Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 28: Establish Oneself

Chapter 28: Establish Oneself

Pang Zhongyuan didn’t see Chu Mo’s appearance clearly before because of his ragged clothes, murderous aura, and the darkening sky.

After seeing Chu Mo’s appearance clearly, Pang Zhongyuan thought Chu Mo and Nuo Yi would make a great match!

But these types of affairs need a long term perspective. It cannot be impatiently suggested. It would be a loss to scare off the youngster.

Pang Zhongyuan thought and revealed a moderate smile. He said: “Son Lin, I’m afraid we would have had misfortune today if it wasn’t for you. Our princess has a mind to recruit you, yet she feels earthly things like money would be a type of shame for a person like son Lin. Son Lin…… there anything we can do? Only speak, if we can do it, then we won’t refuse!”

[TL: Pang Zhongyuan is not actually calling Lin (Chu Mo) his son, it is just a respectful term for the sons of nobility or high officials.]

Chu Mo smiled and shook his head: “I am taking a trip from the mountains, mainly for my own life experience. I acted to help you today because I don’t like those bullies that sell their honor! I dislike those kind of people the most!”

“Haha, son Lin has a chivalrous heart!” Pang Zhongyuan raised his thumb, then sighed: “It is a pity the present isn’t like the past. Otherwise, we certainly could greatly repay you.”

Chu Mo waved his hand and looked at Pang Zhongyuan: “No harm, but Mr. Pang, what exactly has happened on the grasslands? Can you tell me the details?”

The two mutually tested each other out. Their goals were the same so naturally the conversation was agreeable.

Pang Zhongyuan became overjoyed as soon as he heard Chu Mo’s words. He felt a large opportunity resided in the teenager!

“A long story ah!” Pang Zhongyuan sighed. He told Chu Mo the unfortunate events that occurred over the past two years on the grasslands.

“I fell into trouble that year. The King and Queen, the parents of the princess, took me in, and they gave me place to go.”

“Although this place isn’t my homeland, but over the past several years it has become the same to me.”

“My greatest desire is for the grasslands to truly belong to the people here. I wish everyone to live and work in peace.”

“Only Da Qi covetously gazes, and they still haven’t given up their desire for the grasslands over hundreds of years.”

“In the past several decades they have been continuously setting up schemes……”

The former king was fooled. He believed Da Qi had changed, all the way until death……he believed in the dream of peace.”

Pang Zhongyuan’s face revealed a resentful color: “I always knew Da Qi was up to something, and I was always on guard. I constantly called it to the attention of the king, but I never thought the people they purchased were the two princes!”

“Those two are beasts not born of men! Approximately half a year ago at some feast they secretly poisoned the king and queen’s wine.”

“The poison was flavorless and odorless, and it had slow effects. One would have no awareness after being poisoned.”

“They didn’t dare openly poison the King and Queen. Because if that happened, the Wang Court imperial guards would certainly cut them to pieces!”

“Even if they are the princes it isn’t okay! The Wang Court’s imperial guards only listen to the commands of the King.”

The hidden schemes of the Wang Court slowly came to the surface following Pang Zhongyuan’s active searching.

Da Qi’s schemes were truly brilliant. They promised the two princes: As soon as the matter is completed, they will both become kings. The entire grassland will be split in two parts, and two palaces will be built for them.

Only in name will they belong to Da Qi!

They also promised to give the two princes a large amount of benefits. For instance, the specialty produced jewels of Da Qi as well as beautiful women. They thoroughly impressed the two idiot princes.

They used the slow acting poison to kill their own parents.

The situation exploded a few days ago!

“First the Queen went into a coma. The doctors deduced the slow acting poison had been in her system for at least half a year. An even bigger misfortune occurred, the king…..also became unconscious.”

‘The well prepared Jin brother took on the eldest son role. He exploited the grassland rules to become king in his father’s stead.”

“He forcefully issued several commands, and he exchanged the Wang Court imperial guards with his own men. Thereby completely controlling the Wang Court.

“Brother Yin……that animal. He brought in that special envoy of Da Qi, and personally cut off the heads of his parents……expressing his complete loyalty to Da Qi.”

“In addition, he claimed the king and queen died of a sudden illness!”

“Then he slandered the princess and used the chaos to seize power, and acted against her.”

Pang Zhongyuan spoke to this point, and he couldn’t stop the tears from flowing out: “It is a pity the former king and queen, such good hearts, murdered by their own two animal sons.”

“Those schemes arranged by Da Qi in the grasslands completely erupted in a few short moments.”

“One third of the whole grasslands tribe chiefs had been bought by Da Qi and promised enormous rewards. When this matter came out, they betrayed the Wang Court!”

“That group of shameless little men!”

Pang Zhongyuan gnashed his teeth, a look of hate.

“In addition to brother Jin and Yin in the wang Court, there were several other people belonging to Da Qi unbeknownst to me.”

“The princess luckily fled thanks to those Wang Court guards that had been thrown away. They fought to the death, and protected our escape. Then the remained behind to block the rear.”

“Now……I’m afraid……they all died.”

Pang Zhongyuan’s tone filled with sadness.

Chu Mo sighed and said: “Two princes, one certainly would have inherited the throne. What is in their brains……feces? They actually did such an outrageous thing?”

