Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 25: Jade’s Secret

Chapter 25: Jade’s Secret

Soon after, Chu Mo started the footwork skill. He disappeared from the underbrush in a blink of an eye.

Sure enough, another terrifying arrow did not fire.

Even those riders didn’t have any action for a long time.

A person over a thousand feet from Chu Mo walked out after a long time.

This young person looked around twenty years old. He wore green robes and had a handsome appearance. His figure was tall and straight, and he had a pair of stern pupils that were filled with a startled and confused color.

“This teenager……where was he spawned? Don’t tell me, he is the same as me, a person from a big sect? Otherwise how could he avoid my ‘knowing arrow’?”

“Little master……we……should we pursue?” A rider dismounted and went to the young man’s side, then respectfully asked.

“Forget it, don’t chase. You all aren’t his match even if we overtake him. You’ll be sent to death in vain.” The young man sighed: “He has a lot of guts. I can only gamble on this level of attack once. I can use two arrows if I cultivate ‘knowing arrow’ to the second level. He certainly would have died today like that.

“Young master don’t worry. You will certainly succeed quickly!” The horseman spoke.

The young man slightly shook his head: “It isn’t that easy!”

As he spoke, let out a sigh and said: “Fine, today we had bad luck. We ran into some grit and several brothers died. Go back and bury the dead. Tell their families they died serving their country. I will take responsibility for their livelihood!”

“Young master is benevolent. It is our greatest fortune to be at young master’s side.” This horseman spoke his innermost feelings.

The young man waved his hand. The perplexed color in his eyes still didn’t scatter. He mumbled: “Such an interesting little thing, remember me? I will also remember you!”

“I shot you once. Although you killed several of my close subordinates, and walked away with my blue jade arrow, this account will be settled later!”

Finished speaking, the young man waved his hand, and mounted his horse: “Go!”

Chu Mo nearly exhausted all his strength from bolting through the grassland. When his two legs argued that four legs are faster, he only thought about making it difficult for those horsemen to chase. He would flee first then discuss it with his legs later.

He madly continued east until the gray dawn approached. Chu Mo felt he had run at least two hundred and fifty miles away.

This amount of distance was the first time for him.

His two legs were soft, and the Yuan power in the Dantian was nearly all exhausted.

He didn’t want to stop, but he lacked the strength.

“Hmph, don’t listen, and there are even more fierce opponents. Do you understand you are wrong now?”

Qi Xiaoyu appeared as before, as if dropped from the heavens in a blue dress that was forever clean. Her brow slightly wrinkled as she looked at the wound on his arm: “You got injured?”

“You are so great and powerful, don’t tell me you didn’t see it?” Chu Mo spoke with a somewhat hoarse voice. He looked her in the eye, crossed his legs and sat, then started to cultivate scripture. He silently began to recover.

“I don’t always follow you. How could I see?” Qi Xiaoyu spoke. She walked over to Chu Mo and brought out some scissors. She cut the sleeve off of Chu Mo’s wounded arm, then said: “This injury isn’t light. Fortunately it didn’t hit bone!”

Finished speaking, she withdrew some golden pain medicine and started to help bind up Chu Mo.

Chu Mo cultivated the scripture, and gritted his teeth saying: “Ow……a little softer!”

Qi Xiaoyu looked down upon Chu Mo: “You still know pain, looks like you haven’t lost your foolishness!”

“You are an idiot!”

“Hmph, if you weren’t a fool, why didn’t you know to run? How could you be the least bit unprepared knowing that group of people dared cause you trouble?”

“How could I know they had an archer.” Chu Mo stopped cultivating. Chu Mo opened his eyelids and stared into the inky pitch black eyes of Qi Xiaoyu. He said somewhat embarrassed: “Furthermore, he was a very talented archer.”

He pulled out the arrow that pierced through him: “Well, it was this arrow. I feel the material it is made from is somewhat unusual. There aren’t many people who use it. I will certainly be able to find that guy later on!”

Chu Mo discovered the seamless composition of the arrow at this time. It was unexpectedly carved out in one whole piece.

Moreover, the carving was extremely detailed. At one glance, he could see it wasn’t made by an ordinary person’s hand. The lower part of the shaft had a very small “Sun” character.

Chu Mo had an ice-cold feeling as he held the arrow. It is extremely sharp. The arrow shot through Chu Mo’s arm, yet there wasn’t a trace of blood on it.

“Such a good item!” Chu Mo carefully sized it up, and he couldn’t help but praise.

Qi Xiaoyu glanced at the arrow and said somewhat disdainfully: “What good item. It is merely a blue jade arrow, that’s it. It’s nothing special!”

“What? This is the legendary blue jade arrow?” Chu Mo was immediately startled. He looked at Qi Xiaoyu: “You aren’t cheating me?”

“Ah, don’t mess with it!” Qi Xiaoyu scolded Chu Mo, then gave a supercilious look: “Cheat you for what? This thing isn’t any kind of rare item. Huh? Where did the Yuan beast bones, skin, and meat go? Could it have been snatched away?”

