Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 3: Ungrateful

Chapter 3: Ungrateful

“Here, that is the young mountain’s lonely mysterious peak. It is also the nest of the Immortal Sky.” The Demon Lord eyelids drooped, looking sickly and lacking any interest.

“How awesome!”

Clearly paying no attention to the disdain in the Demon Lord’s words. His voice shaking with worship he said: “It is worthy of the number one sect under heaven. It’s extremely imposing!”

Speaking, his face became excited. Facing the huge mountain gate he madly hurried out: “Immortal Sky, I have arrived!”

The corners of the Demon Lord’s mouth pulled, but immediately his face revealed an expression like one watching a play.


“What person dares make such a noise in the Immortal Sky, tired of living?

Following the voice, two eighteen or nineteen year olds rushed from the lofty mountain gate at an extreme speed before Chu Mo. Condescendingly they looked at him with proud faces, and their pupils carried a deep sense of disgust.

Chu Mo was startled. Immediately he apologized and saluted cupping his hands: “Two master elder brothers hello. Little brother is……I am returning to pay respects to the masters and study the arts.”

“Who are you master elder brothers? A little beggar has come!”

“Returning to the masters to study the arts? You?” Although plain-looking, his eyebrows held a deep sense of haughtiness. He looked at Chu Mo with disdain and jeered: “Little beggar, you came to the wrong place!”

The other young person’s brows wrinkled: “Why are you wasting words with him? Drive him way. Don’t bother shouting and arguing. If the masters see we will be scolded.”

While speaking, the young person looked at Chu Mo and coldly said: “What are you looking at stinky beggar? This isn’t a place you should be, quickly scram!”

The Demon Lord who had turned into an ordinary youth looked at Chu Mo’s image from far away. He smiled a little pleased with himself. He slightly shook his head, darkly thinking: Chu Mo oh Chu Mo, this is just the beginning!

A famous and large sect, do you think it is that easy to enter?

This master used the solid truth and told you, inside famous and large sects……there are not necessarily good people.

“Little beggar?”

Chu Mo looked at these two young friends a little startled. He felt like he had been blown but dust, but his clothes were still in good condition.


The Immortal sky in his heart……couldn’t be like this.

Chu Mo subconsciously took a glance at the Demon Lord to the side. However, the Demon Lord raised his head and looked at the sky.

He stared at the pure white clouds as if naked fairies lived inside of them.

Chu Mo looked at the two people. Without a choice, feeling somewhat wronged, he pulled the deep black, palm-sized wooden medallion out of his chest and said: “I have the Seventh Elder’s keepsake. I have really come to pay respects to the masters and study the arts!”

Fuming with anger, the two people who were prepared to take the youngster and toss him out were stopped in their tracks.

They looked at the wooden medallion in Chu Mo’s hand, and their eyes immediately flashed with a frantic light.

How could they not recognize the Elder’s Medallion as members of the Immortal Sky?

The ordinary looking youth had a sudden change of attitude. Revealing a charming smile: “Little brother originally had an Immortal Sky Medallion. Why didn’t you say earlier? I almost didn’t recognize one of our own.”

“Wait a moment, We will make an announcement for you!”

He turned and ran into the mountain without waiting for Chu Mo to reply.

The other Immortal Sky disciple’s reaction was a beat too slow. His face revealed an annoyed expression, feeling recognition had been snatched away.

He wanted to get closer to the youngster, but he couldn’t get rid of that expression. He could only awkwardly stand there.

After a short time, the average looking Immortal Sky disciple rushed back. He looked at Chu Mo and said with a pleasing expression: “Little brother come with me. The elder wants to see you!”

The other disciple’s eyes revealed an envious expression. Eight or nine times out of ten someone who escorts someone with an Elder Medallion can become inner sect members, they can even become close disciples of the elders.

What kind of honored status is that?

If these outer sect disciples could transfer to inner sect disciples, then they would have a meteoric rise.

But it is a pity, this type of thing had been snatched away by his own comrade.

Chu Mo nodded. Secretly thinking: Looks like grandpa didn’t cheat me. Seventh Elder really is someone who remembers old affections.

Following behind his counterpart, he advanced up the mountain.

The Demon Lord followed behind Chu Mo expressionless.

Two Immortal Sky disciples, who would block him even if they don’t look the same.

Chu Mo followed the the Immortal Sky disciple, and they quickly arrived at a public square which was huge without compare.

You almost couldn’t see the end of the square, it was thousands of feet in circumference.

There were several types of training apparatuses on top, and countless youths were cultivating.

Chu Mo curiously looked around. In his heart he secretly thought: I will become one of them later on.

Quickly, Chu Mo and the Demon Lord followed the disciple and arrived before a large palace hall at the head of the square.

Chu Mo raised his head and looked up dozens of steps. At the top there were several people standing.

In the middle there was a middle-aged man that everyone crowded around.

The middle-aged man had a white face and no beard. He looked extremely refined, but he had a profound expression, appearing very solemn.

The disciple brought Chu Mo to the middle aged man and respectfully told him: “This is Seventh Elder!”

Chu Mo hastily took the wooden medallion and held it out with both hands respectfully. Bowing down he said: “I am Chu Mo, Fan Wudi’s grandson. I have brought Seventh Elder’s keepsake and come to the Immortal Sky. I wish to pay respects to the master and study the arts!”

These words were what his grandfather had passed on to him.