“The former king pampered the youngest prince the most. The two older princes felt a crises. But the little prince is young, of course the former king doted on him. It didn’t mean the throne would be passed onto the little prince.” Pang Zhongyuan sighed: “Those two became blinded with the obsession for power. Did they actually think Da Qi is that good? The first thing Da Qi will do after seizing the Wang Court is act against them.”

Chu Mo nodded. He had been together with grandfather in the military ever since he was young. He was influenced, and read many books on war strategy. He was not at all unfamilial with national hidden schemes and methods.

Having heard what was said, Chu Mo spoke: “Really two morons, worse than beasts, murdering their own parents!”

Chu Mo looked at Pang Zhongyuan: “Now you are fleeing, but who are you seeking shelter under?”

Pang Zhongyuan nodded: “Although a King is honored in the grasslands, but in reality, it is composed of many tribes. Da Qi has revealed their cards at last. One third of the grassland tribes have announced their submission to Da Qi, but two thirds have still not been forsaken!”

“Among the strongest clans is the clan of Elder Hao Yue.”

“It has always been that Elder Hao Yue’s clan is second in power only to the Wang Court. Furthermore, they have always been close friends to the Wang Court, always connected by marriage. They are considered our own people.”

Chu Mo sensed an insincere taste from Pan Zhongyuan’s words. He lifted his head and asked: “Are you truly that close?”

Pang Zhongyuan couldn’t help but reveal a smile. This teenager is young, but he is not easy to fool.

Only the more it was like this, the more Pang Zhongyuan felt there was a chance to recapture the entire Wang Court, so long as they recruited Chu Mo!

Perhaps other people would scoff at his dream, but Pang Zhongyuan believed in his vision.

“If you were truly that close, wouldn’t they have dispatched people earlier?” Chu Mo continued.

Pang Zhongyuan didn’t hide it, sighing. Then he said to Chu Mo: “The most important thing to Elder Hao Yue is to protect his own power. He is the uncle of the princess, but he……is also the uncle of brother Jin and Yin!”

“And you still seek shelter with him? What is the meaning?” Chu Mo’s brow slightly wrinkled.

He already felt the current plight of this group of people. They were not only in an unforsakeable circumstance, but they were desperate!

Chu Mo looked at Pang Zhongyuan and slowly said: “Perhaps there are several still loyal to the Wang Court on the grasslands, people loyal to the princess. If their power can be rallied together, it would truly be formidable. It could extinguish brother Jin and Yin before Da Qi can trample over the grasslands.”

“But the problem is, without the Wang Court King……who would these people be willing to unite together under?”

“Princess Nuo Yi?”

“She is the most brilliant pearl of the grasslands. She is the goddess in the hearts of the people!”

“But she is not a queen!”

“It is clear Brother Jin and Yin are superior at present. They proclaimed their parents died of a sudden illness, and the princess is starting an armed rebellion. May I ask, how many people would dare stand up at this time, and support princess Nuo Yi?”

“Following this trend, the best outcome at this time when going to Elder Hao Yue: Have Elder Hao Yue provide temporary support based on his close feelings.”

“But to me it looks like the greatest possibility is that Elder Hao Yue will let you go, put you in jail, or under house arrest. You’ll be a bargaining chip!”

Chu Mo coldly smiled: “Then, find a good opportunity and make a choice.”

“But no matter what the choice, I’m afraid the outcome won’t be good for you all.”

Pang Zhongyuan’s face filled with a shocked color. He confoundedly looked at Chu Mo. He thought he had already sized up the teenager, but Pang never thought he underestimated!

This youngster is not only terrifyingly powerful, furthermore…….this intelligence, it’s actually like an evildoer!

Then he bitterly smiled: “The things son Lin says, why didn’t’ I not think of it? But right now……this is the only path!”

“Throw in with Elder Hao Yue, request his troops. It is completely better than throwing in with other tribes!”

“Those other clans eat people without spitting out the bones.”

“Although elder Hao Yue is sly, but he has a shortcoming……” Pang Zhongyuan lightly spoke: “His ears are a little soft. The aunt of the princess will indeed influence him.”

“Furthermore, he has always been very loving to princess Nuo Yi.”

“In the past…….” Pang Zhongyuan hesitated a moment, then directly spoke: “In the past I planned…….make princess wed a son of Elder Hao Yue. Then according to the agreement, he would send troops to recapture the Wang Court.”

Pang Zhongyuan had to come clean with his plan at this time because the teenager made such a startling analysis as soon as he heard the situation. This person is not one he can deceive!

“Marriage alliance?” Chu Mo scoffed: “The alliance most torn in the world is the marriage alliance. It is merely a piece of paper. One poke and it rips. When there is a falling out, ally by marriage? What a fart!”

At this time, from not far away, came a quiet girl’s voice: “That son spoke, what am I? Please teach me son!”

Nuo Yi’s enchanting figure slowly emerged from the underbrush in the sunset.

Chu Mo knew earlier that she was eavesdropping. The majority of what he said was for her to hear.

Seeing her come out wasn’t the slightest bit startling. He plainly said: “It’s simple. Set out on our own, pulling the Wang Court banner against those patricidal Jin and Yin brothers.”

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