Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 6: Must Coerce the Demon Lord

Chapter 6: Must Coerce the Demon Lord

“Why? Did you get hit too hard?”

“Do you think you are truly trash?” The Demon Lord looked upon Chu Mo with joy in his misfortune.

“I, I want to ask something of you, merely a request……”

Chu Mo didn’t reply to the Demon Lord’s words. Instead he suddenly said such words.

“I will uphold my promise, and be your disciple, but if you refuse this request, I will kill myself!”

Chu Mo’s eyes gazed upon the coldness spreading across the Demon Lord’s face: “You may never, at any time or any place look upon me.”

“You……are threatening me?”

The Demon Lord slightly squinted his eyes, momentarily retracting his expression of happiness at Chu Mo’s misfortune. His pupils flickered with a dangerous ray of light.

He didn’t ask anything, rather he coldly stared at Chu Mo.

“Threaten me? So be it.”

“You just framed me!’ Chu Mo said with certainty.


“It is clear to me now. I am absolutely not as they say: Meridians blocked, natural ability about the same as an ordinary person, completely unable to cultivate.”

“Although my grandfather isn’t as strong as you, at the very least he is a general on the battlefield. He already reached the peak of the Yuan Closure. He is a cultivator on the verge of breaking through the fifth level.”

“He very much loves me, he even spoils me a little, but he has never lied to me or boasted!”

“He said I am very suited for cultivating, so, it must be so!”

“Only in the secular world, he didn’t have good resources to provide me.”

“The past several years he didn’t want me to part from him, and I was always at his side.”

“I grew up in the military since I was a little boy. My uncles all told me I have a rare cultivating talent.”

“If it wasn’t for something bad happening, my grandfather definitely wouldn’t have let me leave.”

“But he said, due to my natural ability, even if I start cultivating now, my future success will not be lacking!”

Chu Mo calmly spoke.

The Demon Lord coldly smiled: “How does that relate to me?”

“Of course it relates to you!” Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord: “You are a bad person, and you do bad things. Naturally you used some foul trick to make me your disciple. You would prepare for any uncertainty. Obviously you did a trick to my body.”

“Otherwise, that ungrateful Seventh Elder wouldn’t dare say in front of a crowd of people, your meridians are blocked, natural ability is dull, not suited for cultivation!”

The Demon Lord’s mouth twitched and he quipped: “You believe that dogshit Seventh Elder’s assessment has any relevance.”

Chu Mo said: “Although I don’t have proof you played a trick on my body, but I believe my intuition and judgement!”

The Demon Lord coldly humphed, yet didn’t deny, and he coldly laughed: “So what?”

“Whatever, I only want to tell you, I’m not that stupid!” Chu Mo said: “Furthermore, I don’t care to blame you, your framed me, I’m asking you to do me a favor. This should be fair.”

“Fair? Where are the words fair in the world? Only the weak say the words fair over and over!” The Demon Lord coldly smiled.

“Yes, I know, so I can only use my life to bring about fairness!” Chu Mo spoke while calmly looking at the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord was silent for a moment, then coldly said: “You want to beg me, go and protect your grandfather one time?”

“How do you know?” Chu Mo was a little startled. He shockingly looked at the Demon Lord.

“You aren’t a fool, could it be I am an moron?”

The Demon lord was a little crazy, and he angrily said: “How does that dogshit Seventh Elder have a history with your grandfather?”

“Clearly he owed your grandfather something heavenly……although I cannot say for certain, if I guess correctly, there is some disgraceful information about Seventh Elder in the hands of your grandfather.”

Otherwise, why would he give your grandfather his elder Immortal Sky medallion?

“And why would he want to kill your after seeing you?”

He certainly believes your grandfather leaked this unsightly thing to you!

“Humph, also your extremely confident expression scared him.”

“But he from your own mouth he figured out you didn’t know, so he finally used his ruthless little bastard disciple against you.”

“Otherwise, he would have casually grabbed an outstanding disciple of the same age to kill you earlier!”

“Because you don’t know anything, perhaps he temporarily won’t come searching to kill you, but your grandfather……He certainly can’t let him live!”

“Is determining these types of matters difficult?”

The Demon Lord finished his words, then coldly laughed: “But this unfortunate event, what does it have to do with me?”

“He kills your grandfather. Wait until you to become strong, then go seek him and get revenge!”

“Go pull out his tendons from his bones and hack him to pieces, or throw him into the deep fryer……do whatever suits you!”

Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord a little astonished. He had no words for this evil person’s logic.

“Since right now there is an opportunity to save my grandfather, why wait until he dies?” Chu Mo was a little indignant.

The Demon Lord dully said: “Do you have that ability?”

“I don’t, so I’m begging you!”

“I promise nothing!”

“Then I’ll go die!”


A large stone the size of a person was slapped into pieces by the angry Demon Lord.

Then he angrily looked at Chu Mo: “Your grandfather is named Fan Wudi. You are named Chu Mo. Most likely he isn’t your real grandfather, why do you care so much?