On top the stairs, that dignified middle-aged man wrinkled his brows and said: “Grab the token and give it to me.”

People came down from his side and grabbed the medallion from Chu Mo’s hands, then gave it to the middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man is the Immortal Sky’s youngest elder……the Seventh Elder Zhao Hongzhi.

His expression was profound as he swept Chu Mo with his eyes. Yet there was only one thought in his mind: That event can’t be known by anyone else! Otherwise, there will be endless troubles!

Only he didn’t know, this little thing……does he know what happened back then?

Then he raised his head. Chu Mo he profoundly said looking at Chu Mo: “Correct, this medallion……is real!”

Chu Mo’s face immediate burst with happiness. He was continually worried the Seventh Elder wouldn’t recognize this medallion as authentic.

Now it appeared he was worried for nothing.

He thought, what kind of place is the Immortal Sky? What kind of character occupy it? Do they tell the truth?

But the seventh elders words flabbergasted Chu Mo.

“But……your meridians are blocked, you have mediocre talent of an average person, completely unable to cultivate. I as the Immortal Sky cannot……”

“Because you are an ordinary youth, the river must be worshiped before the sea!”

[TL: This means that there is an established order that cannot be changed. So, since he is ordinary, he cannot be accepted to the Immortal Sky no matter the circumstances.]

The seventh elder had a just and fair expression. He calmly looked at Chu Mo: “Although at that time your grandfather and I had a history, and the relation was good.”

“But, that is a private matter!”

“I am an Immortal Sky Elder. How can I trash what is just for a private matter?”

“That type of thing, I cannot do!”

As soon as the Seventh Elder spoke, the people at his side respectfully saluted. The disciples from far away who heard them speak also showed faces of admiration while looking at Seventh Elder.

To the Seventh Elder’s side stood an old man who was smiling and nodding: “Seventh Elder is really honest and impartial! Truly honorable!”

“Actually this child is quite elegant. Let him stay and be a tea serving boy……that is possible!”

Seventh Elder shook his head and said: “Assistant Zhang these words have errors. The Immortal Sky is the world’s number one sect! Don’t say he can be a tea boy. Those that return to the secular world are all mighty heroes that shake the earth in all directions.”

“If I let him stay, and in the future he returns to the secular world, then a piece of rubbish would appear from the Immortal Sky……”

“It would tarnish the reputation that the Immortal Sky has built up for thousands of years. Like that……wouldn’t I have sinned?”

The old assistant heard the words and nodded, and he admiringly said: “You have thought of everything Seventh Elder. It appears……I am a little lacking.”

A stiff smile stuck on Chu Mo’s face. He felt entirely like a fool, and he expressionlessly stood at the bottom of the stairs, looking at the several people joking together at the top.

The he felt like the whole courtyard, as far as the eye could see for thousands of feet, all staring at him.

“My……my ability is ordinary? Meridians are blocked? I am completely unable to cultivate?” Chu Mo mumbled: “But, but grandfather said, I am a cultivating genius……”

“He still dares argue!” Seventh elder stood at the top of the stairs. Looking down upon Chu Mo with arrogance, he strictly reprimanded: “What part of you could become a member of the Immortal Sky? Do you think everyone here is blind? Can we not see if you are a genius or ordinary? The youth dares speak lies in front of everyone! Clearly his morals are lacking! I feel shame for your grandfather!”

The Seventh Elder reprimanded in a huge voice. It basically spread through the whole square, and nearly everyone heard.

This time, Chu Mo really did feel all of the eyes staring upon him.

Various jeering voices sounded out from all around.

This guy took Seventh Elder’s medallion and tried to become his student? And he is a meridian blocked piece of trash? Are his brains blocked as well as his meridians?”

“What part could be an Immortal Sky disciple? How could we accept this kind of trash?”

“He has the heart of a lion, nerves of steel, but he is a little slow!”

“Nowadays there’s all kinds of people. Ordinary people, they are all this ignorant and arrogant!”

“Seventh Elder’s intentions are clear. He is upright and plainspoken. He truly is our model!”

“If not, how could he become the youngest elder of the Immortal Sky?”

Everyone was discussing in all directions. All of it transferring into Chu Mo’s ears.

The thirteen year old boy’s face became pale. He stood there at a loss. He justified himself: “I, I have almost already broken into the Yuan Closure……”

[TL: The ‘Yuan Closure’ is a specific point of cultivation explained later in the story.]

“Child, at this time you dare still speak foolish words? And with this ability……the lies have reached another level. Who knows how much money your elders would have to waste on medicine for your body! And you think you are talented?” At Seventh Elders side stood a twenty year old man. With a look of disdain, he spit and sneered at Chu Mo.

Seventh Elder lightly sighed and said to the Immortal Sky’s Sixth Elder at his side: “I knew this child’s grandfather many years ago. At that time he helped me out with something. For our friendship, I would send a batch of top notch Yuan Pills every year to him……”

“So it is like this……” assistant Zhang and everyone else all reveal a look of understanding.

Assistant Zhang lightly shook his head and said: “The older generations of this world are all like this. They will give everything in order for the younger generation. This child, he couldn’t have stolen his father’s keepsake an run away could he?”

A young man sneered next to the Seventh Master: “One cannot say. Perhaps he and his grandfather formed a partnership, and he wanted to use his relations to grab on to elder!”

“Don’t consider it further. What kind of place is the Immortal Sky? How can we let them act arbitrarily regardless of the rules?”

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