Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 5: Mountain Gate Oath

Chapter 5: Mountain Gate Oath


“Truly weak!”

“Ah, it’s like this……still confident to enter the Immortal Sky?”

“Where does he get his confidence?”

The disciples on the square relaxed their breath at last, although they felt the young disciples victory was a little strange.

But it doesn’t matter. Their person won in the end!

They could finally show no mercy and ridicule this youth from the secular world.

The noisy sound was like a group of house flies continuously buzzing in Chu Mo’s ears “buzz” “buzz” “buzz” !

He still hadn’t recovered from the injury he received, although the Demon lord gave him some Yuan medicine which let him recover for the most part.

But in the end he was still a little affected.

The small boy looked innocent without guilt. He repeatedly said he is weak, but in reality, he is incomparably dangerous.

His strength had already entered into the third level of the Yuan closure realm.

The difference between those who have entered the Yuan closure and those who haven’t is night and day.

This fist is very heavy!

Much heavier than the fist the Demon Lord used to injure Chu Mo earlier!

The Demon Lord only wanted to use torture to intimidate Chu Mo, and make him open his mouth and beg for mercy, not really kill him.

But this small seven or eight year old child is vicious and merciless. At what point did he want to compare notes?

Clearly he wanted Chu Mo’s life!

The Demon Lord stopped looking at the lively scene at this time. He walked over and propped Chu Mo up. He placed his hand below Chu Mo’s ribs and sent Yuan Qi into his body without showing a trace, protecting Chu Mo’s heart.

Otherwise, Chu Mo’s life would be in danger.

Seventh Elder and the others on top the stairs didn’t feel anything at all from the Demon Lord’s hand.

But Chu Mo……precisely felt it.

He thought of his praise and certainty for the Immortal Sky in the past. He thought about the excitement and longing to enter the Immortal Sky. He thought of the anticipation of living a life in the Immortal Sky……

Simply feelings of a lifetime ago!


Soaring rage!

He couldn’t help but spit out another mouthful of blood.

But he raised a hand, and wiped the trace of blood from the corner of his mouth. Looking at the young boy he honestly said: “Little brother, you are truly severe. I am not your match!”

The little boy’s expression immediately changed, becoming ice-cold beyond compare.

Facing the ground he spat: “Pei, who is your little brother? Don’t piss around. Look at yourself. You think you can compare with me? I am an elite disciple of the Immortal Sky……”

[TL: Pei is a spitting noise.]

The small boy hadn’t finished speaking. The Seventh Elder’s face sank as he stood on top of the steps, and he let out a cough.

The small boy immediately stopped his mouth, but his face was already spread full of coldness. He revealed a disdainful smile while looking at Chu Mo: “Trash!”

Finished speaking, he coldly stared at Chu Mo, then turned and left.

Chu Mo struggled free of the Demon Lord’s support. He rushed up the stairs at Seventh Elder and the others with a clenched fist: “Seventh Elder is the height of justice!”

“Seventh Elder is fair!”

“Seventh Elder is selfless!”

“Truly admirable!”

“The Immortal Sky is truly the number one sect under the heavens. They casually pick a seven or eight year old child that is called the weakest. They are all so strong!”

“No match for younger generation, losing sincerely!”

Finished speaking, Chu Mo spit a third mouthful of blood, his body swayed, but he still steadily stood. He turned around and advanced towards the gate of the Immortal Sky, going step by step.

“Little animal, you dare speak satire……” The twenty-year-old next to Seventh Elder was enraged, wanting to rush down.

Yet he was stopped by the head shake of Seventh Elder. He said in a deep voice: “Let him go……no matter what is said, his grandfather and I have a history!”

“He is also a child, I can’t sink to his level!”

“This……is a little personal to me.”

“Please everyone, don’t do anything strange!”

All of the Immortal Sky disciples on the square cupped their hands and bowed at the Seventh Elder’s words.

“Master said such words? Clearly you are kind hearted and generous. Not lowering yourself to that little animal’s level!” The young person next to Seventh Elder yelled.

“Yes yes, Seventh Elder is good hearted. We must call him good!”

“What is this? He dares mock the Immortal sky. He truly must be tired of living!”

“He doesn’t even match up to our youngest disciple. Truly weak, and he dares speak rudely. We should teach him a lesson!”

“Seventh Elder shows a great amount of maturity not lowering himself to his level. The child acted recklessly, truly not giving face.”

The few people surrounding Seventh Elder also started to speak words of agreement.

But the assistant Zhang’s expression was a little solemn, even a little stiff, without saying another word.

He wanted to curry favor with Seventh Elder, but he has integrity when he does things. He still has principles and a bottom line.

The small movement of Seventh Elder completely fooled the disciples of the square, but how could it get past him?

But it was a matter of comparing notes among children, that’s it! Don’t even mention the history with the grandfather.

Assistant Zhang even conjectured in his mind, the Seventh Elder’s so called history ought to be no small favor owed someone!

Otherwise, in the whole Immortal Sky, which elder would easily give his medallion to someone else?

Don’t even mention a person from the secular world!

Even in this affair he used his own disciples?

If it wasn’t for the youth having a foundation, just now that fist would have taken his life!

Assistant Zhang believed Seventh Elder did a bit too much.

This isn’t a demonic sect, where they do whatever they want.

This is Immortal Sky!

It is the number one upright sect under heaven!

It is the place of immortal beings that everyone looks up to!

But how could he do this?

But assistant Zhang didn’t say anything. What could he say when facing this matter?

Dare say anything?

Even if he spoke, no one would believe!

Instead his fate would be incomparably miserable going forward!

So, at this time, being silent is the best choice.

