Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 21: Bandit Encounter

Chapter 21: Bandit Encounter

Chu Mo wrinkled his brow, then walked into the underbrush to the side.

He wasn’t afraid, but he didn’t wish to find trouble. The only thought on his mind right now is to quickly return to Yellow Flame City in Da Xia. He wanted to take his acquisitions and share with grandfather.


“Don’t run!”

“Talking to you little beggar!”

A shout sounded out from far away, coming from the group of people.

Soon after, that group of people spurred the horses and rushed towards Chu Mo.

Chu Mo is young and inexperienced, but a trace of anger flashed across his face full of heroic spirit. Based on what do they call me little beggar? He was extremely sensitive to this name. It made him unable to restrain his emotions and think about that encounter below the lonely mountain peak.

But dropping his head and looking at his clothes, Chu Mo’s mouth twitched, somewhat in despair.

Because right now he indeed looked like a little beggar. He looked completely different than that time under the lonely mountain.

Chu Mo hadn’t washed his clothes. The Demon Lord isn’t a nanny, and naturally didn’t think of these things.

Chu Mo had been exposed to the elements and fought many battles along the road. The clothes he wore were already ragged.

Bushy black hair, completely scattered, bundles of Yuan beast items, and the ragged clothes, made him look like a wild and savage person!

The opposing troops, a dozen total, quickly surrounded Chu Mo. They looked at him harboring evil intentions. Two of them had good eyes. They saw the items on Chu Mo’s back, and couldn’t help but let out startled yelp.

“Heavens, this little beggar is carrying Yuan beast articles!”

“Not bad, it is vibrating with Yuan Power!”

“Hahaha, I see rank three Yuan beast skin! We are rich!”

“I never thought we would get such a huge gain today. If the other troops knew they would certainly be envious enough to kill us.”

“You spoke correctly. They certainly wouldn’t admire us……they would envy!”

“Envy, right, envious, hahaha, Lao Wang is cultured!”

The whole group laughed. No one placed Chu Mo in their eye.

He looks like a thirteen or fourteen year old youth, and he wears ragged clothes. Anyone who met Chu Mo would look down upon him.

At this time, a middle aged man from among the group slowly strolled over on a tall mare. He looked down upon Chu Mo, and his body carried a very strong baleful aura.

He didn’t speak, seeming to want the little beggar to make a fool of himself.

He often did this. The man very much liked the helpless expressions of opponents when they were suppressed by his pressure.

But he miscalculated this time.

His Yuan power fluctuated. At most he is a peak rank two, basically unable to give Chu Mo any pressure.

Therefore, Chu Mo strangely looked at the middle aged man and asked: “What are you doing?”

The middle aged man arrogantly smiled, but he didn’t pay attention to the question in Chu Mo’s words.

‘What are you doing’ and ‘What are you trying to do’ are two completely different things. He only believed the little beggar couldn’t resist the enormous pressure coming from his body.

“Little thing, where did the things you carry come from? Were they not stolen? Ah?”

The words the middle aged man spoke were very cold. Full of intimidation, a normal thirteen or fourteen year old would be scared.

Everyone else teasingly smiled, looking like they were determined to eat Chu Mo.

“You want to rob me?” Chu Mo didn’t reply to the middle aged man’s words. The tip of his eyebrow raised, and his handsome face flashed a cold color.

“What robbing, you are a little animal. You actually dare steal the Yuan beasts we hunt. Isn’t it a crime?” A thirty year old man with dark skin lead his reigns and rushed towards Chu Mo. He saw Chu Mo didn’t move as he approached, and he pulled up on the reigns. The horse’s two legs came high in the air and promptly stopped there. The other people immediately applauded.

“Haha, Zhao Laosan’s riding skill is brilliant!”

“Ah, he is worthy of the most talented horseman title in our group!”

“That little beggar is scared stiff, hahaha!”

Chu Mo smiled extremely indignant. He never thought he would run into highway robbers as soon as he left the mountains.

Chu Mo raised his his head and looked at the dark skinned youth. He seriously said: “I killed these Yuan beasts myself. As such, you all are wrong!”

“Huh? This little thing, are you arguing with us?” The dark skinned youth looked like he had seen the funniest thing in the world. He couldn’t help but laugh.

The other men all began to resound with laughter. They felt this little beggar is truly too naive. As far as Chu Mo saying ‘I killed these Yuan beasts myself’, it was automatically ignored.

Who could believe!

Chu Mo seriously said: “Really, I’m not cheating you all. You don’t want to cause me trouble, otherwise……”

“Little bastard!” The dark skinned youth coldly shouted, interrupting Chu Mo’s words. He raised up his horsewhip and ruthlessly cracked towards Chu Mo’s head.

Obviously, he had wasted enough time and prepared to act!


The whip made an enormously loud crisp sound in the air.

This whip lashing would certainly split a person’s skull if it landed!

The other people didn’t show a trace of compassion. They all had an expression like watching a show.

Chu Mo’s pupils coldly flashed. His image faltered. Raising a hand, Chu Mo grabbed the whip that cracked towards him: “I still haven’t finished speaking. Not only are you ugly, but you are also rude!”

He pulled using force–

“Ah!” The dark skinned man let out a panic-stricken cry, and he was pulled down from the horse and thrashed into the ground, making ‘Peng’ noise.

