Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 4: Complete Humiliation

Chapter 4: Complete Humiliation

Seventh Elder revealed a bitter smiled and slightly shook his head.

Then looking at Chu Mo he said: “You should quickly hurry back, this place……is not a place you should come to!”

“Looking at the friendship in those years, looking at your youth, I won’t argue with you. Go.”

While speaking, Seventh Elder moved his hands as if he was brushing away a housefly.

The disguised Demon Lord neither spoke nor moved a muscle from the beginning to end. Yet in the abyss of his pupils, a hint of disdain flashed.

Do they have eyes without pupils? They are a group of idiots, truly completely senseless!

Chu Mo’s eyes became a little red. But it wasn’t fear, rather an angered and dishonored feeling!

Thinking of himself leaving Yellow Fire city, he was slandered by people, and splashed with dirty water.

Along the arduous journey, the ten year old boy went without meals, slept in the open, trekked a 10,000 mile ice an snow field, encountered the Demon Lord, was tortured by him, all without bowing his head.

His whole heart and soul wanted to enter the Immortal Sky, and the result……he received this kind of treatment.

This teenage youth nearly had a meltdown.

He couldn’t help but indignantly yell out: “It is not as you say! I am not ordinary! If you don’t accept me then don’t accept, but for what reason do you disgrace me?”

“Heh heh……” Seventh Elder dully said: “Looks like…… I haven’t given you a single chance and your heart isn’t satisfied. Correct?”

“Correct, I’m not satisfied!” Chu Mo shouted.

He didn’t care about the Seventh or Eighth Elder at this time, and he cared even less about the Immortal Sky.

In his heart he only had one thought: How could you all treat me so unjustly? How can you slander me?

If they don’t accept me, they don’t accept me, but to slander and ridicule me. That I cannot stand for!

“Alright, then I’ll give you a chance!” Seventh Elder plainly said.

“Seventh Elder is truly too charitable!”

“Seventh Elder is truly benevolent and righteous!”

“Just kick out this little dead duck brat that refuses to admit a mistake!”

[TL: I have no idea what a ‘dead duck’ brat means, but I might start using it.]

“Although Seventh Elder is fair without corruption, but the depths of his heart are yet soft and kind-hearted.”

“This is a chivalrous softy!”

Several disciples on the Immortal Sky square were murmuring away.

They became even more venerated to Seventh Elder while looking at him.

All the voices entered Chu Mo’s ears, but he didn’t say anything. He only tightly clenched his fists.

His pupils filled with unyielding!

Seventh Elder spoke while casually looking around the square, then he pointed out a little child: “You!”

A seven or eight year old little boy was spotted among the crowd by Seventh Elder. The little boy ignorantly stood there, oddly looking around at everyone.


The whole square exploded with laughter in all directions.

Seventh Elder’s serene voice spread out: “Little Child, you go fight with big brother. Remember, don’t hold back. Treat it as training, understand?”

The seven or eight year old little boy excitedly nodded. Looking at Chu Mo, that young and tender little face revealed an innocent smile. He answered: “Okay!”

While speaking he leaped.

Jumping ten feet, the small boy unexpectedly softly landed on the tip of his toes, facing directly in front of Chu Mo.


A burst of cheers sounded out from the surroundings.

The small boy’s skill was very beautiful, and it drew in everyone’s acclaim.

“Big brother, are you ready?” The small boy’s face was innocent, and he looked at Chu Mo carrying a smile.

Even if Chu Mo was mad at Seventh Elder and the other’s who mocked him, he didn’t spread the fire onto this child who was five or six years his junior.

He nodded and stiffly said: “Good.”

“Hehe, big brother. I am the weakest person in the Immortal Sky, so please be careful. I’m not the least bit extreme!” The little boy sincerely looked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo slightly frowned. These words were somewhat harsh to the ears, but the small boy said them very honestly.

Chu Mo only nodded: “Rest assured, we will learn from each other.”

A happy smile spread forth after the young boy heard those words.

Seventh Elder and the other people on the upper stage also all smiled, but their smiles were full of disdain.

The other Immortal Sky disciples directed their feelings clearly by erupting with laughter.

There were several taunts directed at Chu Mo among the laughter.

The Demon Lord also smiled on the side, but his smile was filled with a playful flavor.

“Big brother, I will take the first move. You be careful!” The small boy warned with good intentions, and suddenly……his speed, it abruptly accelerated!

In an instant he was before Chu Mo.

This little thing was toying around!

Chu Mo became furious inside. At the same time he slightly retreated half a step, raised a hand, and simply spread his palm, welcoming the small boy into his hand.


An enormous force passed over that made Chu Mo’s body sway.

“This small boy, his boundary far exceeds mine!”

Chu Mo immediately put forth a judgement to the small boy’s fighting ability.

Chu Mo had continuously been beside soldiers who had gone through the battlefield ever since he was a boy, and he had received a baptism from those soldiers who had experienced bloody battles. Although his boundary was lacking, their foundations were equivalent!

Because of this, Chu Mo didn’t have the slightest bit of fear when facing the small boy whose boundary exceeded his own.

