Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 27: I am Lin Bai

Chapter 27: I am Lin Bai

Chu Mo’s eyes became a somewhat killing red!

Inside the youth’s clear pupils……a trace of blood!

Although there wasn’t any large conflict between Da Qi and Da Xia on the surface these past several years, in reality, Da Qi’s military members would become small bandit groups. They would harass the common people along the border of Da Xia.

Chu Mo went to a village in the past with his grandfather that had been slaughtered by the Da Qi bandit soldiers.

Only three people survived in that whole village of five hundred people.

Those three children were hidden by their parents in a dried up well that was covered over with straw.

But Chu Mo was afraid those three children wouldn’t have escaped death had his grandfather not entered the village and heard their faint cries.

They could not climb up themselves!

This matter had a large impact on the young Chu Mo.

The seeds of hatred towards Da Qi soldiers had been buried in his thoughts a long time ago.

Because the slaughter wasn’t as simple as it seems.

Chu Mo isn’t a homicidal maniac.

And his opponents aren’t lambs waiting for the slaughter!

Chu Mo already considered the area to be a true battlefield!

In his mind there was only one remaining thought, only one word: Kill!

The horsemen in front of Chu Mo seemed to collapse at the first blow among the sword flashes.

Chu Mo’s martial arts were all the more skillful in the battle. His agile figure was shocking.

Practically every slash beheaded a rider.

Ge Erzha had also gone through the Yuan closure, but he was still no match for Chu Mo.

Perhaps because of his younger brother’s death, it influenced Ge Erzha’s attacks. Or perhaps it was Chu Mo’s refined skills. Chu Mo was much stronger……in merely five exchanges, Chu Mo’s fist boomed into his chest. A wild bang and blood shot out of Ge Erzha’s mouth, and he fell from the horse.

Chu Mo didn’t hesitate in the slightest. The sword in his hand lifted up high.

The sharp edge of the sword flickered ice-cold rays of light in the twilight.

“Little hero, temporarily spare his life!” A rider at the side of princess Nuo Yi shouted: “He still has use!”

Chu Mo’s mind momentarily sobered up. The blood color in his pupils gradually withdrew. The desperate face of Ge Erzha stared at him from the ground below. Chu Mo spat to the ground: “I hate little people like you that sell their honor the most!”

Finished speaking, he slashed the sharp sword down. It stopped only a slight distance away from Ge Erzha’s face.

Ge Erzha screamed and actually fainted.


Chu Mo scolded, then turned towards the small lake without looking back. There were many bloody traces on his body. The dense bloody smell gave him an extremely unpleasant feeling. He prepared to go wash the blood off his body.

Princess Nuo Yi and her guards were completely startled when they rushed over there. A dozen pursuers were completely massacred, furthermore practically each person……were all killed in one slash!

These were all elite soldiers of the Wang Court!

No one could deny their strength although they betrayed the Wang Court and threw in with Da Qi.

Otherwise, how could Nuo Yi and the others be in such a difficult situation?

But they were unexpectedly killed with one slash before this young man. All killed like cutting melons!

Nuo Yi and the others extremely hated these traitors in their hearts, yet at this time their eyes filled with respect as they watched the back of the young figure walk towards the lake.

A forty plus year old middle aged man dressed up as a scholar appeared somewhat like a Da Xia person. There was a clear difference in appearance with the grassland people. The other riders showed him obvious respect.

He moved to Nuo Yi’s side and whispered: “This person, we must recruit him!”

“He is related to the success of us recapturing the Wang Court!”

“Our success probability will increase three times if he agrees to help us!”

“Maybe elder Hao Yue would also send troops to help us!”

Princess Nuo Yi nodded, a vibrating color still remained in her pupils: “But, a skill like him……what could we use to recruit him right now?”

The middle aged scholar looked at Nuo Yi, thought a moment, and then said: “I see this young man, he feels completely righteous, otherwise he would not have helped us.”

“I’ll go test the waters, then, take a look again……see what he wants!” The middle aged man spoke, then looked at Nuo Yi and hesitated.

Nuo Yi looked at the young man that already walked to the lakeside, then she whispered: “Uncle Pang, speak directly. Right now mother and father are already dead. Brother Jin and Yin have thrown in with Da Qi. Although I am Wang Court’s princess, but now…….if it weren’t for people like you……what would I be? I’m afraid I would have already been snatched away and offered to those evil Da Qi people.”

The middle aged scholar nodded and whispered: “Princess, if you wish for his temporary protection, I believe I can convince him.”

“But, if princess seeks shelter for a long time, then……”

Nuo Yi’s pale face flashed a trace of red. He somewhat bashfully said: “Could you marry him?”

The guard at Nuo Yi’s side had an awkward color reveal on his face, somewhat offended. But at the end he sighed, and his face returned to normal as if he heard nothing.

They viewed the princess as a goddess. She was already no longer that bright pearl of the grasslands like before.