Facing the lonely image of the youth’s back, countless eyes stared looking down upon him, yet he still didn’t lower. Rather he stubbornly lifted his head……assistant Zhang could only silently say sorry in his heart.

“Sorry child, I can only say, you came to a place you shouldn’t have come, and encountered people you shouldn’t have encountered!”

Everyone’s vision was fixed on the thin statured youth hobbling through, leaving the enormous square.

It is uncertain when, but the mocking faces of the Immortal Sky disciples gradually disappeared.

The faces of some disciples couldn’t help but reveal a bit of compassion.

Even some of the Immortal Sky disciples blocking the path of Chu Mo cleared a way for him.

Because it was very clear in their hearts, this, it was not a fair competition.

Not looking at the five or six year age difference, but who was the young boy?

Was he the so called Immortal Sky’s weakest?


That is the Seventh Elder’s most doted on elite disciple!

The majority of thirteen or fourteen year olds couldn’t match up to the small boy, not to mention Chu Mo!

Furthermore, Chu Mo comes from the secular world. An ordinary person with blocked meridians!

Able to withstand such a long time, even getting the upper hand several times, it already surprised people.

Although in the end he still lost.

But several people yet respected him in the depths of their hearts!

A secular youth, how could he be the match of Fan Lizi. Fan Lizi grew up in the Immortal Sky, received Seventh Elder’s careful training, was given Yuan pills to increase his cultivation, and is called the ‘Immortal Sky’s Little Pride.’

Fan Lizi is the thirteenth disciple in the Immortal Sky to ever break the Yuan Closure before the age of eight.

This is according to the Yuan Closure records maintained by the Immortal Sky over the past five hundred years!

Seventh Elder made Fan Lizi fight with Chu Mo. Where was there learning? Clearly he wanted Chu Mo’s life!

Chu Mo didn’t die, he truly is lucky!

But no one dared speak these words.

Watching that figure, staggering along, farther and farther away on the square, the Seventh Elder’s pupils flickered with an unclear expression.

Assistant Zhang suddenly mumbled on the side: “His nature isn’t bad, pity he is trash.”

Seventh Elder’s eyebrow raised

Assistant Zhang smiled: “Fortunately he is trash!”

“Yes, a piece of trash, that’s it!

The corners of Seventh Elders mouth slightly raised, revealing a slight ice-cold smile, then he waive a hand saying: “Forget it!”

Chu Mo and the Demon Lord arrived at the bottom of the mountain. The two disciples were still there standing guard. They were both slightly startled seeing the two come down.

Chu Mo’s appearance especially made them feel uncertain.

Didn’t you bring Seventh Elder’s keepsake? Seventh Elder personally saw it, how could it become like this?

But Cho Mo naturally couldn’t give them an explanation, the Demon Lord even more so.

The lofty and majestic Immortal Sky gate appeared above the heads of the two disciple guards.

Chu Mo stood in place and turned around. Raising his head he looked at the place he just came from, and he praised the Immortal Sky mountain gate.

His face revealed a trace of self ridicule, then word by word he slowly said: “Ageless mountain, lonely mysterious peak, Immortal Sky……”

“One day, I will return here!”

“I will personally smash this utterly rotten mountain gate!”

“Ah……what did you say?” At this time, the two disciples defending the gate were finally conscious of the situation.

Those disciples who were flattering to Chu Mo before scowled and stared down. They furiously looked at Chu Mo: “You dare say such outrageous word before the lonely mysterious peak? Are you tired of living?”

At this time, the demon raised his head and dully looked at the plain-looking outer disciple.

This look, appeared very normal and dull, but it made the outer disciple suddenly tremble, wanting to forget everything.

The other disciple also stayed silent from fear.

Just now in a wink, a murderous intent rose from the black-robed man. It was truly dreadful!

It was as if a large mountain momentarily pressed on their thoughts, nearly choking them to death.

Because of this, soon after, when the Seventh Elder sent people to inquire about anything strange that happened from the two outer disciples, the two voiced in unison.

They said there were no strange activities. The youth walked out the gate unsteady, like a stray dog running.

They didn’t say a word about the Demon Lord!

Upon hearing this, Seventh Elder raised the corners of his eyebrows, not saying anything.

Chu Mo and the Demon Lord quickly left the Immortal Sky mountain gate.

The two stopped and found a quiet place. The sky started to turn dark, and the Demon Lord made a bamboo fire.

Then he withdrew several Yuan pills, and made Chu Mo take them. Then he casually released several acupuncture points on Chu Mo’s body.

“That little thing, since the beginning he used words to paralyze you. You couldn’t accurately seize the killing intent behind his innocence.”

“You clearly had several opportunities. You could’ve easily defeated or even seriously injured that little thing. Yet you are lacking, and too merciful!”

“You must make an all out effort so long as it is a battle. It doesn’t matter against who!”

“Who do you think you are?”

“A righteous hero?”

“Was that was truly a practice demonstration?”

“Giving birth to human emotions in battle, starting off leniently, these are the greatest things you personally don’t need to be responsible for.

“Once more, you don’t have the qualifications to sympathize with opponents!”

“Because people are stronger than you!”

“Therefore, you are completely responsible for the bitterness you taste now!”

The Demon Lord’s face was expressionless, dully teaching Chu Mo.

As far as the Seventh Elder secretly acting, the Demon Lord didn’t bring it up.

Furthermore Chu Mo didn’t say anything. He also didn’t mention the strange attack from the young boy at the end, because no matter what he lost!

Losing is losing, he didn’t want to find any excuse in his defeat.

Chu Mo’s hands wrapped around his knees, staring at the bamboo flame. His pupils twinkled as if contemplating something.

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