Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 22: Night Pursuers

Chapter 22: Night Pursuers

“How can you ask me what I want?”

Chu Mo looked at the middle aged man: “The people who stopped me are you!”

“You are the ones who want to rob me!”

“Now when you can’t beat me, you ask me what I want?”

“You all are the ones who have been applying the pressure from the beginning to the end!”

The middle aged man immediately relaxed his breath. He secretly thought: ‘Although this little thing is alarmingly powerful, but in the end his is still a child and rather soft. If it was an adult, I’m afraid he wouldn’t let us leave here alive.’

The middle aged man revealed a trace of a bitter smile while thinking: “This group was unaware of this little hero in the past. We have offended you, and are truly sorry.”

He bowed in respect to Chu Mo, then continued saying: “We have received the proper punishment, look……my brothers have all suffered serious injuries. Could you……release us? Let them receive aid? Otherwise they will all die!”

Chu Mo looked at the middle aged man, and he struggled a lot on the inside.

He didn’t blame idiots. Chu Mo clearly remembered the things his grandfather taught him when he was little. There could be endless trouble if he releases this group of people. He carries a large treasure, and it would be a miracle if this group returned home and didn’t cause trouble.

Continuing on this road could become even more difficult!

But knowing a matter, and acting……yet are two different things.

No matter how you say it, he is only thirteen. It would be hard for him to raise the knife and kill unless it was true deep hatred.

Chu Mo hesitated, the good side won out in the end. He looked at the middle aged man and seriously said: “It is useless to use your words to fool me. You are all horrible people!”

“You appear to be a group of adventurers, but as soon as you see a wealthy person, you immediately surround and rob them. Obviously in the past……you all have done these types of things!”

The middle aged man was frightened back a step, and his face revealed an embarrassed color as he spoke: “You misunderstood……we, we aren’t like you said, only…….we only saw little hero is young, and we wanted to tease you, really……”

Chu Mo looked at him and said: “Today I won’t kill you all, but remember. If in the future I run into bandits, as soon as I find out they are related to you, you had better say your prayers. Hope you never see me again.”

“This world is very large. The heavens and the earth are vast. But sometimes, this world is very small, maybe we’ll meet again.”

“You all best behave!”

Chu Mo spoke, looked at the middle aged man, and lead along a horse he said: “This horse is my compensation!”

Finished speaking, he got on the horse and rode out.

A soon as Chu Mo left his line of sight, the middle aged man’s face revealed a vile expression as he ruthlessly stomped: “He should die!”

The several uninjured men helped assist those on the ground unable to get up. A man in his twenties cried out: “Lao Wang, we were toyed around with by that little animal. He is too severe……”

“How?” The middle aged man had a baleful aura. He gritted his teeth as he asked.

“That child……crippled several of our brothers, the Yuan Qi is broken……they can no longer use their Yuan power, waa waah!”

“Cry you baby!” The middle aged man snarled, then he gritted his teeth and said: “What a little animal, truly savage. What is the difference between crippling our people and killing them?”

“He even threatened me before leaving. Little thing, if I let you walk peacefully through the grassland, this boss’s name will be turned upside down!” The middle aged man roared as he made the oath.

The young man scolded just now by Lao Wang weakly said: “Your name will still be written the same if it is turned upside down……”

[TL: The man’s name is “老王” which translates to ‘Old King’. The ‘王’ wang portion is what he is referring to.]

“You scram!” The middle aged Lao Wang kicked the young man over. Then he blew out a big whistle.

The strange thing is, no noise came out. But a black outline appeared in the sky after a moment. A hawk actually descended from the sky and landed on Lao Wang’s shoulder.

Lao Wang pulled out a pen and piece of paper. He quickly wrote a couple lines and tied the paper to the hawk’s leg. Then he pulled out a piece of meat and to give it.

The hawk took the piece of meat in its mouth, extended his wings, and flew high up into the sky.

Lao Wang finally heaved a sigh of relief: “The child is carrying gold bricks into a busy city……you want to die, I can give it to you!”

But Chu Mo was galloping out of the grasslands after he snatched the horse.

Chu Mo vaguely remembered this grassland. His grandfather had mentioned, located to the north of Da Qi is a place that belongs to Da Qi in name.

But in reality, the power is held in the hands of the wandering herdsmen clans.

This grassland is very fertile, and it produces top level war horses.

Three fifths of the horses in Da Qi’s military come from these grasslands. But it is extremely difficult to reign them in.