They didn’t want to admit it in their hearts, but they had no choice. Their princess has already become a homeless tumbleweed. If they wanted to defect to Elder Hao Yue, would she not have to marry Elder Hao Yue’s son to seek asylum?

Everyone understood, only they didn’t wish to say.

The middle aged scholar laughed and lightly said: “I see this youngster is extremely unordinary. He carries a trace of nobility between his brows although his clothes are ragged. He is not like an ordinary child. In addition his skill could very likely come from a large sect.”

“If we can truly move him, and make him stay and help us on the grasslands, perhaps we can rise from the dead!”

Nuo Yi lightly sighed. The charming girl’s face flashed with a trace of loneliness. She slightly closed her eyes, and her long eyelashes trembled. She softly spoke: “Uncle Pang calls the shots on everything. Nuo Yi will do anything so long as the grassland Wang Court can rise from the dead!”

The middle aged scholar looked at Nuo Yi somewhat pitifully. He had watched this bright pearl of the grasslands grow up ever since she was little. There was no genetic relation, but he already regarded her as his own daughter. Would he willingly choose this method if there were any other way?

Comparatively, this young man is certainly much more powerful than those unrefined sons of Elder Hao Yue!

Only if this happens then they will have to think of a new method for Elder Hao Yue. It is not easy to move that old fox.

The middle aged scholar thought and slowly advanced towards the lake.

Chu Mo directly jumped into the lake without undressing.

The ice-cold lake made his thoughts strangely sober.

He quickly washed off the blood, then secretly thought: ‘That girl, it appears she is the princess of the grassland Wang Court. How could this dignified princess end up pursued like a dog?’

‘That Ge Erzha said the first and second prince already sought refuge with Da Qi. Shouldn’t that be Jin and Yin?’

‘It looks like the grassland Wang Court has had an enormous unforeseen accident.’

‘To the extent that their princess has no choice but to flee for her life.’

‘If it is like this, I want to stay here for a time. It shouldn’t be difficult to open a relationship with them!”

Chu Mo thought, then he heard a burst of footsteps. His head raised and looked out from the lake. He saw a middle aged man holding a set of new clothes. The man came to the lake and revealed at smile at Chu Mo.

“Little hero, many thanks for saving us. Otherwise, I’m afraid we would not see the sun of tomorrow.”

“Are you a person of Da Xia?” Chu Mo saw the middle aged scholar and curiously asked.

The middle aged man was slightly startled. A trace of alarm flashed in his pupils, but he smiled and asked: “How did you know?”

“You don’t need to worry about anything. I don’t recognize you.” Chu Mo spoke: “I determined from your accent.”

“Like that!” The middle aged man relaxed a breath, then he said: “How about it? Little brother are you also from Da Xia?”

Chu Mo smiled: “I lived in Da Xia!”

“So it is like this!” The middle aged man didn’t doubt Chu Mo’s words. How could a young person with such skill have grown up in the secular world?

Therefore he believed this young person was born in Da Xia and then brought into a large sect to cultivate. He is probably taking a walk out of the mountains or has already graduated.

It is very simple for him not to directly say he is a person of Da Xia.

The middle aged man had already come into contact with some disciples from sects. They regarded the people of the secular world as ordinary, and they didn’t wish to recognize that they came from the secular world.

“I see little brother didn’t bring a change of clothes. Here is a fresh set, but perhaps they don’t exactly fit you. Wait until we return and I will get a famous tailor to make you many sets! ” The middle aged man politely smiled and looked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo had been thinking of a way to join this group of people. He naturally didn’t decline and took the clothes. They were indeed a little big, but it was much better than the prior set of ragged clothes.

The middle aged man struck up a conversation while Chu Mo hid in the underbrush and changed his clothes.

“I, Pang Zhongyuan, am originally from Da Xia. I have already been in the grasslands for fifteen years. I always worked in the Wang Court, I do not know your name little brother?” The middle aged scholar very politely inquired. He didn’t treat Chu Mo as an unworldly teenage child in the slightest.

What teenager would dare take a sword and face a dozen horseriders?

Chu Mo thought a moment and said: “I am Lin Bai. I studied in a sect. I’m just taking a walk from the mountains.”

He answered very simply, but it completely eliminated Pang Zhongyuan’s original suspicions.

Because this teenager named Lin Bai rescued them!

It would be a breeze for him to kill their group.

Furthermore, their group were already lost dogs. What could others plot against them?

“So it is brother Lin Bai. I didn’t know brother was taking a walk from the mountains. Are you on a mission?” Pang Zhongyuan carefully asked. The large majority of disciples that went out from the sects were carrying out a mission.

Chu Mo had finished changing his clothes and came out from the underbrush. He said: “No mission, only for experience!”

The middle aged man delighted, then he looked at the newly dressed Chu Mo. He immediately praised inside: ‘What a handsome young man!’

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