“No, it has been hidden by me.” Chu Mo casually replied. He didn’t want to lie to others, but he also didn’t want to reveal the jade secret. He could only reply like this.

He had a thought as he recalled the piece of jade. He focused and thought: ‘What realm is Qi Xiaoyu in.’

The jade didn’t have the slightest bit of reaction.

‘What realm is Qi Xiaoyu in?’

Chu Mo concentrated with great effort on that thought.

The jade still didn’t have any reaction.

‘Qi Xiaoyu……’

“Ah, what are you doing? What foolishness is this?”

A lily-white hand shook in front of Chu Mo. Qi Xiaoyu looked at Chu Mo with a bewildered expression: “Are you worried about those precious materials? How about I go with you to get them back?”

“Cough cough……” Chu Mo somewhat awkwardly laughed. He shook his head: “Forget it. Let’s talk about it later.”

Chu Mo grabbed the blue jade arrow, and his face was plastered with an odd expression. He muttered: “I truly never thought……the royal children of Da Qi would unexpectedly come to these plains. It looks like you all are determined to capture these grasslands!”

Qi Xiaoyu seemed not the least bit concerned about this matter. She told Chu Mo to be careful of pursuing soldiers and hurriedly left after helping him pack up.

She is still so mysterious, disappearing without a trace. But Chu Mo was already used to it. He conjectured that Qi Xiaoyu must be searching for something, otherwise she wouldn’t leave so suddenly every time.

But since she didn’t say, Chu Mo didn’t think to ask. After all, everyone has their secrets, like his jade.

Chu Mo had an unspeakable feeling as soon as he thought of the piece of jade. Very strange, like a thing originally a part of him. Suddenly, it experienced an enormous change.

The thing belonged to himself, but yet it was like an uncontrollable feeling.

Chu Mo had this kind of feeling ever since it changed the first day.

It changed the Demon Lord’s precious scripture Heaven’s Will My Will. The jade pointed out that unremarkable shrub, then forcefully sucked it in. Even today it unexpectedly transferred information on his enemy……but it doesn’t have the slightest bit of action when he tried to initiate an inquiry on another person.

“What the devil!” Chu Mo muttered. He submerged his consciousness into the jade space. He really wanted to know why everything is the way it is.

The space seemed to have not that great of a change, but Chu Mo still sensitively felt life force inside…….it seemed not as intense as before.

He squinted his eyes. The first time he looked at that unremarkable shrub……sure enough those extremely small sprouts…….they wilted!

“Don’t tell me every change requires a large amount of energy to support?” Chu Mo wrinkled his brows in thought.

The first time this piece of jade acted strangely is when it sucked in Heaven’s Will My will inside. It changed the words of the first page of the Heaven’s Will scripture.

Chu Mo never studied Heaven’s Will My Will before the it changed. He didn’t know if it changed for the better, but at least he didn’t have any problems cultivating.

The second change is after he encountered the small shrub. The second page of Heaven’s Will My Will added another two lines.

The third change is when he fought enemies today. He had an intense thought to know the opponent’s strength. The piece of jade once again demonstrated signs, and it placed his opponents information into his mind.

Then……the buds on the small shrub wilted.

Everything points to a source. The piece of jade must have the energy it needs to display its power.

The problem is, what does it want?

Chu Mo withdrew from the jade space. He felt he has guessed correctly, but it made him somewhat depressed. He didn’t know what method to use to increase the power of this piece of jade.

“Looks like I can only wait until the next time it scalds me……” Chu Mo muttered. He continued hurrying east soon after. It was peaceful along the way.

Chu Mo already entered the central region of the grassland after three days. The wound on his arm had already healed for the most part.

The first part is his physique is especially good. The second part is the medicine Qi Xiaoyu applied is miraculous.

Chu Mo rested by a lake on the evening of the third day. He heard the sound of rushing horses from far away, and an angry roar followed at the same time.

“Ge Erzha, you traitor! You have forsaken the Wang Court, forsaken your ancestors. You won’t have a good ending!” A maiden’s voice filled with rage transferred over from far away.

A middle age man’s voice transferred: “Princess, surrender. Ge Erzha is eternally your most faithful servant. Don’t keep resisting. It has no meaning! Ge Erzha hasn’t betrayed the Wang court. He hasn’t betrayed the ancestors! There are unavoidable reasons!”

“Princess, the first and second prince…….they both surrendered to Da Qi. Now there is only you and the small prince remaining. You and the small prince will die if you don’t surrender!”

“Us people of the grassland have fought with Da Qi for hundreds of years. Don’t tell me princess doesn’t know the severity of Da Qi?

The young girl’s voice angrily sounded: “You fart! We’ve fought hundreds of years, yet when has Da Qi defeated us? Ge Erzha, you’re afraid to die! Brother Jin and brother Yin are the same, afraid to die! I won’t fall into your fears!”

“The Wang Clan of the grasslands only dies in battle. They are not surrendering cowards!”

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