Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 23: Kill or Be Killed

Chapter 23: Kill or Be Killed

Chu Mo was furious inside. He knew this certainly had to do with releasing those men earlier in the day.

Chu Mo wouldn’t fear fifty plus riders in normal circumstances.

He is a yellow rank three……using dragon-like power, extinguishing fifty cavalry men wouldn’t be too difficult under normal circumstances.

But Chu Mo yet feared that there were people similarly as powerful as himself among the horsemen……possibly even more powerful.

Even if their power is a little less than his own, this many people together is an enormous threat.

After all, that group of people already saw his power during they day. They couldn’t possibly withhold that information when they passed the message. Because of this, these people in all likelihood are aware of his power.

Since they know, and they still dare approach, that is enough to explain the problem.

Chu Mo didn’t panic. He guided his horse to the east and directly charged. If he kept going along this route, then he would ultimately enter into the ice-field.

Of course, Chu Mo couldn’t really enter into the ice-field. The pursuers behind wouldn’t allow him to enter.


An extremely intense air-piercing noise.

Chu Mo felt an extremely ice-cold sense transfer from behind. He pushed down flat against the horse, and a sharp arrow grazed past his back.

Chu Mo was covered in cold sweat. That arrow would have hit him if he had reacted the slightest bit slower.

He would be killed or seriously injured as soon as he was hit.

The horse below already started to sweat from high speed running. Its gasps for air became rough.

Chu Mo knew the horse was already approaching its limit. It would collapse sooner or later if this continued on.

Chu Mo seized an opportunity. He suddenly jumped from the high speed horse as he passed by a stretch of grassland that was as tall as a person. After rolling several times, he burrowed into the grassland and concealed himself.

The horse he was originally on kept running far away before it stopped because of inertia.

These are well trained horses. They won’t easily run off when their master leaves.

Chu Mo saw the sight from within the grass. His brows wrinkled somewhat losing hope.

He originally wanted the horse to run far away to attract the attention of some people. He never thought it would actually stop.

This certainly wasn’t a good place to stay. Chu Mo started his footwork skill, and he used the underbrush as a screen to rapidly flee east.

The horsemen discovered the riderless horse at this time. They immediately spread in all directions to find Chu Mo’s footprints.

It is a pity for them the grass is too high. Don’t mention a teenager, even a full grown man would completely disappear.

“Search, search everywhere. Do not let this little animal flee!”

“The worth of the things he carries, it is worth several years military…….cough cough, worth several years of living lavishly!”

“Brothers, whoever finds this little animal will receive the chief reward!”

A burly dark man on a black horse shouted.

The riders immediately rumbled cheers, then they went searching in all directions.

“Boss, found it. This kid is cunning. He unexpectedly jumped from the horse and used the underbrush as a screen to flee!” A rider discovered Chu Mo’s tracks and the direction he fled in.

The dark man walked over and took a look. He coldly smiled: “Idiot, you want to use your two legs to flee from this grassland? Even if you are a Yuan Closure warrior……it is not enough!”

‘Chase! He can’t have run far!”

Under the guidance of two skilled trackers, they advanced in the direction Chu Mo fled.

But finding the traces of Chu Mo with torches in the night isn’t that easy. Because of this, the riders broke into five small units. Each unit was built of ten men.

They spread out about in intervals over a few miles, and mutually watched each other. They advanced in the direction of Chu Mo together.

Chu Mo indeed didn’t flee far. He didn’t think to flee!

He wants revenge!

The first thing that rider said wasn’t wrong. If one wants to flee from horses on two legs from this grassland……even if they have broken through the Yuan Closure, it is still not enough.

A person could maintain high speed for short distances. But as the time grows, Yuan power will be completely exhausted.

Therefore, in this place, one must not believe their two legs can outrun a horse.

Chu Mo also understood this, and he didn’t think to rely on his two legs to surpass these horses. In other words, he didn’t think to flee!

The things that occurred today had a great impact on him. His moment of goodness brought himself endless trouble. The people wanting to grab him right now……he’s afraid they brought the cavalry!

“If I ever run across you all……I won’t let you go!” Chu Mo’s young clear pupils flashed a trace of cold severe color.

The purity of youth was slowly replaced by anger.

The seventh elder used a large amount of Yuan power in the past to rush to Yellow Flame City. It was all to kill his grandfather and cover up something that was a near impossibility of happening.

Far away in the Xia Family, the imperial family was fully aware the fault lied within their own younger generation. Did they not want to kill Chu Mo in the first moment?

“Those great men, mighty and powerful, and yet so careful and cautious. I am a youth, alone on this desolate grassland, but I send out this good hearted bullshit?” The eyes of Chu Mo coldly flashed as he lay hidden low in the bush.

