree that is rarely seen in heaven and on earth. I’ll see you off! Don’t forget my goodness!” Chu Mo was only pretending. He said the words, but his face showed he didn’t believe.

Because he honestly didn’t feel this shrub had any value. Since this piece of jade likes the shrub, the jade can have the it.

Just as Chu Mo prepared to leave, he had a sudden thought. He extended his hand and grabbed Heaven’s Will My Will, then he left the jade space.

After coming outside, he turned over Heaven’s Will My Will and muttered: “I gave you a god tree, did you give me more words?”

The first page didn’t have any change, Turning to the second page, Chu Mo’s vision, it suddenly focused.


The second page of Heaven’s Will My Will actually has two more lines of words!

“This, is this real?”

Chu Mo carefully read over the two extra lines. He discovered it blended extremely well together with the previous Heaven’s Will chapter. There wasn’t a strange feeling to it at all.

He started to practice the two extra lines of the Heaven’s Will chapter. He actually saw a clear improvement in the amount of Yuan power absorption rate after one large cycle!

The most important part is, this Yuan power is even more pure than the Yuan power he absorbed before. This piece of jade gave him unimaginable benefits after absorbing the shrub.

It was only two extra lines, but Chu Mo clearly understood, these two lines–the value is beyond measure!

“Truly it is quite a thing!” Chu Mo exclaimed in praise, then he said: “Later on, whatever you want, even if you scald me, I will certainly get it for you!”

“Hahahaha, a treasure, it is truly a treasure!”

Chu Mo memorized the two extra lines, then he returned Heaven’s Will My Will back into the jade space. He advanced towards the large mountain with a face full of smiles.

Time flew by. Chu Mo had already left master and gone on the road home for over a month.

Several times he encountered low level Yuan beasts that blocked the path. The strongest of them didn’t surpass the Red Eye Ice Python. They all became Chu Mo’s prey in the end.

Chu Mo’s combat strength unknowingly increased rapidly.

The blue dress girl Qi Xiaoyu appeared a couple times. Each time was after Chu Mo had killed a Yuan beast. She would suddenly appear and help Chu Mo clean the beast.

Chu Mo treated her to a large barbecue as a reward. She would fade away after eating her fill. Chu Mo even suspected this girl lives in the vast mountains. Otherwise, how could she be so familiar with the area?

Every time Chu Mo asks Qi Xiaoyu where she goes, she just looks innocently at Chu Mo: “I go play!”

In the end, Chu Mo had no other choice but to pinch his nose and concede that she goes and plays.

This month long life of training gave Chu Mo several benefits. His sole regret is the piece of jade never gave him another sign.

There was not a single thing in the vast mountain range that caught the jade’s eye apart from the shrub.

Chu Mo was still quite happy generally speaking. His state had quickly reached the middle of the third rank after breaking through the Yuan Closure.

This type of progress was unimaginable before.

He normally would have needed one to two years to reach the middle of the third rank after breaking the Yuan Closure. This is only possible with a large amount of natural ability.

And Chu Mo had reached it in one month along the road home.

It could be said this is a small miracle!

Chu Mo carried the Yuan beast bones, meat, and skins on his back. The foodie Qi Xiaoyu naturally looked down upon these things.

But according to Chu Mo, it was all money!

Chu Mo’s days weren’t that rich despite growing up in the house of a general. It could be said the Fan household was spartan like. It was like a poorhouse compared to those grand chancellor households.

Chu Mo saw his classmates at school living a life of luxury when he was little. He asked his grandfather: “Why are their lives so good. Why is our house bad?”

Grandfather was silent a long time. He finally said to the young Chu Mo: “If our family was like theirs, wearing brocade garments, eating jade meals, and living in high buildings……this nation would quickly fall apart! Their extravagant lives will quickly come to an end!”

Grandfather had some mixed feelings when he made this remark and added: “Of course, those people have no morals and are spineless. If the country falls from grace, those high families may not necessarily fall as well. So long as they easily say the words surrender, their extravagant lives can continue on.”

“We aren’t like them. We are soldiers! Our mission is to defend this country. Defend the people of this nation.”

Chu Mo asked at that time: “That includes those spineless people lacking morals?”

The old man laughed, patted Chu Mo’s head, and didn’t answer the question. He said: “You are still too young. One day you will understand. This country is not merely made up of these high officials. There are still millions of citizens!”

“The people we protect is them!”

Chu Mo recollected the memory with his grandfather as he carried the Yuan beast materials. His face revealed a trace of a smile: “Grandfather, you are a true soldier! Your grandson has kept to heart all of your teachings. Didn’t you always want to help the soldiers who were injured and had to leave the military? The ones who couldn’t get any assistance. I think now we can do something about it!”

Although Chu Mo didn’t know the exact value of the things he carried, but he knew it was a small fortune!

One bone of a rank four Yuan beast can sell for an astronomical price in Yellow Flame City.

Yuan beast teeth are rumored to ward off evil spirits. They are even more priceless!

The most basic response of businessmen when they see a rare treasure is to slam money down.

Chu Mo plotted how to spend his money after selling these things. He could first renovate the Fan family household.

The Fan family’s courtyard wasn’t small, but several rooms had fallen into disrepair. They had been in ruin for a long time. There was only one ancient arch that barely supported the dignity of the general.

“Then, I can give the remaining money to my one armed uncle.”

“One armed uncle is very amazing. He was a valiant soldier on the battlefield. He came to the Fan household after the injury, and he made sure the whole Fan house was well kept.”

“I’m afraid the whole Fan household would have fallen apart without one arm uncle.”

“Grandfather has a kind nature. All of the family’s wealth has been distributed. Because he didn’t want to see his subordinates suffer after leaving the military.”

“Grandfather would help no matter how difficult so long as they paid a visit and asked.”

Many people didn’t understand. They believed that a Da Xia General wouldn’t be extremely wealthy, but he certainly wouldn’t be poor. But in fact, grandfather……he is actually downright broke.

“One arm uncle is much more financially savvy. It is better to give the money to him than grandfather.”

“At least one armed uncle is more clear headed than grandfather. He only helps the people that should be helped.”

Chu Mo muttered, then lightly sighed: “It is a pity I cannot openly enter into Yellow Flame City at this time. Xia Jie……i do not know if you have entered into the palace and become a eunuch!”

[TL: Palace eunuchs held a large amount of authority in ancient China. They were given great power because they couldn’t have children, and they therefore were not considered a threat to the ruling dynasty.]

“It looks like I should thank you. If you did not slander me, and had honestly plead guilty at that time, I Chu Mo……would not have such fortune today. I naturally wouldn’t have met my master.”

Chu Mo’s vision fell upon an endless plain as he spoke. At this time, he had already walked out of the thousands of miles of mountains!

Chu Mo turned and looked at the majestic mountains stretching behind. He was somewhat excited and whispered: “At last I have emerged!”

“This should be the territory if Da Qi!”

Chu Mo squinted. Far away he saw a group of men and horses slowly advancing in his direction.

The other side discovered Chu Mo right as he discovered them. Then, they accelerated their speed towards him.

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