“Correct, I’m adopted, but grandfather fostered me. Without grandfather there would be no me!”

Chu Mo said tit-for-tat: “You lack humanity and emotions, don’t tell me other people aren’t allowed to have them?”

“You have them so go save him! I’m not going!”

“I can’t save him, but I can die. I’ll let you have no disciple!”





The surrounding trees and plants were uprooted. Everything within a mile was turned into scorched earth by the Demon Lord’s rage.

Then he angrily looked at Chu Mo, gnashing his teeth he said: “I am the Grand Demon Lord……even in……humph, In this life, going on a rampage without restraint, never before has a person dared threaten me, and no one has ever before dared to be impudent like you!”

Chu Mo was barely able to breathe as he was pressured by the terrifying Qi emitting from the Demon Lord, yet he weakly said: “Who let you believe I will be your disciple?

“You are just a bastard!” the Demon Lord raged.

“You also aren’t some great person.” Chu Mo coldly laughed.

The Demon Lord was at a loss for words. He discovered, this little thing. He could torture him, sort him out, and easily kill him.

But to make this child surrender, it seems to be an impossibility!

What would arguing with him accomplish? In the end, he would be half dead.

The teenager used such a big blow, yet he was able to calm down.

He couldn’t let of his steam in the presence of others.

Especially Chu Mo clearly saying he would take out the people in the Immortal Sky, he would not sit idly by

But he still didn’t say that!

This already could completely prove, this is a formidable stubborn being. Furthermore a youth who is arrogant to extreme from the inner core of his bones!

But he has extremely important feelings!

Even if he is tortured half dead, he won’t beg for mercy. But for his grandfather, he unexpectedly makes unreasonable threats and acts shamelessly……using all of his tricks.

Not even the least bit bashful.

Truly evil!

The Demon Lord has read many people in this life, meeting too many so called arrogant youths and peerless geniuses.

But to meet a youth with a nature like Chu Mo, this is the first!

Don’t even mention this youngsters natural ability and extremely excellent meridians. He is simply built for cultivating.

Thinking like this, the Demon Lord’s heart angered, and then settled a bit.

But his face, it is still slanted looking at Chu Mo: “Fine, I promise you, I’ll rescue your grandfather one time!”

“But this one problem, you must frighten away Seventh Elder. You can’t kill him. Let him live, but don’t let him dare create trouble for my grandfather again!”

Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord. Inside his pure eyes, this is the first time they flashed a hint of murderous intent: “This person……one day, I will personally rip off his hypocritical mask. I will kill him with my own hands!”

“Humph, give em an inch and they want a mile.” The Demon Lord snorted. Some admiration arose in his heart towards Chu Mo.

Truly an arrogant bastard!

Chu Mo finally relaxed a breath.

At this time, the Demon Lord raised his head and looked high into the sky, coldly saying: “Truly an impetuous person!”

“What?” Chu Mo immediately stood up, anxiously looking at the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord coldly said: “That dogshit Seventh Elder, he couldn’t wait to go kill your grandfather.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Chu Mo said.

The Demon Lord sat down calm and easy, and he fished out a bottle of wine. He drank a mouthful, and the fire went down. His face became all the more white, dully saying: “What’s the hurry? It’s merely a little Immortal Sky Elder. Let him go first for the night, what can he do?”

“You…..” Chu Mo was anxious in his heart, and he angrily said: “You just promised me!”

“Sit for me!” The Demon Lord immediately raged, Pointing a finger he scolded: “Little bastard, this master already endured you too long! In my entire life I’ve never been blackmailed. You are the first!”

“Since I promised you, won’t this master certainly do what he says?”

“You believe this master is an like those creditless villains in Immortal Sky?”

Chu Mo jumped from fear, then sat down there. He muttered in a little voice: “What evil people have credible words?”

“……” The Demon Lord ignored him.

But after resting a moment, the Demon Lord stood up. Without an expression and without speaking he hauled up Chu Mo, and he flew high into the sky.

Perhaps to teach Chu Mo a lesson, this time, the Demon Lord didn’t use any Qi to protect Chu Mo.

At high altitudes, the air temperature is extremely low, one could even say it is extremely frigid!

Those low temperatures could cover Chu Mo in a layer of ice in a moment, and Chu Mo froze half to death.

But he gnashed his teeth. Even if his whole body froze completely stiff, and if he felt his blood congeal, he wouldn’t make a noise.

After a moment, he felt his body gradually become warm.

Chu Mo knew, he won again.

But the feelings in his heart, yet are mixed feelings. Even until now, he firmly believes, the Demon Lord is a bad person.

Good people, what place has them?

But compared to the people of the Immortal Sky, Chu Mo would rather have the Demon Lord as his master.

After all, the Demon Lord’s evil shows on the outside.

Methods merciless, a tough nature, and he basically doesn’t bother to hide anything.

Furthermore, the people inside famous upright sect, the Immortal Sky, look solemn, but in fact they are all evil to the core!

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