The surrounding immediately became dead quiet.

Everyone looked at the scene dumbstruck, completely not believing their own eyes.

Who would have thought this little beggar would actually have so much strength, able to pull a full grown strong man down from a horse. Even more unbelievable is this extraordinarily skilled, because they didn’t dare block that fierce whip.

Chu Mo grabbed the whip, and he tranquilly looked at the crowd of people: “Enough? Seeing people’s wealth and having evil ideas, stealing the treasures of others. All of you are lowly. I don’t wish to cause a disturbance. Leave.”

“Ah……try to kill me, little animal…….shit, what are you all still staring for? Cripple him!” The dark skinned youth ** and yelled at the same time.

[TL: ** is in raws]

A fierce light revealed in the other men’s eyes. They stared at Chu Mo like wolves staring at their prey.

The previous middle aged man coldly laughed: “Little bastard, I never thought you would be skilled, you really know your stuff. Everyone grab him together!”

The remaining men jumped off their horses, grabbed out their weapons, and moved to circle around Chu Mo after hearing the orders.

“Little animal, don’t blame us if you get hurt. Tactfully give us the stuff you are carrying. I guarantee you won’t die. Otherwise you will be lacking an arm and a leg……even your little life could be thrown away. Do not doubt our viciousness!” The middle aged man antagonistically looked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo also indignantly looked at the middle aged man: “Do you all truly want this?”

The middle aged man trembled from Chu Mo’s look, but soon after he became furious. This is the first time in all these years he has been scared by a thirteen or fourteen year old ignorant child. Other people would die of laughter if word got out.

“Little animal, don’t propose a toast you aren’t prepared to drink!” The middle age man coldly said.

“Lao Wang, what are you still talking trash with him for? Cripple him!” The dark skinned youth struggled up from the ground. His face was full of dirt and grass, and his nose was bleeding. He looked to be in an extremely bad state, and he was entirely furious.

“Kill!” The middle aged man looked into Chu Mo’s pure pitch black pupils that emitted a distinctly cold ray of light. For some reason he felt lacking in confidence. The middle aged man then immediately came to a decision after hearing his partner’s words.

A dozen people snarled one after the other. They rushed towards the thirteen year old youth.

It is unknown. It could be their intense hatred. Where would one think that a group of adults would kill a teenage child for their goods.

Chu Mo stood there in tattered clothes. Ice-cold pupils faced the vicious group of men, awe-inspiring and fearless.

“Little animal, go die!” A youth wearing leather armor flourished a large knife. He ruthlessly slashed towards Chu Mo’s head. This knife wanted Chu Mo’s life.


The thick heavy large knife emitted a heavy piercing sound in the moment it slashed at Chu Mo’s head!

Chu Mo started his footwork skill, and his image flashed like a demon. Extending his left hand–

A slap sound!

He slapped the surface of the large knife with a powerful amount of force. The youth could no longer hold on, and it fell to the ground.

Chu Mo charged in front of the man in the blink of an eye. Picking up the right arm, a ruthless fist boomed towards the youth’s face.


A thunderous fist.

Yellow rank three dragon-like power ruthlessly crashed into the youth’s face, sending out a thud.


The young man’s face made a sound of bones shattering into small pieces. His whole person was like being struck by a mountain.

He was ruthlessly sent flying dozens of feet away, fainting on the spot.

Continuing on, Chu Mo used his elbow to fiercely strike into a man’s chest that was preparing to steal from him.


Another bone disintegrating sound. The man screamed as he was tossed backwards.

Chu Mo was enraged. This group of people’s robbing tactics were merciless and precise. Heaven knows how many people they have done this to in the past.

Kindness to enemies changes into cruelty for oneself.

This is what his grandfather taught him.

“The enemies on the battlefield, although they have families, ones they love, and their own stories…”

“But war is war! If you are charitable, your comrades, your family, your hometown……they will be trampled!”


Chu Mo no longer held back as he faced these vile robbers.

Another two men suffered heavy losses from Chu Mo in the blink of an eye.

The power of a middle yellow rank three could not be resisted by a group with only one yellow rank two.

Although Chu Mo was one person, but he was like a human shaped high level Yuan beast. He dashed left and right through the group of people. Seven or eight people collapsed to the ground in a short period of time, wailing unable to stand up.

There was only the middle aged man and three other men remaining. They looked at each other, and they couldn’t help but step back.

They could see fear concentrated in the eyes of their partners.

As well as regret!

They would never have though in their wildest dreams that a thirteen year old teenager would have such terrifying combat ability. Then finally thought of the words this teenager said before.

“I killed these Yuan beasts myself!”

They sensed this young man wasn’t lying. He actually told the truth!

Where did this terrifying little monster come from?

Could it be a disciple from one of those large sects?

The middle aged man’s heart held unparalleled regret.

A moment of greed, Not eating the fish could make who whole house smell, it could even influence the lord’s affairs.

If it is like this, it is endless regret.

It would be great if one could turn the clock back.

But where is such medicine for regret in this world?

Chu Mo looked at the middle aged man and coldly said: “Had enough? Do you wish to continue?”

The middle aged man’s mouth violently twitched. He looked at Chu Mo, gnashed his teeth, and said: “What do you still want?”

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