Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 26: Wang Court Princess

Chapter 26: Wang Court Princess

Chu Mo stood up and looked away from lake. There was a figure far away bolting on horseback in his direction.

The man spoke again at this time: “Princess your highness. Ge Erzha is a grassland warrior. I’m not afraid of death. Ge Erzhe would rather die in battle against Da Qi if he could.”

[TL: These people like to speak in the third person.]

“But this time……this isn’t like the past princess!”

“Da Qi has planted countless schemes. We are already in their net. The whole Wang court has already been split apart by them. One third of the grassland tribes have already surrendered to Da Qi…….princess, wake up! We already lost!”

“As long as you nod, you will still be the most honored princess of the grassland. Your status will still be high, above everyone else!”

“Princess, Ge Erzhe is begging you!”

The girl seemed to be speechless, simply unable to answer. She held onto a small boy in her arms, and she bolted towards Chu Mo with twenty to thirty horsemen chasing behind..

One of the riders coldly shouted: “Ge Erzha, you are a traitor! Stop spouting such sweet words. Nothing you say is useful. You would release us today if you truly had a conscious. I, Ge Ermu will remember you well!”

Another horseman chasing bitterly laughed: “My good little brother, the problem isn’t whether or not we want to release you. These people at our side won’t let you go if you all don’t surrender!”

“Then we fight to the death! Ge Erzha, I won’t hold back! A young horseman pulled the reins and made his horse stop. He held a long spear and blocked the path.

The girl on the horse in the very front yelled: “Ge Ermu, you aren’t his match! Quickly return, we will be saved so long as we get to elder Hao Yue!”

“Princess!” That young horseman’s voice mournfully shouted: “Don’t forget Ge Ermu! Ge Ermu will die in battle defending princess!”

“Ge Ermu…….don’t die!” The young girl in the front shouted. She seemed to want to stop, but the horseman at her side ruthlessly forced slapped the backside of her horse.

The paid immediately caused the horses four hooves to flurry and run even faster.

“Don’t die!” The girl let out an eager cry. Tears drifted in the air.

“Ha ha ha ha, princess, don’t mourn for me. the Wang Court children are no cowards!” The young rider laughed wildly. Then he turned around and rushed towards the pursuers. The pike in his hand pierced into the front horseman.

Ge Erzha.

His close older brother.

“Little brother!”

“Step aside!” Ge Erzha shouted: “Do not die meaninglessly……”

In the end how could a close brother bear send their own kin to death. Ge Erzha didn’t give the kill command. A horseman at his side suddenly jumped off his horse. He flew through the air holding a double edged sword. The sword light flashed, and Ge Ermu’s head toppled to the ground.

“No!” Ge Erzhe cried out. His eyes immediately turned red, and he was ready to fight with that person to the death.

The man who killed Ge Ermu leaped back onto his horse in a beautiful arc. He coldly looked at Ge Erzhe: “You also want to die?”

“Why must you kill my brother!” Ge Erzha howled.

“He fought to the death!” The man coldly said: “I don’t care if you are young or old, a child or a woman. If you also want to die, I can grant your wish!”

“You……” Ge Erzha was extremely angry. He gritted his teeth, jumped down from the horse, and ran over to his younger brother’s head while weeping.

The girl fleeing in the very front became aware of what happened at this time. Constant beads of tears streamed down from her face. She resisted letting out any sound even though the tears flowed like rain.

All of the hate was recorded inside.

Chu Mo caught a panoramic view of this scene. He didn’t hesitate in the slightest as his image flashed and disappeared into the underbrush.

The girl’s group circled the lake and continued madly fleeing.

But Chu Mo directly charged the group of people pursuing behind them!

The piece of jade on his body suddenly heated up for a moment. Although it wasn’t scalding, but it was the most clear sign to Chu Mo

There is something the jade wants among that group of pursuers!

Originally Chu Mo opposed this group of people to give Da Qi some trouble. It was equivalent to helping his own country.

Although he isn’t in the military, but he is the child of a military general!

Although he wasn’t comfortable killing a man with his bare hands even now, but at least……Chu Mo already clearly understand the logic after going through that life and death situation.

“This is the same as a battlefield!”

“There is only life and death here, no mercy.”

Chu Mo’s target is the man who had just beheaded Ge Ermu. His strength is obviously good.

Obviously he isn’t an ordinary person because Da Qi sent him here to carry out a mission. Chu Mo was afraid they are all elite military troops at the least.

This person leaped from a high speed horse and killed a main while in mid-air. Then he easily returned on top of his horse……not just anyone has this type of skill.

This type of man would at least be a vice-general in the military.

“Da Qi will experience great pain if this type of person dies.”

