Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 24: Shocking Blade

Chapter 24: Shocking Blade

“He should die……kill him!”

“Kill, don’t let him live!”

The rider who spoke is the one with the deep voice. He is also the captain of the fifty plus horsemen.

His voice is full of anger and fear!

The information he received before said a thirteen or fourteen year old youth was carrying a fortune in Yuan beast meat, bones, and skin. But his skill is extremely high, and is suspected to be a large sect disciple.

This group of people originally didn’t wish to provoke a large sect disciple. Because there would be endless trouble as soon as they were discovered. They wished to sneakily murder him and destroy the evidence.

Otherwise, these men couldn’t withstand the retaliation of those protected by the major sects.

But the intelligence said this child is alone and carrying a large amount of Yuan beast meat, bones, and skin. The value is worth 12,000 gold at the very least!

12,000 gold. This is a substantial number for big business tycoons, let alone these people who spend bitter days on the grasslands.

People die for wealth. Beasts die for food.

Wealth is enough to drive people crazy when it reaches a certain amount.

The first rank two rider killed by Chu Mo is a middle level captain for this group of horsemen. He is a backbone for the group of riders and a close aid of the main captain.

His death made the main captain of the horsemen greatly distressed, and he abhorred this teenager to the extreme.

He finally understood the words in the message. This teenagers strength is extremely powerful. They were not empty words. But now it is too late. The matter has already happened like this. One can only bite the bullet and proceed.


A knife flashed by. The third rider, not even a Yuan rank one, was cut down by Chu Mo.

Chu Mo charged at the fourth person!

The main captain of the cavalry men was already quickly becoming insane. He waved his blade, rushed towards Chu Mo, and roared: “What a ruthless little animal……today I must kill you!”


That horse rider held a pole-arm. It had an extremely long handle. It was completely made of metal, and had a three foot long blade.

The long blade whirled through the air, chopping towards Chu Mo, and it made an enormous smothering noise.

Chu Mo thought: What is this person’s strength?

But the jade on his chest didn’t react this time. Chu Mo’s mouth twitched. The blade was already chopping towards him at this time.

Chu Mo gritted, horizontally moving the saber in hand…….


An enormous sound like thunder.

The horse below Chu Mo couldn’t help but neigh and retreat several steps backwards.

Looking at the saber in hand, an enormous notch was unexpectedly chopped out!

“What enormous power!” Chu Mo shook inside. He had the most basic judgement towards this person’s strength: ‘At least……the same as myself. A warrior that has broken the Yuan Closure! He has dragon-like power! Otherwise his blade absolutely couldn’t be this mighty.’

Unbeknownst to Chu Mo, the main captain was even more shocked. He couldn’t help but ask: “You… old are you? How can you possess this type of power?”

“Reduce the garbage talk, eat my blade!” Chu Mo’s inner ferociousness was aroused by his opponent, and his blood started to heat up.

He raised the long saber with the huge notch taken out and chopped towards the opponent.

This blade is one of the chants Chu Mo had learned, and it is a most profound method!

This blade technique has eight steps altogether. It has the most moves of the chants the Demon Lord gave him.

At the same, it is also the most profound!

Chu Mo up until now only barely comprehended the superficial knowledge of the first blade.

But this little bit of superficial knowledge is world shattering when put into practice!

The blade slashed, the space between heaven and earth, an incomparably blinding ray of light.

Like lightning!

All directions, everything filled with an extreme terrifying murderous aura!

The surrounding riders that had prepared to charge and their horses were enveloped by this murderous aura.

The riders hearts gave birth to intense terror in an instant. The legs of the horses beneath them couldn’t help but become weak and kneel on the ground. The riders on top were all thrown off.

The main captain’s ice-old face filled with disdain as he originally watched Chu Mo wield the blade.

He didn’t believe this teenage brat’s accomplishments in the blade could exceed a battle-soaked thirty year old warrior like himself.

But this thinking scattered to the winds in an instant.

The captain’s eyes filled with a dismayed color as he watched this stunning otherworldly blade. His mouth slightly stretched open as if wanting to scream something.

But, there was no opportunity!


The blade light, the saber with the enormous notch jeered. From top to bottom……the main captain of the cavalrymen split into two halves.

This continued to his horse below.

This blade carried the force of a thunderbolt, unstoppable!

Even Chu Mo himself never thought his own blade would unexpectedly have this enormous might.

“Captain……captain died!”

“Captain was killed!”

“Captain died!”