Borrowing the darkness of night, he hid extremely well.

It was extremely difficult for the skilled scouts to discover him. Don’t forget Chu Mo grew up in the military! He is extremely familiar with these matters.

Step step……step step.

A burst of slight horse hoofs sounded.

It was very light. One wouldn’t be able to hear it if it weren’t for the stillness of night.

Chu Mo secretly thought: ‘This group of men……they are not quite like ordinary robbers. This way of extreme caution is like real soldiers!’

“Don’t tell me……” Chu Mo eyes slightly squinted, and he made a conjecture.

The opponent is extremely crafty. They are still extremely cautious even though they don’t know Chu Mo is hiding here, carefully walking in the high grass.

Chu Mo’s thought were extremely tense. He watched as the grass not far away from him slightly move with unmatched focus.

At last, a rider appeared in Chu Mo’s line of sight.

‘It is good if I can fully understand his state!’ Chu Mo quietly thought.

The jade on Chu Mo slightly heated up, and at the same time a piece of information appeared in his mind.

“Yellow rank two, rank two physique, no illness.”

“Ah?” Chu Mo was slightly startled. He thought: ‘What just happened? Don’t tell it is my jade?’

It was too late to think more. That rider already approached Chu Mo’s hiding location.

In the instant Chu Mo thought to reach out a hand, a voice sounded from far away: “Discover anything?”

“No, that little thing is much more cunning than we thought!” The yellow rank two rider replied, then he prepared to leave.

‘Crafty fart! I’ll start with you!’ Chu Mo snarled inside. He burst out of the underbrush. The short knife glimmered in hand and slid towards the rider’s throat!


Carnage erupted.

The rider stared at the boss, eyes filled with disbelief. His body limply fell down from the horse.

Chu Mo extended a hand, and softly set the rider on the grass.

The horse turned around, seeming to not realize what happened.

Chu Mo’s heart incessantly beat. The short knife in his hand somewhat quivered.

This is his first time murdering someone!

A life ended in his hands like this!

This feeling wasn’t the slightest bit good. Chu Mo continuously reminded himself: ‘If you didn’t act, the dead person would certainly be you!’

Chu Mo’s heart finally recovered a trace of calmness after a long time.

Chu Mo said to himself and he looked at the dead rider on the ground: ‘Sorry, if you didn’t wish to kill me, would I have acted against you?’

He stripped the armor off of the rider and placed it on himself. Thinking a moment, Chu Mo also took the rider’s long knife. He placed the Yuan beast meat, bones, and skins inside of the jade space.

Then he got on the horse and slowly advanced towards the direction of that other voice just now.

“Damn, this little bastard should die. He’s truly matchless in cunning. How long do you think he can hide? He’s offended boss, let’s burn down the whole field!” A short-tempered rider loudly mumbled to himself.

“Don’t, if you set the place on fire, our fun will be over. This clear weather has made the whole grassland dry. A fire could burn for several days and nights!” Another rider said.

“Yes, don’t worry, that child basically can’t hide in the daylight tomorrow! Apart from the son’s of Wang Ting that should die, who is more familiar with this grassland than us?” The third rider spoke.

“Been here for many years, all quickly forgotten what hometown is like.” The fourth rider chipped in.

“Right, reckon it won’t be long before we can go home!” A low voice sounded out.

Chu Mo thought: ‘These men…….as expected they aren’t that simple!’

He raised a long saber at this time, and rode towards the group of men.

“The night isn’t good for searching. I think we should search tomorrow in the daylight! That boy can’t run far in the grassland!” A rider two hundred feet from Chu Mo said.

Chu Mo didn’t speak. He lifted the long saber and kicked the horse. The horse neighed and rushed towards that person.

“Team leader Cao, what are you? You discover……” The words of the man two hundred feet away fell. Chu Mo’s horse had already rushed before him. The raised saber advanced towards the rider’s head, hacking down.

The heavy and sharp saber flashed a cold light in the sky.


The rider’s head was hacked in two on the spot!

A mixture of blood and brains instantly flowed out.

The rider was killed on the spot!

“Ah! Not good! He isn’t one of ours. It’s that little animal!” A rider personally witnessed the sight from no so far away, and he screamed out

But these words became his last on the earth.

Chu Mo’s saber horizontally slashed, directly dropping his head to the floor.

A cavity of blood spouted out.


[TL: Vomiting sound.]

Chu Mo felt his organs churn inside, and he couldn’t help but dry vomit. But this actions didn’t cease in the slightest.

He rushed towards the third rider!

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