Immediately move by move, he and the little boy began sparring.

Although the boy’s attacks were fast and sharp, Chu Mo’s movement’s weren’t slow.

Furthermore, it compared the the little boy’s speed, accuracy, and severity.

Chu Mo had an extremely admirable elegance. Blow by blow, from the beginning, he filled with a majestic imposing atmosphere!

Seven or eight sets of blows passed in the blink of an eye.

The two sides……are surprisingly evenly matched!

The smiles of the Immortal Sky disciples that had made fun of Chu Mo gradually became stiff.

The faces of Seventh Elder and the other people on top of the stage all revealed a imposing look.

This teenager, it seems he is not as simple as they thought.

At least, one couldn’t use “Poor aptitude” or “Completely unable to cultivate” to describe him!

As for the blocked meridians……there shouldn’t be an objection.

They all saw it!

If this teenager didn’t have blocked meridians, then accepting him into the Immortal Sky……it really wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The more the seven or eight year old child fought, the more impatient he became.

His handsome little face also became extremely mean and ferocious.

But on the other hand, Chu Mo was all the more steady.

Without any profound and powerful attack methods, blow by blow, they were all the most simple military martial arts of the secular world.

But the key point of Chu Mo is, the more he fights, the braver he becomes.

Military martial arts have been around for hundreds of years, and they have gone through countless generations of evolution. They have gone through countless wars, continually spreading on to today.

Although it wasn’t pretty, but it was very practical. And the ability to murder or injure was extremely fierce!

There were several moments where if Chu Mo was a little ruthless, he could have seriously injured the young boy.

But he wasn’t.

According to Chu Mo, even if the little boy was a little deceitful, but in the end……he is still a child.

He thought like this, but the small boy had the complete opposite thought.

Each blow was severe. Each attack was placed at Chu Mo’s vitals.

This made Chu Mo somewhat vexed. His strength was less than the small boy’s, but his experience far exceeded his opponent.

In a short moment the young boy left an opening, and Chu Mo shook him.

Chu Mo still had an opportunity to hurt the small boy this time, but he held back as before!

In fact at this time, the victor and loser had already become clear!

Chu Mo wanted to say to the lofty Seventh Elder on top of the steps: I win!

Accepting him or not, who cares, but this little boy isn’t his match.

This is a hard fact!

Each face of the Immortal Sky disciples on the platform revealed an expression of unbelief.

They didn’t believe someone from their sect could unexpectedly lose to someone from the normal world.

But, this unbelievable thing……seems it already became fact!

At that time, Seventh elders expression became cold. A finger from his sleeve, lightly shot…… a portion of force. It directly entered the small boy’s body.

The small boy’s body slightly trembled. Immediately his face filled with happiness, and he shouted: “Send me to the extreme!”


The small boy’s image rushed like the wind right before Chu Mo.

This time, the speed the small boy showed was honestly too fast!

It was like two completely different people compared to the past performance!

Chu Mo didn’t have time to respond, the pit of his stomach was slapped.


A muffled bang.

Chu Mo felt his body completely lose control.

Tap tap tap……retreating back several steps.

Then he ruthlessly fell onto the limestone plaza.

All around, a piece of quiet.

In the moment that Seventh Elder bent a finger and shot out force, Demon Lord who had been standing there watching the lively scene suddenly fluttered his eyelids, sweeping over the Seventh Elder standing on the steps.

But suddenly, the Demon Lord dropped his eyelids, as if quickly falling asleep, lacking any response.

At this time, the silent square erupted with a burst of exploding applause!

“Little brother is mighty!”

“Little brother is dominant!”

“Immortal Sky is mighty!”

“Immortal Sky is dominant!”

That little boy, still looked innocent standing there, and he didn’t continue attacking Chu Mo.

Because there was no need to continue fighting.

This blow, given Chu Mo isn’t dead, but to recover, would be an extremely difficult thing.

Chu Mo was half-dead on the ground, if it were not for willpower, then he could have already died and fainted earlier.

Chu Mo didn’t sound out a painful cry from the beginning to the end. Not even his eyes showed any change.

Both of his eyes stared upon the innocent looking little boy’s face.

Because Chu Mo’s instincts felt something was a little fishy!

This small child, how could he suddenly erupt with powerful force in such a short period of time?

Chu Mo was baffled.

Every place in his body felt pain, flowing to him like the tide.

The little boy’s eyes rapidly flashed with a hint of pride that didn’t escape Chu Mo’s vision.

In comparison, the deafening cheers from the square sounded completely remote in the ears of Chu Mo

His vision transferred from the young boy’s face to the group of people on the stairs.

Only seeing the face of Seventh Elder, only dimly losing hope, but in the depths of the pupils, yet flashed a difficult to sense feeling of astonishment and murderous desire!

Perhaps, feeling Chu Mo’s response was a little strange.

The other people expressions showed things were how they ought to be.

As if a seven or eight year old Immortal Sky disciple defeating the thirteen or fourteen year old Chu Mo is merely normal!

“Do you still have anything to say?” The twenty year old youth next to Seventh Elder looked upon Chu Mo with disdain and complete loathing.

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