These several riders that fell from the horses, yet didn’t maintain serious injuries, were all extremely terrified inside. They howled and stretched their legs, wildly fleeing as far away from Chu Mo as possible.

“Captain? They are military?” Chu Mo’s pupils coldly flashed. In for a penny, in for a pound, Chu Mo prepared to thoroughly wipe out the cavalrymen!

At this time, a sharp arrow searched, breaking through the air, right towards Chu Mo like lightning. In practically the blink of an eye, it appeared before Chu Mo’s face.

Chu Mo activated the footwork skill, slightly startled, and flashed to the side.


Che arrow brushed past Chu Mo’s cheek carrying a sturdy wind. It gave Chu Mo’s cheek a sharp pain.

“That archer……really strong!”

Chu Mo shot towards that direction. There wasn’t even a trace of a person over there.

Obviously the opponent didn’t want to face him. He only prepared a surprise attack.

The far away riders heard the cries of their comrades. They gathered toward that side one by one.

Chu Mo thought: ‘If it wasn’t for that archer, killing these men would have been a piece of cake. It would be best to take out that archer, but it’s a pity he is very crafty. I reckon he won’t give me an opportunity. If I turn around and flee, he will inevitably surprise attack me again. I’m afraid those riders will also circle me if I stay here.

Comparing the two, Chu Mo would rather let those cavalrymen encircle him. Because the formation of the riders will make it so that archer won’t have a way to sneak attack!

Furthermore he also has enough confidence to break out from their encirclement.

He made up his mind to not eagerly flee. Chu Mo would borrow the terrain to hide from the archer’s grasp.

Those riders were all well trained. Although they encircled Chu Mo, they didn’t hastily approach. They formed a large circle far away from him.

“Bastards!” Chu Mo cursed. Chu Mo already came to a conclusion. This group of men certainly aren’t normal people. It is very possible they are what grandfather spoke of…… one of the ‘tricks’ Da Qi has set up in the grassland!

“That little animal already broke through the Yuan Closure. Otherwise Captain certainly wouldn’t have been taken out! Everyone be extra careful. Don’t let him approach close. Use arrows at him!” A rider yelled out.

Soon after, dozens of soldiers pulled bows out one by one and notched arrows. They advanced in the direction Chu Mo hid.

Woosh woosh woosh!

An intense sound broke through the sky. Dozens of arrows shot towards Chu Mo like meteors.

The group of calvary couldn’t determine Chu Mo’s precise location in the darkness of night. They wanted to use a chaos of fire to force Chu Mo out.

Chu Mo’s calmness and maturity didn’t belong to a young person. He hid there without moving!

One arrow shot by his side with less than a foot of distance from his body!

Chu Mo could clearly feel his own heartbeat accelerate, but his thoughts were incomparably sober.

Heaven’s Will My Will scripture automatically started. It made Chu Mo thoroughly calm in a mere moment. His whole person entered into a mysterious state.

Everywhere became completely silent in this moment. Chu Mo slightly closed his eyes, and he could clearly feel everything within ten feet around!

Even a rat panicking and digging into a hole did not escape his senses!


An arrow.


Directly shooting at Chu Mo’s heart!

It was that constantly hidden archer!

He certainly has a type of formidable skill. He could accurately determine Chu Mo’s precise location.

This arrow is different than the others, completely faint. Not only is it dipped in poison, but it is made of an extremely special type of metal.

This ought to be a the opponent’s hidden ace, an attack that must kill Chu Mo!

This arrow……afraid it also made him exhaust all his strength.

Chu Mo’s mind decided this information in almost an instant. Even things he himself didn’t know. How could his mind be so clear?


Chu Mo asked himself.

Although he precisely seized the path of the arrow’s trajectory, but his body……was yet very difficult to keep up with the brain’s speed.

Chu Mo started the footwork skill in that instant. A low howling noise, the body in a split second……slightly shifted.

That arrow directly that was locked onto his heart hit into the left arm.

With a poof sound, it actually pierced through the flesh of Chu Mo’s left arm, and it deeply struck into the underbrush behind.


Chu Mo’s body momentarily trembled. The flesh on his arm was pierced through and mangled!

A large amount of fresh blood flowed out.

The fortunate thing is, this arrow didn’t hit his bone. Otherwise, the arrow contained enough force to easily shatter his bone.

A severe pain followed like a flood.

But Chu Mo’s brain…….is unprecedentedly clear!

“I bet you can only use this level of archery once!”

Chu Mo gritted teeth. Without turning, he madly fell back.

He snatched up the arrow when he passed by and yelled: “This arrow is mine. I will remember you!”

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