“Furthermore my actions today will at least give Da Qi much trouble towards capturing the grasslands, at the least…… it could be **!”

[TL: ** in raws.]

“It would be awesome if it is truly like that!”

Chu Mo’s pupils twinkled. Grandfather had made him grow up in the military ever since he was little and trained him. Grandfather didn’t let Chu Mo see too many bloody scenes only because he was too young, and there weren’t any battles.

Nowadays, Chu Mo is walking this road himself in the end.

“No matter who my parents were, I am now a hundred percent Da Xia!”

“Being able to exert power for my nation is my greatest pride and honor!”

Chu Mo swelled inside. At this time that man was already only thirty feet away from Chu Mo.

It could be because he had just killed a man, or he was too concentrated on the group in front, but this man actually forgot about the possibility of any danger at his sides.

Right now!


Chu Mo snarled inside. He soared out from the underbrush. Unequaled Yuan power surged in his dantian, momentarily flooding all the meridians in his body. A ruthless sword slashed towards the man on the horse.


The man cried out. His eyes flashed with a startled color. He never thought a person would be hiding there!

And they dare attack him!

The man didn’t have enough time to raise his sword in the moment. His body dashed to the side, thinking to dodge the attack.

But this was within Chu Mo’s calculations. The gap in realms between his opponent wasn’t too large, how could he let him flash away?

Furthermore this sword uses the strongest sword technique Chu Mo had studied up to this point.

Nothing can stop this sword when it moves!

Like rolling thunder!


The man tried to block without taking the time to extract his sword from the scabbard. He originally believed it enough to block Chu Mo’s sword.

But he never thought, this rolling thunder sword would strangely bypass the sheathed sword in his hand. From this unimaginable angle……it ruthlessly chopped into the man’s shoulder


An extremely sharp edge cut open the man’s shoulder blade like cutting tofu……Chu Mo didn’t even feel any resistance!

The man split into two halves. Blood sprayed out in an instant. The man’s eyes were filled with startled disbelief as he flopped down from the horse.

Chu Mo already charged at the next person!

Everything happened too quickly. The strongest person in the group of people was already cut down by Chu Mo in the blink of an eye.

The other people were all still baffled. They weren’t clear what happened. They were obviously chasing the princess, and everything was fine. How could such a terrifying teenager appear?


Blood shot out of the second person’s head after being chopped off by Chu Mo. This suddenly made the group of people come to their senses. They let out a terrified cry: “Enemy attack!”

“Enemy attack!”

“Da Qi’s special envoy has been killed!”

“Quickly grab him!”

Because Ge Erzha wanted to gather his brother’s corpse he lagged behind. He stood there and violently trembled from head to toe. He desperately roared: “Quick grab that boy, you must not let him run away! He killed Da Qi’s envoy!”

Chu Mo had already cut down the third horse rider at this time, and he was rushing at the fourth person.

The tall thin teenager practically turned into a fearsome killing god in this moment. The people being killed were scared stiff, not daring to believe their own two eyes.

At what time did such a terrifying teenager appear on this grassland?

Could he be Nuo Yi’s mysterious hidden trump card?

Nuo Yi’s group of people had already fled very far away, and they also were suspicious.

“Where was this strong teenager spawned from?”

The group of people couldn’t help but stop after hearing the death cries from behind. Although they were eager to escape, it is not the nature of the grassland people to ignore their benefactor.

Nuo Yi instructed to the man at her side: “Quick, quick go help him! I want to appoint him!”

“Princess……go on ahead. We will go help the young man!” The close guard at Nuo Yi’s side said.

“No, this young man is very strong. He will certainly be able to help us. I want to personally make a request!”

Nuo Yi steadily spoke on top of the horse. The small boy in her arms stared in the direction of Chu Mo. The pitch black eyes filled with curiosity.

“It’s too dangerous princess!” The guard at her side continued to persuade.

Nuo Yi revealed a wry smile on her sweet and beautiful face: “Are we in any danger now? The special envoy of Da Qi was already killed by the teenager. The remaining……they are all grassland people. Are you all afraid of Ge Erzha?”

The faces of the guards immediately became angered. They unanimously said: “Could we be afraid of that traitor?”

“Then good…….” Nuo Yi looked at the small boy in her arms: “Little brother, are you afraid?”

The young boy’s voice was soft and tender, but he resolutely said: “I am a child of the Wang Court, we do not fear!”

“Good little brother!” Nuo Yi yelled: “Follow me and charge back!”

“Kill!” The strong men of the grasslands turned around and pursued their pursuers with unmatched anger. They would have fought to the death already if they didn’t have to defend the princess.

The princess took the lead in charging back. How could the guards have the least bit of hesitation? Feeding on the moment, they rushed towards the cavalrymen that Chu Mo was already killing on his own.

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