Da Qi has fought several times with the herdsmen clans, but they have never been successful.

Those herdsmen clans are matchlessly familiar with these plains. Furthermore their policy is: “Hit and run’. Therefore, the grassland is the greatest headache for successive dynasty rulers of Da Qi.

The relationship between Da Qi and Da Xia couldn’t be called cordial, they could even be called rivals.

It is unknown how many times they have fought since ancient times. Only the past twenty years have been very peaceful. Apart from a few minor conflicts, the great majority of times the two sides are on friendly terms.

But grandfather said the peace won’t last long. Da Qi has been sharpening the knife these past few years. They have adopted an appeasement policy to the herdsmen in the north, but in reality, they have enacted several secret plans.

The northern grasslands will be captured as soon as these plans erupt. At that time, Da Qi will have a well trained and powerful army.

Then the war with Da Xia will quickly approach.

“Since this time I have to traverse the grasslands, why not explore the actual situation? I can give grandfather some useful information when I return!” Chu Mo rode into the wind, squinted his eyes, and thought secretly.

“Hey, why did you release those men? They clearly want to kill you!”

A crisp voice like a lark sounded out behind Chu Mo. Chu Mo wasn’t even alarmed, because Qi Xiaoyu elusively appears this way every time.

“That group of people already can no longer resist. Moreover several of them were crippled by me. They can no longer use Yuan power if the recover later on. They can only be an ordinary person in this life. This type of punishment is not enough?” Chu Mo didn’t turn around. He only stopped his horse and plainly spoke.

“I feel it isn’t enough.” Qi Xiaoyu spoke. She went before Chu Mo, looked at the horse, and said: “You should know. The leader immediately sent a message after you left. I’m afraid your road won’t be so peaceful.”

Chu Mo angrily said: “I knew it! That group of shameless people couldn’t have any credibility!”

Qi Xiaoyu looked in his eye: “Since you knew, why did you release them? Certainly directly killing them is more clear cut? It saves a lot of regret.”

Chu Mo blankly looked at Qi Xiao Yu and said: “How can you be so cruel hearted?”

Qi Xiao Yu immediately said annoyed: “How can you say that to me? I have been kind to you, yet you call me cruel hearted. I refuse to acknowledge you!” Finished speaking, her image flashed and floated far away.

The remaining chu Mo blankly stared for a long time. Then he subconsciously shook his head and muttered: “Could it be I am wrong?”

He sighed. The thirteen year old revealed a slight pondering look on that handsome yet young and inexperienced face. He sat on the horse, slowly moving, and continuously contemplated.

Many times right and wrong is not absolute.

It is really far-fetched for a young thirteen year old to be cold blooded and merciless, decisively slaughtering.

The moon and the stars hung in the sky into the night. The line of sight was very good, and the heavens and earth were tranquil.

Chu Mo’s heart was yet uneasy. He felt what he said to Qi Xiaoyu during the day seemed a little excessive.

This girl has been very helpful along the road despite being mysterious and elusive. Although they didn’t speak often, but at least he counted her as a friend.

“Perhaps, my words today wounded her. Will she refuse to speak to me later?” Chu Mo laid in the grass and looked into the stars somewhat regretful.

The horse he snatched from the robbers peacefully ate grass to the side.

Suddenly, Chu Mo heard a burst of hoof stomps extremely far away. It seemed to advance in his directions.

Chu Mo’s thoughts began to act. He immediately saw a black shadow under the moonlight flying towards him.

“They deserve to die!” Chu Mo at last understood. His opponent had continuously monitored him.

Chu Mo jumped on the horse after muttering, and he galloped in the opposite direction.

Torches suddenly lit up behind him, and several arrows landed not far away.

Chu Mo was alarmed and angry at the same time. It seems this group isn’t going to give up. Chu Mo thought while galloping on the horse: “Qi Xiaoyu, you were right. It is best to kill these people right away. Otherwise there is endless trouble!”

“I made the mistake of being soft-hearted!”

“It is my fault!”

Chu Mo looked behind. Several riders appeared in the far away shadow.

“Chase, don’t let him escape!”

“That child is carrying a large amount of Yuan beast meat, bones, and skin. A small fortune!”

“Pursue him, us brothers can divide up a large fortune, drink wine from bowls, and have a feast!”

Ao Ao Ao!

Wild howls and cheers sounded under the grassland’s night sky.

A group of forty to fifty riders formed a large shape and madly pursued Chu Mo.

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